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  1. Nah, just tired of your persecution complex. I'd also like for you to keep on topic, as you seem to keep avoiding my reactions and avoid directly quoting me so I don't receive any notifications. I understand this is the easy thing to do, seeing as I am apparently one of the few people here who don't immediately agree with you. I have yet to see one of your articles where ALL of the Star Wars fan base is called a nazi, sexist, racist etc. as you keep claiming.
  2. This sounds like a child's fever dream Oh we're just calling it fake now? Surely you understand that the media calling a subset of Star Wars fans toxic, which is demonstrably true, does not mean they're not calling all fans toxic? Oh woe is you! It's messages like these that just show how thin-skinned the fanbase has become. Let me grab one of those mainstream articles (one of the first Google results for "Star Wars fans mysoginist") and highlight a single line for you. They are literally not calling the whole fanbase what you're accusing them of.
  3. Well I for one can't wait for all the new 36-hour critical analyses by all the Youtube "skeptics" with an anthropomorphised animal or object in their logo. Gotta earn that dough!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Does that apply to the M478 documentary?

  4. Yeah Star Wars just isn't cool anymore with young people of today, Marvel is. Mandalorian is more mature and is aimed at the people who were young ten years ago during the prequels. bruh do you not see the irony in this statement?
  5. Nah it's absolutely whining about TLJ. Most people here live in some kind of dream world where TLJ was a financial and critical disaster and forever besmirched the reputation of Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy. Remember all those videos predicting KK getting fired a year ago? I don't think those critical of the new trilogy have their finger anywhere close to the cultural pulse of our society.
  6. Great to read all these balanced takes in this thread!
  7. Or he makes a distinction between non-human species like himself and other, lesser non-human species. But that's semantics and I think you're probably right.
  8. So what exactly have you done the past year and a half?
  9. I do not like The Force Unleashed 2

    1. Mephiles550


      I got it on steam for 2 bucks. Must've been a year since I got it

      Still haven't played it. 

    2. Mellowtron11


      From what I've heard and briefly seen, TFU2 is basically a stormtrooper slaughter simulator. 

    3. DarthVarkor


      Pretty much, that and take down an AT-ST with the same quick time event over and over and over (x100).

  10. I like The Force Unleashed

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    2. zbyl2
    3. Mutilator57


      I think The Force Unleashed is overrated tbh. Gameplay was fresh for 2008, but the story, though well-designed, was a bit linear.

    4. Mephiles550


      I like The Force Unleashed, too! I think it's a pretty decent game. I always enjoy playing it.

      Doesn't hold a candle to the old Star Wars classics, but it's alright. If you want a fun new experience playing it, download the vader mod for it that lets you play as vader throughout the whole campaign.

  11. I've installed K1R without the Iriaz modules but they still show up? Also this caused the Mandalorian on the Matale Ground to become non-hostile. How could I fix this?
  12. Why not add a new head instead of replacing another one?
  13. That's too bad. Just goes to show that "It's a mod" is not a legal defense. 

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    2. jc2


      @Squall Lionhart VP's theory is that EA outsourced this to LucasFilm as a way to avoid more negative backlash from the star wars community, which makes ample sense. 

    3. N-DReW25


      Press F to pay your respects...


    4. superSzym


      Apathy is death... I mean Apeiron is dead. Finally nothing prevents us from giving KotOR proper modernization without removing its magic.

  14. Wasn't there when I posted my comments. I'll reserve judgment until I see gameplay.
  15. Which he pulls out of his ass and has no proof of whatsoever.
  16. I hate to use this term, but this is actual fake news. This model was a fan creation and has nothing to do with the apeiron project. (I don't know why this bothers me so, but it does. Maybe it's that the author of this video just made stuff up for clicks.)
  17. But that's just not how you would create a working game. You don't just go putting out assets without rhyme or reason. What you should do is to put out a "Vertical slice", a very small level containing all major gameplay elements of the game. In the case of Kotor that would be: navigating maps, changing equipment, combat, levelling up, dialogue, completing quests and gaining dark side/ lightside points. If you do it that way, when you find something that doesn't work or is very difficult to implement, you're still able to easily fix it. For example, say I want to remake mario 64. I could model all 15 or so levels that are available (not counting all variations per level for each star course) and put out screens and videos of these levels over the course of a couple of years without even touching the gameplay part. OR you could create a small level that includes a working player model and (nearly) all the necessary physics and moves that are in the original game. Look at the discription, this small level took two weeks to make. How long has Apeiron been taking now? Edit: Ah darn, completely missed DP's post. Needless to say, I agree with him.
  18. It's been 2.5 years or so. Do they have a vertical slice yet? Have they released any gameplay? A working quest? A working script? Anything besides environments?
  19. I finished watching this. I cringed. A lot. All this energy hating on Kathleen Kennedy would be better served doing something actually productive. Thinking firing KK will change anything is like thinking firing Ellen Pao changed anything at Reddit. (If people don't understand what I mean by this I'd be happy to further clarify this, but I'm short on time these weeks)
  20. Him being pansexual isn't even a point in the movie so the nod literally could not be smaller. It's not like you are forced to watch interviews with the director or have to furiously follow every twitterpost of people you know will outrage you, as some people are apparently apt to do. If you even believe he is a pansexual. The only time L3 mentions that he supposedly has feelings for her it's played off for laughs. Him going after L3 after she dies does not have to mean he loves her either, but sees her as a friend or companion.
  21. Thanks! (Just for fun: is it your opinion that star wars is not large enough for gay/straight/black/white/purple people?) Also if anyone knows: Nowhere in the film is it stated that Lando is a pansexual, where did that rumor come from? Because in the movie itself, the droid-Lando relationship is played of for laughs. The droid rights activist (DRA?) comes across as a parody of the current "SJW"-protesting wave.
  22. Source? Because I know you, and how you like to stir up a little bit of drama now and then
  23. Looking at all the production troubles, Solo was way better than it had any right to be.

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    2. 1Leonard


      I'm not a native English speaker either, it's clearly a (admittedly overused) figure of speech. A simple search would have shown you that.

    3. LiliArch


      Apparently I should resist my urges to make jokes about figures of speech (it never conveys well via text). Sorry about that.

    4. 1Leonard


      No harm done! It just came across as passive-aggressive rather than a joke.