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  1. This is a great looking reskin but it makes the Exile look older than Revan. If you could get rid off the grey hair it would be perfect. But aside from that I give it a 9.5/10.
  2. Yeah when I played lightside Malachor was destroyed. RIP Remote. I'll be starting another playthrough soon. This time as a darksider.
  3. I know this is kinda an old topic, but for anyone who might be wondering, or if the OP is still wondering. My first and only playthrough with the mod was as a lightside male, and aside from rescuing them, you have no more interactions with your companions. After you defeat Darth Traya, Atton shows up and then the game ends with the Ebon Hawk flying off to find Revan.
  4. Thanks I will check to see if the file is already in the installation folder.
  5. I've had this mod since RedHawke first released it on their site. Is this mod compatible with TSLRCM?
  6. Yep, during conversations with certain npc's, they will ask the Exile questions about their past and you can choose a reply. I usually pick that the Exile went from place to place never staying in one place for too long.
  7. Although I am not interested in buying a Disney/LucasFilm remake. I wonder how are they going to handle Hk-47? I doubt Disney would approve a homicidal droid as a companion. They'll probably make him follow the self destructive path of pacifism.
  8. I've been having a problem for a couple of months now. I am replaying both K1 and K2 with TSLRCM to do research for my mod. But once both games reach a certain point they freeze then crash to desktop. Originally the problem first started with k2 on G0T0's Yacht. I would uninstall then reinstall and it would crash on Onderon. Again I would uninstall and reinstall and this time it would crash when entering the Shyrack caves on Korriban. So I stopped playing and restarted K1 since I am doing the Revan portion of my mod. The game usually freezes then crashes when on the plains of Dantooine. I own both games for both Steam and GOG and they both have the same result. I usually play old games from GOG like Morrowind, Fallout 2, and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. But I have no problem with those games. Only with the two KOTOR games. I have installed K2 only with the TSLRCM mod and it still freezes and crashes. Anyway this is severely hindering the progress on my mod, and I don't know what to do. I forgot to mention I have the crappy Windows 10, and when I played both games on Windows XP, Win 7, and Win 8.1 they worked flawlessly. Does anyone have any suggestions? P.S. Months ago when the problem first occurred for K2 I posted it on the TSLRCM issues thread, and only Sith Holocron was kind enough to reply. So I guess this is a problem unique to me?
  9. Yes, I forgot for the first eight hours or so which in game time must've been a few days. Revan did not rely on the Force to rescue Bastila and get off Taris. I do remember the underwater portion of Manaan and the Firacis shark. Oh he was definitely in the war of Exar Kun. He was either in his early 20's or even in his late teens like most warrior cultures. There are other characters that definitely fought in that war like Jolee, Kreia, Vrook, Dorak, and it is said Darth SIon is from that time. Well I like Darth Sion too. He and Darth Malak are similar in a way. Both prefer to use brute strength, and both have depth. In the final confronttion with Sion on Malachor he himself says he prefers Darth Malak over Revan. I agree Revan seemed to be the headstrong one of the two. It could be because like Exar Kun before him, he had a thirst for forbidden knowledge according to Dorak. Yeah I can see the Exile writing tell all book called 'Revan the man behind the mask.' As for fans who bash K1 and prefer K2. THey forget if it wasn't for the popularity of K1 there wouldn't be a K2, and I believe since K2 never attained the universal claim that K1 did, that is why LucasArts never produced a third game.
  10. All I meant was that even in the original they put Revan above Malak. But both were considered big losses to the order. That many of the Council still wondered if they had made the right decision in meditating instead of fighting. But like I said before I am a Malak fan and agree with everything you say about him. It's just in history he will always be considered the lesser of the two for his lack of finesse. I mean in K2 which takes place five years after K1, Revan not Malak is remembered fondly, even if you set him as a darksider. I mean Briana says that Revan was revered by her people even while he slaughtered them in the thousands. I mean according to the galaxy Revan could do no wrong. That's why I prefer K1 Revan over K2 Revan. In K1 he was shown in a not so perfect light. But after K2 I wonder if the whole thing was not planned by him. Especially if playing darkside. But like I said before in my mod Malak will be remembered if playing the lightside. About Exar Kun and Uiic Qel Droma. I think you misunderstood what I wrote. I did not say they were known as good tacticians by the Mandalorians. I said that both Master Kavar and the Exile were known as good tacticians by the Mandalorians. When you first meet Kavar on Onderon with Mandalore. Mandalore respects him and says he always thought that it would have been Kavar and not Revan who led the Republic. But then again there is some inconsistency in the lore. Cause either in K1 or K2 Canderous says that before the war the Mandalorians had never seen Jedi in battle. As for the Exile either Mandalore or one of his men refer to him as a good tactician during the war. About HK-47. HK himself says when he regains his full memory that Malak was the first organic he ever called meatbag. He says it made Malak furious and that Revan made it apart of his programming. I agree Malak was smart in the vision Revan and Bastila have when they first land on Dantooine. It seemed like Malak was the cautious one of the two, and warned Revan if they entered the ruins they can never go back to the Council. And yes, he did unlock the full power of the Star Forge. Although I seem to remember Master Dorak saying that after the Mandalorian wars both Revan and Malak disappeared. Then they returned at the head of a massive invasion fleet. The ships were of an alien design they had never seen before. So maybe both unlocked the power of the Star Forge. But maybe since the Star Forge drain the Force out of Force users. Maybe Revan uncovered this and only created as many ships as necessary for a one time deal. Yes, there are many scenes in both games that are great, and yes I noticed that part in the scene.
  11. For the first part how can I forget that moment in K2. It is one of my favorite scenes in that game. As for Malak you know like you I am a Malak fan, and if it was possible I would have preferred to save him. Or if he died turn into a Force ghost like Ulic Qel Droma in Tales of the Jedi. But I agree Malak got the short end of the stick. But even in K1 they made Malak seem the dumber of the two. Even though Malak was the second most powerful Force user in the Sith. I mean there's a reason Revan made him his apprentice besides being old friends. But I also agree in K2 they did make him sound extremely dumb while glorifying Revan. But characters like the Exile and Kavar who are both known as tacticians in their own right according to the Mandalorians. They should know that in war sometimes direct action and direct thinking is necessary. But when most people reflect on both KOTOR games thay all remember Revan. Malak, the Exile, Kreia, Darth SIon and the rest are all secondary characters to his greatness. But don't worry in my mod Malak is not forgotten.
  12. Yeah I remember. Like the mercenary who kidnaps Vrook in K2. When you try to use Dominate Mind on her. She says something like "that's a Jedi trick!" Before she attacks. Remember Dominate mind only works on the weak minded. If you have a strong will or been trained against those techniques like Azkul in K2. You can resist it.
  13. I also forgot in K2 if you have Atton in your party and use Force persuasion. Hey says if we can't do that without crawling into their heads.