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    Star Wars not the Disney version but the original six. Yes, I did enjoy one of the prequels and it was "Revenge of the Sith." I also enjoy gaming especially rpg's. I enjoy real world history as well as Star Wars lore. Especially Sith lore.

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  1. Talyn82

    Star Wars Games Graphics

    KOTOR 2 is one of my top SW games higher than the original game. But I already find the game to be highly accessible. It only took me the majority of a day to fully mod the game. The only problem is the Steam version has updated resolutions, while the GoG version doesn't. On the other hand the GoG version works right of the bat, while the Steam version requires some tinkering. At least for me it does. The outdated gameplay does not affect me. I last played K2 2 months ago and had a blast. Love me some Kreia.
  2. I'm American too and find Eastern European accents hot! Yes, they are a good fit.
  3. Talyn82

    Qui-Gon Jinn-Jedi Consular or Guardian?

    None. Maybe a Jedi Sentinel? But since he has a green saber I'll say Consular.
  4. Talyn82

    Let's see your characters!

    Level 28 Jedi Guardian. Currently wrapping up Nar Shaddaa before heading to Taris. Romancing the Padawan Kira.
  5. I like the idea of this mod. As for my thoughts Revan was away during the Mandalorian wars for 5 years? Then he returned and fought the Republic for another 5 years. Going by that I would assume Revan and Malak were both in their to mid to late twenties during and after the Mandalorian wars, since it is said that a lot of the younger Jedi followed him to war. So I would assume during the Jedi Civil War he is mid to late thirties. The Exile was away for a total 15 years after the Mandalorian wars. If he was younger than Revan and I do mean he, I refuse to recognize the canonized version. Anyway if he was younger he was in his early twenties like 20 or 21 when he left to war. During the events of K2 that was a total of 15 years later, so that puts his age at 35. I assume Bastila and the Exile are about the same age with Revan being the oldest. As for accents I assume they have English or American accents. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down better.
  6. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Hey has anyone done this? I've played both K1 and K2 so many times, that when spotting an enemy in TOR I hit the spacebar trying to pause the game so I can issue commands.
  7. Talyn82

    Let's see your characters!

    Here's my new character I started last night. He is a Jedi Guardian and is currently on Coruscant.
  8. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I was a member of a guild 2 years ago. The same week I joined the guild leader vanished. After several weeks missing I was given control of the guild. That was the only social interaction I had. I'm basically a loner and enjoy the single player aspect more.
  9. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Thanks I did not know that.
  10. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Oh I did not know that. As soon as I get off of Tython I will go to it. I assume Coruscant is next world?
  11. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I will either mail it or buy the Legacy Storage when I bu a Stronghold on Coruscant. I know I bout one for my Sith Stronghold.
  12. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Oh ok. What a relief. How do I mail it? Or where and how do I use Legacy Storage? Do I have to buy a stronghold?
  13. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    My mistake then. I must it read it somewhere else and somehow thought I heard it when T3M4 plays the Bastila hologram. So subscribed to the six month subscription. I am playing as a Jedi Guardian. Despite Revan and the Exile being canonized in the books. I still enjoy the game. I had to create a new character cause I like the bulky body type for my guardian. I think I fucked up. I bought some Sith outfit via the Cartel Market with my Jedi and I was wondering if there was anyway I could give it to my Sith character? It's still in a package I have not opened it.
  14. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    I knew Revan and Bastila must've had a child. I don't know how but I think she said so in the hologram T3M4 plays for the exile. I don't remember.
  15. Talyn82

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Once again thanks for the reply. I will check it out when I resub.