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  1. Okay I've been converting K1 modules to be used in K2, and need to find the textures for the Leviathan, Taris, and K1 Korriban. I know they are in the ERF section but don't know where in that section they are. Can anyone help?
  2. I have a question. I have been following this tutorial on how to use K1 modules in K2: and am at the part were I have to create the module. I have successfully created the module. But I don't know what to do with the extra files like models. In the tutorial it say to put the extra files in the override folder. But both the models and textures are over 3gb. I can't possibly add all those files. So my questions are: What do I do with the extra files and which are the textures for the Leviathan? Someone in another thread said that Taris, the Leviathan, and the Sith Base all use the same textures. Is this true?
  3. Updated first topic with a todo list for now. This is not the final list this just what I am currently working on at the moment.
  4. I welcome your questions I have thick skin you can keep them coming. As to your questions. Yes the story was created in 2005/2006 but do to crazy work schedule at the time I never started work on the mod until a year ago, when my life settled down. Yes there are currently three planets done I know I said four but that was a mistake. The planets done are from the Republic. As for asking for a name of a Ship. I've only asked for the name of one ship and it is Revan's ship. There are more ships in my story and they already have names. But since this will be a ship for the players version of Revan I wanted to know what people thought. This mod will be my gift to the community so I value their input. Yes I have penned the story but I am open to suggestions after all this is a WIP thread, so everyone is welcome to say their piece. I have beaten TSL and K1 dozens of times in the past. I first bought these games on original Xbox, then three different versions on PC. But I have never completed TSL with the restored content mod. As you are well aware of since you were the only person to reply. I have had some issues running TSL on Win10. But that was the GoG version I am now playing the Steam version and although progress has been slow, since I dedicate most of my time to both my job and the mod. The game has been running smoothly so far. The mod is not ready yet for dialogue I have added dummy dialogue in it's stead. I am still in the process of populating the worlds with npc's and fauna. Yes the antagonist has been changed. Like I said before back in the old LucasForums circa 2004/2005 the popular theory as to who the great enemy was. The remnants of Naga Sadow's empire. But after some discussion with a fellow forum member we came to the realization that if such an Empire did exist. Like Miraluka before it, Nihilus' hunger would have driven him there for him to consume. So we came up with a new better enemy, and yes the only major change is the enemy. Revan and the Exile joining up to face them has always been apart of the story. The bulk of the story is still there there have just been some tweaks to the story to accommodate the new enemy What have I done with the big planet. Well since I am no 3D artist I can't create new models nor will I ask anyone to do so. But if they wish to contribute that is up to them. But back to your question. The planet is an existing planet with cobbled up modules. Npc's have been changed. The most time consuming part was coming up with what modules to use and where. Then adding npc's to those modules. I've been reading skinning tutorials so maybe I will do it myself. No problem I understand your reservations and welcome any and all questions. Now as to the point of this thread this is a WIP thread. The thread is to announce the project, keep people up to date, and once I am satisfied I will post screenshots possibly a vid to highlight some things. In closing just let me say I am not Chris Avellone, I am but a mere fan of both KOTOR games and was not satisfied with the fates of our characters we know and love by EA BioWare and the Revan book. So this will be my gift to modders like yourself and the fans who keep the memory alive. Yes I do remember now what HK47 tells Revan or what the clever Jedi Council chose to rename him as Raven after the reveal. You make sense. But it's just that K2 hyped up Revan to be this mythical figure who knows all before it happens. That's why I was saying I think Revan knew exactly when Malak was going to betray him. Cause everyone in K2 loves Revan except Sion, but that's why my favorite out of Revan and the Exile is the Exile. Cause aside from easily creating Force bonds and being a Wound in the Force they're pretty much normal. That's why in my mod when Revan gets beyond the edges of the galaxy were he is not known. He will be nothing special. Though the enemy remembers him.
  5. That was part of what I liked about Revan that he was too overconfident and underestimated Malak as you say. But then Kreia says things like him falling to the darkside was his sacrifice. It makes me wonder if he had already planned that scenario of Malak betraying him. Also I've always wondered did Revan really have amnesia or was he playing the Council all along? I mean according to Kreia everything that has happened to Revan is of his own doing. Whether you play darkside or lightside Revan, is he using the Council's and Republic's resources to strike back at Malak, knowing all along who he was? In K1 it was always said how smart Revan was and how great of a strategist he was. K2 improves upon that with Kreia hyping him up. I love her but I swear she's Revan's number one cheerleader.
  6. I like Atris a lot too. But for the Exile I will take her into account as well as their companions and the Jedi Masters. As for Vrook. Vrook is a dick but like you said he is overly critical of both Revan and the Exile. So I thought it would be good to use his input. Kreia who is my favorite Star Wars character is a Revan's cheerleader. Like you said she praises him. I also forgot to mention for Revan I will also take into account Briana's accounts of her people's respect for him even while he slaughtered them.
  7. Though it's been slow going because of the mod I've been replaying K2 with the restoration mod. The mod was 99% percent influenced by what Kreia, Mandalore, Dorak, Vandar, Vrook, and Bastila have to say about Revan. It was from them were I got my ideas. Also Atton who was with the Sith since the Mandalorian wars. I will also take what he says into account.
  8. Hey man thanks for your post. But I might be bias since I am a Kreia fan, but it's been sometime since I completed K2 and I've never completed it with the restored content mod, which is why I am replaying the game with the restored content. Anyway my point is I don't remember that quote but like I said it's been sometime since I completed the game. The reason why I remember what she says on the Ebon Hawk is because I just went through that conversation. But either way I think I picked an enemy old EU fans will like. I just can't see how Nihilus's hunger could skip an empire full of Force users.
  9. Yeah I remember what Kreia said, and has been apart of my story for years, and yeah Canderous does say when you first ask him to tell you war stories. He says what Ebony Moon posted. So since in K2 when you accompany Mandalore the other Mandalorians are wary, because they don't want to be in service to the Jedi/ SIth again. They had a bad time when they were allied with Exar Kun. So remnants of Kun's Sith could have approached them with the offer. If you ignore the retcons and skip the storyline about Revan SWTOR is not that bad. It's not great but not terrible. I am not an mmo fan but I did enjoy the Jedi Guardian storyline. Though I never finished because the game gets repetitive and boring. Luckily I had only subscribed for one month. But what made me annoyed besides the Revan retcon, was their was no mention of the Exile or their allies in the game. I mean if it wasn't for a lightside Exile and the Lost Jedi there wouldn't be a Jedi Order. I hate the mistreatment my Exile got by EA BioWare and the book.
  10. I am currently in the process of playing K2 with the restored content mod, and when conversing on the Ebon Hawk, Kreia says Revan met no Sith Empire. Anyway Nihilus hunger would have driven him to the Sith if they had an Empire. Like the Jedi masters on Miraluka, Nihilus would have consumed them. It makes no sense how they could stay undetected from Nihilus for so long. SWTOR's retcons will not be addressed in the mod.
  11. Yeah the story is currently going under slight revision since the enemy has been changed. Originally the enemy were going to be remnants of Naga Sadows empire, but then after some discussion with a forum member we came to the realization if such an empire did exist. Darth Nihilus' hunger would have driven him to consume them. So I looked up Wookiepedia and found a better threat. So yeah the story is pretty much the same only the enemy has changed.
  12. A very big planet and three smaller planets. I wrote the story except for dialogue back in 2005/2006. But due to my insane work schedule at the time I could not start work on the mod. So I saved the story onto an external HDD. The mod has been worked on and off. I've also been freshening up on tutorials. I always have trouble memorizing steps in creating mods for KOTOR that I have to look up tutorials. But anyway I saw a skinning tutorial it doesn't look that hard. I also been reading the Script Shack here on the forum. So hopefully the only help I'll need is voice overs for the new npc's. As for this moment? Right now I am doing dialogue using voiced dialogue already in the game for both the Flagship and the big planet.
  13. It's too bad he wasn't of the Council members that were killed by Nihilus on Visas homeworld. When I first played K2 I was hoping to see Vandar again, since my favorite SW alien is Yoda. Plus it would have been funny to fight him.
  14. Yeah he underestimated the Exile. The Force bond he had with Kreia and the other companions made him powerful. But it's hard staying lightside when talking to him. He is always so condescending.
  15. That's why 98% of the time I play K2 I go darkside after talking to him. He is such a dick. Always talking down to Jedi. To make matters worse if you go darkside and fight him he is probably the hardest master to kill. I thought surviving Malak's bombardment would have made him humble. But no same old Vrook.
  16. Yeah he is definitely a big part. Atris is hateful but that's because she feels personally betrayed by the Exile, and since Jedi are taught not to feel, like Anakin in the movies they don't know how to deal with their emotions so they brood. Vrook is hateful and condescending from the start. No one wonder so many Jedi willingly followed Revan to war.
  17. Yeah Zez, Kavar and Atris are the only Masters I like. Vrook? Vrook is a dick. First he says the Exile was mediocre then he is ungrateful when he gets rescued. My first characters for both K1 and K2 fell to the darkside after first meeting him. At least the Exile got to kill him. Yep, I really enjoy the planet. All the planets were well done in KOTOR 1. K2's planets were pretty depressing in comparison.
  18. In KOTOR 1 my favorite planet is all of them. Even Maanan. But if I could only pick one it would be Korriban. In K2 my favorites are Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa.
  19. Okay I will give them credit in both the post and credit list when the mod is released. Yeah I'm glad I was able to recreate Canderous voice as Mandalore. SInce Canderous/Mandalore is one of my favorite characters from the game. Soon I will post screenshots when I feel I have something worth posting.
  20. That's a good name I will consider it. Thanks.
  21. You do make a lot of sense. The reason why I thought about the starting at max level was because I thought players would get annoyed they had to level up their characters again. But I did forget about the companions. I'll most likely use your idea. Thanks. I have a question. I've been working on Darth Revan' glagship. What do you think would be a good name befitting a Dark Lord of the Sith? I was thinking of calling it "The Revanite." But don't know. Bot Vader and Malak had cool names for their flagships.
  22. I messing around with audacity and using the SIth voice effect from the tutorial Recreating Sith Voice Effect I was able to recreate Mandalore's voice using audio files from KOTOR 1. This is great news since I plan on using voice files from original game. Big thanks to Ebmar for directing me to the tutorial, and a special thanks to FuturePilot and DarthParametric for creating the tutorial. Here's an example: NM02AECAND30002_.mp3 Well back to working on the mod.
  23. I pretty much like every planet in KOTOR. They all are unique. My really favorite one is Korriban. KOTOR 2 is my favorite game of the two but the planets are not great. The only planet I liked in that game is Nar Shaddaa. Korriban my favorite from the original is so depressing in K2. In K1 it's full of life in K2 it's desolate and depressing. The only thing I like about Korriban in K2 is when we first meet Darth Sion one of my favorite characters.
  24. I'm an old school metal fan here's one of my favorite bands Metallica. I prefer 80 and 90's Metallica. Here are two of my favorite songs: The first one is one of their most disturbing songs. Here is one of their most popular songs Unforgiven:
  25. I was not a big Anakin Skywalker fan, I personally enjoyed the prequels BUT! not for Anakin. It was the other characters like Palpatine, Obi Wan, Yoda, and Mace. But I did like how Hayden showed the conflict physically. My point is I like flawed characters. In the KOTOR games my favorite between Revan and the Exile is the Exile. Why? Cause like Anakin and Kylo they are flawed. Adam Driver is a good actor and he not only shows the conflict physically but vocally as well. I did like Kylo when I saw TFA, and defended why he was beaten by Rey in that movie, even though I thought it was a mistake JJ decided to remove the mask. But after reading what you posted. It does make sense why without the mask he looks not intimidating. With the mask he is a badass but behind the mask is a flawed and very insecure individual. You know I've only seen TFA twice and TLJ once. Although I still am not a fan of JJ that aspect of Kylo being a flawed individual behind the mask makes me re-evaluate Kylo again. Good job DarthVarkor!