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  1. diegodb

    HD PFHA05

    Hello Dark Hope, you did a superb job on the players and npc heads in KOTOR I wish to ask you if you pretend to do the female blonde heads in Kl and if you have any plans to do the same thing (new players models) for TSL Incredible job on this mod, thank you very much for that ☺️
  2. Hello, great to see that TSLRCM has gotten a new update In the 1.8.6b version of the game it did occur a gamebreaking bug. When you select a grenade the game freezes and it ends abruptly. I am only using this mod along with the M4-78 EP Hope that you fix this when you have time Thanks for all your work in this amazing mod :)) OBS: An reinstallation of the game has solved the problem. My mistake. Thanks for this awesome mod
    Hello MetaBee, great improvement to TSL, it makes the game more engaging, thanks a lot and continue with your work. Do you have any project to make a similar mod to KOTOR?
  3. Is there any chance of a Remaster of both Kotor 1 and 2? It's past time for something like that.

    1. Mephiles550


      We will never, I repeat, NEVER  see a remake or remaster of Kotor 2. It'd just be impossible. People would bitch about it being incomplete, and people would complain if the restored content was even added again in the first place because it wouldn't be the true original. Honestly I'm surprised it even got re-released on Xbox One. (Decent Xbox port it looks like too! ) 

      You can never please everyone with a remake. Look at Halo Anniversary for example. I thought it was great! Just the original game, nothing else, now beautiful to look at. Perfect. People complain that it wasn't like the fan Halo CE remake (SPV3). But what those idiots fail to take into account is how several other people would complain that such an overhaul would be to drastic. I don't want a new Halo, I want my old Halo. Just leave it to the fans to experiment with stuff like that.

      With that being said, the first Kotor could possibly be remastered, I don't see why not, no problems with it. Problem is that I don't even know if I'd want a remaster. How different would it be? Would be it be like Halo anniversary where it was the exact same game with a new coat of paint or would everything be remade? Honestly, I don't know. Hard to tell.

    2. diegodb


      Well, I would like to have a version of both games with high quality textures, upgraded widescreen resolutions and full compatibility with the new OS like Windows 10, nothing absurdly different. The same, but better. Something that don't deviate from the base games, much like the style of Warcraft III Remastered. I also believe that it's very unlikely but we can dream don't we? Anyways, thanks for your reply.

    3. RevanFanMan


      There was one being made by fans that was absolutely phenomenal looking. However, Lucasfilm didn't appreciate it and hit them with a cease and desist order. The project was called Aperion and as I stated, looked amazing.

  4. Thanks for your work in this mod, it's great! Do you have a plan to make one for The Sith Lords also?
  5. Guys, I'm having a problem trying to play KOTOR 2 on my laptop, KOTOR 1 is working fine, only TSL is having problems. It doesn't pass from the loading screen on Peragus. Is there some kind of solution? Any sort of help is very appreciated, thank you.

    1. DarthParametric


      A status update is not really the place to ask. You'd be better served making a thread in the KOTOR General Discussion forum. Make sure you post all your specs, your game version, what mods you have, etc.

    2. diegodb


      Oh, ok. Thank you DarthParametric. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    3. DarthParametric


      There's no inconvenience, it's just unlikely most people are going to see it as a status update. And it's just not very practical versus a proper thread.