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  1. I manually uninstalled the game, then I followed the step from the "Retail installation for Windows 7" tutorial on the PCgamingwiki page for TSL
  2. I have the Disk version but I found a solution ^^' Sorry for bothering you :/
  3. Hi again everybody I wanted to uninstall my KOTOR2 to start again with new mods just to be sure I don't mess up (I already messed up a file in my override folder so I don't want to mess things up more) But when I tried to uninstall with the unistall program in the KOTOR2 folder, well it was nowhere to be found. So I tried to uninstall it with the Control Panel, but this time I can't find KOTOR2 in the Programs and Features thing. So I don't know how to uninstall the game now :/ Thanks a lot in advance for the help Sorry for my bad english again ^^'
  4. Oh my god, if I knew it was this easy .. I feel stupid x) Thank you for your answer, I finally found the model I was seaching for
  5. Hello everybody Here's my problem : I wanted to make Robe for Korriban Sith Student by Shem compatible with KOTOR Ceremony Tunics for Jedi Robes by 90SK. The female student have the Bastila style robes with their normal jedi robe texture, you can see the mess. So I tried to find the original jedi robes model on Kotor Tool, but I can't find the model for the Large female body type. Either I'm very stupid or blind but I really can't find it on the subfolder on Kotor Tool. Or maybe I'm using the wrong tool to find and extract model. I also noticed that all the model for the large female body type and small male body type are not in Kotor Tool. I'm a noobie in modding so that explain that I don't know where to find them, so please bear with me ^^'. (also excuse my bad english) Thank you in advance for the help.
  6. Forbesii


    Unfortunately, my country is on the list Is there still a way to get these mod ?
  7. Forbesii


    I can't download on Gamefront, when I try it says "file not found" .. I have this problem since few months.
  8. Forbesii


    Hi everyone ! I've been searching for these two mod for a while now;41155;80221 I'll be glad if someone could give me a link to these mod thank you
  9. Forbesii


    Thank you I will be a good french teacher.. no i'm just kidding (Darth_Sapiens, you have a really good french)
  10. Forbesii


    Hi everyone ! I'm Forbesii, my name is Marie. I'm french (that's why I have a very bad english) If you have question, I will answer to them. (A very small introduction ^^')
  11. First, I want to excuse myself for my bad english and also, if this topic is in the wrong section. It's been a while since I'm looking for how to make a mod where your character can wear the default clothes of another character without having to wear the same default clothes. (like this mod;41155 ). Thank in advance for the answer. (I'm sorry, again, for my bad english)