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  1. One recalls having issues...many, many issues with wrong installations. I'm going to need to get back into the game, pun intended. Hell, for awhile I found myself dodging modders of GTA Online because some felt threatened that I knew about some of the technicalities. "Where'd you learn so much about it?" I'd answer: A little place called lucasforums...dead now but it was SO awesome. Modding Star Wars KOTOR games. An entire dedicated community! Frozen console, and attaching items to my character...because salty. I digress. As I recall Darth Stoney and co. specifically made sure M4-78 was comaptible with many other popular mods. iirc (it's been several years now) This first started with publishing a mass compatibility mod. Am I missing something???
  2. $%*#!!!!!!!!!! Nerfed... IIRC it's that guy who had Ron Paul as an avatar on LF. Gamefront doesn't have it up yet. Basically it was that one on Nar Shaddah where you get loot of several robes, and lightsaber crystals. IIRC there was swamp green, blacklight violet, "heart" with a crimson outer hue and a really golden inner hue, a more pure red sith blade, silver, and cyan. Probably one more I'm missing. If I understood it, it was just a script that needed to make it to where the crystals didn't turn into nulls when you put them into a short or double saber.
  3. Seems like no matter how long I'm away...I always manage to hear of these things... BTW did anyone ever improve MidknightR's heart of the force mod to make the crystals compatible with short and double sabers? Just curious.
  4. As much I've been told. Though I stumbled onto some facts of post-story reality b/c YT community doesn't believe in labeling their video SPOILER...and I kind of figured the DLC featuring a figure wearing a tattered Revan outfit means the sith side strike as originally played...wasn't quite the end of him. I'd rather not speak of it until I can (if ever) get back to playing... If it goes down before that, then I suppose I'll just drift about watching videos. Or maybe someone could host a server with the MMO source code. That is rather unfortunate, didn't know. I've done voice overs but I don't think I could imitate that one for mods. The closest I've come to Canderous' voice is similar to Kurtwod Smith's characters (Clarence Boddicker on the original Robocop movie, Red Foreman on That 70's show).
  5. I'm a few years removed, as someone from LF previously, so I hope you folks don't mind me adding my piece. I will admit I've never been of a single mind how the novel (which I'm sure you all would agree is little more than a connector piece for the games and the plots of SWTOR) ended things off, nor how the MMO treated...what little I've seen of the KOTOR story as a player. I do not think the Exile was done justice. Revan...while I understand DK had his views (making Revan cosmopolitan, modern, multicultural in an image like himself), his story seems rushed looking back at it now. It isn't *entirely* his fault but that doesn't really lessen the sort of abruptness of the story. .......Then again at least they didn't dictate writing out the characters like R* did to Johnny Klebbitz in GTA5. On re-reads of the Bane trilogy, I can see things I missed, while others are either implicit where you have to fill in the blanks for yourself or are slight oversights. Still one of my favorite trilogies, though. As far as the MMO... OK...So my consular helped break Revan out of his alchemy imprisonment. My bum-hug friend who had the game spoiled a bit for me after that. While I'm glad Revan and that ghost of the Exile played some significant role in a flashpoint or two, it's largely been relegated to an optional footnote. Trying to appeal to a casual audience. So, I guess maybe it leaves a bit to be desired personally. Mainstream fans don't get it and never will care to. The company went where it thought it could cash in and left us relatively hanging. EA is maligned and not without reason. Seems like most companies are in a similar rut to be honest. It's been a turbulent decade and the game industry has been slowing. Industry was understandably looking for an eager new direction. Unfortunately now it's like the market has moved towards activists taking a **** on everything while content creators put the barrel of a shotgun in their mouths and threaten to pull the trigger with their toe. Makes me bang my head on the desk. At this point people are saying what I've been thinking now for awhile: there's a certain dignity in death. If nothing else, you lot here have your hands on the assets of some of the best parts. All I have is Daz Studio and imagination.
  6. Hey Chev! Well at least one o' you recognizes me. Hi all new friends. Good times!
  7. Avlectus

    Hi all

    Ah, Darth333 you're here! So are a number of other folks in this thread whom I recognize! Just joined myself last night...err I guess 9 hours ago or so. (Yep still kind of insomniac.)
  8. "I'm haunting you!!!" --Ghost Nappa Hey! Long time no see! So some of you folks might recognize me from Lucasforums. Yes it is I, and I am he; He who promotes hawt dumpster sechs, he who set the roof on fire, he who tried to fusion star wars with car robberies...and failed...the one with terrible taste. It's (formerly) Darth_Avlectus/GTA:SWcity. Now just...Avlectus. And if nobody recognizes me, that's cool. If you're pretending not to remember but are lurking in passive-aggressive fashion because you can't stand not to read just everything: HI STALKERS!!! I definitely recognize some of you. To any of you I don't know...I'd like to say you whippersnappers were missing out. But I couldn't tell ya just what us slightly older jackasses were up to, posting on LF. The hilarity that ensued from drunk or blazed posts. So how you folks been doing? I know I took my sweet fat time coming down here and registering. Been like 3 years since LF bit the dust. I talked to Purifier (or whatever he's now called here) via email. I hear some of you are messing with Blender Cycles. That's awesome. Just been busy with life in general myself. Playing GTA Online and some other not SW games when I get the time.