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  1. Okay - well you should try to track down where that came from, because that's what's giving you grief. Simply pull that out and you should be gold.
  2. ... Just a hunch here, but is there a holorec.dlg in your override folder?
  3. So you play through the holorecording sequence, and then it skips into the Ebon Hawk proper?
  4. That's not what I meant. That's all the sound files - I need the .MOD file from the Modules folder.
  5. I want you to post your 950COR.mod here. I need to see what I'm dealing with.
  6. Unless it alters the dialog file itself, you should not be having a problem with it.
  7. No - that should just be a texture.
  8. Are there any other mods in the build that alter the Holo-recording sequence?
  9. Rigmor of Bruma Voyage is live now! No, I've never done a dedicated mod stream before, nor did I ever expect to stream Skyrim, but here we are...

  10. At least it’s a long way down!
    MC Meme Highlights - May Week 3

  11. And a new episode of me being a total sandbag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0BEu88kLWg

  12. Hmm... I can’t wait to hear what strange shenanigans happen as a result of this. In other words... that’s just weird. Hopefully nothing breaks because I never once used the CameraID field for anything.
  13. Hey everyone - come make fun of my raid team (no, seriously, the memes are strong with us): 


  14. So, what's the deal with the updates over the last couple days? What's been changed?
  15. DarthTyren


    It's an adrenal, it should be automatically added on Disciple's recruitment - did the game indicate that you obtained the item?