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  1. It looks like you attempted to install it more than once without doing a full uninstall in between. It also looks like, assuming this is the right directory, you don't have TSLRCM installed, which is why all the module file errors have appeared. This mod requires RCM to work. Odd - I just checked it out and it should definitely be doing that the moment you click the "Install Mod" button.
  2. DarthTyren


    The one from this mod will be injected inside 950.MOD. If there's another mod that puts the DLG in the override folder, they're not compatible with this one as-is.
  3. DarthTyren


    holorec.dlg doesn't go into override, it goes to the module for the holorecording (950COR.mod, for those curious). If you're finding it in override, I'd ask what other mods you're using.
  4. DarthTyren


    I mean, I might be missing something, but I haven't played with the total mod build yet - just RCM and PS. I'm not sure what might be causing it, as I've had to double and triple check to make sure it was actually working properly multiple times. ... You're not getting the item when recruiting Disciple...? That literally makes zero sense. Unless the wrong script is firing, or it's been overwritten by something else, you should be receiving the item - it's the whole point of the mod.
  5. Enemies don't see Kyle Katarn. His stealth skill is so good it's passive.
  6. If your argument is that it would be lore-friendly... no. It's not. Kreia HATES machines. She would see handicaps as a challenge to overcome, and just like with losing her sight as well as losing her connection to the Force, she accepts the challenge with dignity. Note I'm not bashing anyone who wants to see this be made, but please don't use nonsense as your reasoning for a request.
  7. To all servicemen-and-women - both current and former - HAPPY VETERANS DAY!

  8. DarthTyren


    I’ve not heard or seen anything suggesting that it’s not compatible yet.
  9. DarthTyren


    There is - but the presence/absence of 650DAN.mod has no dependency on EE.
  10. DarthTyren


    1) New game? No, not unless you no longer have a save from before entering the sublevel. And even then, it probably wouldn't be necessary, unless... 2) ... this. If you don't have a 650DAN.mod, then you don't have a full installation of TSLRCM, which provides changes to basically every level of the game, including the Rebuilt Enclave. At this point, I'd ask what version of the game you're playing and where you installed TSLRCM from. 3) Darn, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to word that. It does mean deleting the files from the game's override folder. The point was that, once pasted and the files overwritten, you could hit the delete button and get rid of all the files at once without having to go searching through the folder for each one individually.
  11. It would absolutely be possible. The question is would anyone ever actually see the production of such a project as worth their while - and making Kaah somehow not feel like a pointless tack-on. I might have to go back on what I said about Dustil considering that voice reproduction models are clearly being made for other characters in KotOR (I don't know how I missed that). No matter what, it would have to be handled differently than how PartySwap is handled. PartySwap as-is could only work mechanics-wise for Disciple/Handmaiden or Mira/Hanharr, because those are the only open slots on the party table.
  12. The game is sadly hard-wired to be limited on the number of companions you can recruit (up to twelve). It would maybe be possible for one other potential companion to join you before the final act (two if you're not using PartySwap), and they could take the place of either Mira or Hanharr (whoever wasn't recruited). Of course, popular consensus is that G0-T0 doesn't deserve to be a companion, so if one was willing to put the work into just making him a basic NPC which spawns on the Ebon Hawk - and stays there - after Nar Shaddaa (or, ya know, just remove him from the game outright), then maybe that's a slot that could be freed up. I almost did this for PartySwap as an alternative option, but the amount of work it would require to set Disciple up to go in G0-T0's spot on the table and remove G0-T0 from the table altogether w/o deleting content was too much for me at the time. As for personal thoughts... I think Kaevee was cut for good reason, Kaah was the biggest disappointment of M4-78, which I already don't like, Dustil most likely wouldn't be able to sound like Dustil (some might consider that a good thing), and Atris wouldn't need a PartySwap extension - she could just join you in Kreia's/Bao-Dur's/HK's place after you defeat her (all that would need doing is resetting the appropriate influence level).
  13. Could you upload a newer install log? Because that sounds like the DLG file that the item fires is broken. Also, for future reference, if you wish to use any mods other than TSLRCM, don't use Steam Workshop because it's a compatibility nightmare.
  14. I would need to see the DLG and source in order to help with that.