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  1. I would need to see the DLG and source in order to help with that.
  2. If you use the armband to add Bastila back, yes. If not, she's taken out of the party, making it possible to have a new NPC in her place. Because default position on the Ebon Hawk is relative to position on the party table, yes.
  3. The ultimate question is "Is this NPC still on the Party Selection screen?" If not, then they have been fully removed from the available party. For example, when Bastila is taken by Malak aboard the Leviathan, you no longer see her as an available party member. This allows mods like BOS:SR to kick in and place a new NPC straight into the party in her place. Whenever an NPC needs to be removed from the available party, you just need to run the RemoveAvailableNPC() function in a script, usually fired by dialog.
  4. DarthTyren


    If you're using this mod, most of the time Handmaiden will have speaking priority over Disciple, regardless of gender - this isn't a design choice, it's merely the way the dialogue was written. Maybe it's time to revisit that, though. The hard part there is that I will have to make a choice on who to prioritize when, where and why.
  5. Oh - well, then I'd have to check and see if the file structure in those dlc folders is comparable to those on PC installs. I'm guessing there's some difference, and that's why there's a mobile specific version of RCM?
  6. Heh... THAT'S a loaded question. For right now, the answer is no - mainly considering I'm unsure if TSLPatcher will work for mobile installs, and that's the only way to maximize compatibility with other mods.
  7. I can almost guarantee you the Hak Pad Workshop mod is causing you issues. Frankly, you shouldn't be using ANY Workshop mods with TSLRCM for exactly this reason, but that mod's spells.2da file can't merge properly with the one from PartySwap because PartySwap needs to be installed on top of TSLRCM in order to work. When you have conflicting 2DA files like that downloaded from the Workshop, it annihilates all compatibility.
  8. DarthTyren


    That sounds to me like the files aren't merging properly - do you have RCM installed through the Workshop by any chance?
  9. Or it could be from any other mods you installed. This is the issue with Handmaiden not spawning after the Council holorecording, correct? What does your setup look like? What do you mean when you say the RCM installer keeps installing to the wrong folder? Also, can anyone confirm that changes were made in RCM 1.8.6 that would require me to take another look at this mod?
  10. DarthTyren


    First time seeing that particular error. I don't know of any other mods on the build that alter that file.
  11. DarthTyren


    Okay... That's the first I've heard that one.
  12. DarthTyren


    Uh, unless you're using any romance mods, that scene should still be disabled for males.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, I'm gonna play the game that I'm most thankful for... featuring the Reddit Mod Build!


    1. DarthParametric


      Jazz Jackrabbit?

    2. LDR


      Nah man, it's clearly Tetris.

    3. DarthTyren


      Okay, so I thought I'd be cheeky and entice people to click the link - but it's KotOR.

  14. Zak's internet issues take a swerve, Ame almost dies of heat stroke, I try a new method of editing the reel and - as usual - Ahz is bad.


  15. Okay, so there's nothing wrong there, and Dantooine open plains shouldn't have party selection disabled, and if you're on Dantooine in the first place, then you aren't on the Red Eclipse quest... I'm completely clueless. Try a full reinstall I guess? I'd recommend skipping the workshop completely, but that's up to you.