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  1. DarthTyren


    I can already tell you the problem more than likely - You aren't using the EE compatability patch made by Leilukin. Without it, PS and EE are going to hate each other. Link here - Follow those install instructions TO THE LETTER!
  2. Mainly, you would be missing a lot of the functionality that exists in TSL in order to make TJM work the way it does. It would make a lot more sense to port content from KotOR to TSL than the other way around simply because of those added functionalities.
  3. DarthTyren


    And we should be good to go! Version 1.3.2 can now be downloaded here.
  4. DarthTyren

    SW-The Old Republic-Worth it or not...?

    Just got caught up to the most recent update. A guild officer on Star Forge.
  5. DarthTyren


    Yet ANOTHER Update: Things are starting to settle a little bit for me right now, and I've finally decided to get back to work on this bad boy (and it has been very bad, indeed). Tomorrow, I'll be digging up my external drive with all my files on it and getting to work on the endgame Ebon Hawk scene with Disciple, making sure it can run correctly. Here's where I ask for your help - I want this to be the final necessary update to make PartySwap work without issue on it's own (unless, of course, we get an update to RCM). So, if I need to be aware of any other issues, please report them to me either here in this thread, on Discord, or in PMs, even if you've already reported them before, as I'm trying to compile an up-to-date list and prioritize. Note that if the suspected culprit of an issue is incompatibility with another mod, it will not be considered. Thank you all for putting up with me and my sporadic updates with this project. Now let's complete this thing - together!
  6. A temporary fix, I guess, would be to re-prioritize the nodes at the end of Visas's meditation dialogue, making sure that the Disciple/Carth/Cede scene doesn't fire. I don't have access to my files to find a more permanent solution. I promise folks, everything worked the last time I played through with just TSLRCM and PartySwap.
  7. DarthTyren


    MAJOR UPDATE: As busy as I've recently found myself in my life, I haven't found any time to work on the anticipated compatibility patch between PartySwap and Extended Enclave, nor will I be able to find time or desire to work on it in the near future. However, there is some good news - @Leilukin has graciously volunteered her time and dedication to creating said patch, and I've given her the go-ahead! I hope you'll all join me in wishing her luck!
  8. The move went off without a hitch!

  9. Nice sig, fam! :)

    1. DarthTyren


      Same to you!

  10. DarthTyren

    Let's Play SWTOR Together?

    I suppose I could have gone to the market and bought some awesome decorations for my strongholds. Do you think that would make me feel a little more accomplished (see what I did there)?
  11. DarthTyren

    Let's Play SWTOR Together?

    Because it filled up a slot and I was gunning for Max Conquest Bonus at the time, that's why. Which has been transferred into Star Forge, which is where I am as well. Primarily running Operations, but do sometimes get the urge to play back through the story (probably won't happen for a while, as I recently went through all the story in SWTOR for a stream marathon that lasted seven months).
  12. DarthTyren


    No, not yet. But I guess I should give it a shot.
  13. Just curious here: What would one see programmers doing for a mod project besides writing scripts and tools? Opinions? Collective consensus?

    1. DarthParametric


      I would assume that any mod recruiting a programmer/coder would be primarily expecting one or both. Anything else is presumably down to the individual's own talents/abilities, and how much additional work they are willing/able to take on. The scale of the mod project in question would also have a lot of bearing on it. A team of a few people would necessitate multi-tasking, a team of, say, 30-50 not so much.

    2. VarsityPuppet


      Writing scripts or writing various tools to make process easier

    3. DarthTyren


      That's pretty much what I thought. Thanks for the answers.

  14. DarthTyren


  15. DarthTyren


    What can I say about this movie that hasn’t been said by many others already, even myself? I guess there’s only one way forward – just vent. I’ll start by saying this – I loved the movie, so much so that I would in fact consider it one of my all-time favorites, that list not being confined to Star Wars. I’ll get to why further down this wall of text. There are some obvious flaws, and I want to start with those. The porgs are a marketing tactic – there, I said it, and I’m fairly certain that this one thing most people can agree on. They serve no purpose save giving Chewbacca something to do. They take too much time away from the actual good parts of the movie. That’s all I can say about them. The subplot with Poe and Holdo – in the end, it just felt like artificial drama that was put in to give the theme another leg to stand on. However, my feelings on this are mixed. There are really only two things I despise about it. The first is that it makes Poe, the most talented pilot and battle commander in the Resistance, look like a glory-seeking moron. They could have taken so many other directions with this subplot without cutting it out completely, but it was put in so Poe could learn the difference between glory and sacrifice, and that’s it. However, the fleet was in a no-win situation, and I understand the reluctance on the part of Holdo, so that kind of balances things out. The second thing, though, is that it also spawned the Space Vegas sequence. Let me be clear – the only reason why I despise Space Vegas is that it, once again, spent too much time focusing on something that, in the end, didn’t matter. It meant nothing, it had no bearing on the rest of the story, no difference was made. But, again, that kind of balances itself with the theme of the work. I’ll leave it there. EDIT: I actually have one more thought on this - the only reason it's necessary is because of the drama stated above. It added yet another leg to the theme. It did also develop Finn's character a bit, which was fine. The way they temporarily removed Leia from the picture was both awesome… and ridiculous. Enough said there. Lastly, the film was extremely wishy-washy in many areas, as if the writers couldn’t decide what they wanted to have happen, or what they wanted to be true. That ended up sinking into the plot, but not the characters, and that’s the first thing that this film got right. It was extremely gutsy. It focused on a concept that was briefly touched upon in some of the other movies – failure. It defied audience expectations at just about every turn, sometimes for good, sometimes not so good. Be warned, this is where I become a bit more biased. Snoke’s death is, arguably, the hardest part of this movie for me to swallow. I feel like Ben just thinking about it – inner conflict and turmoil. In the end, I decided I couldn’t exactly pass judgement on it until I see what it means for the final movie. The way they handled Luke… I can’t actually put it into words how much I enjoyed Luke’s character arc in this movie. The way they went against the grain, the way they established him as one of the central figures of the theme, it was unexpected, yet extremely refreshing, something that this film desperately needed. Then there’s the bond between Rey and Ben (I say Ben because that’s who it feels like Rey is connecting with, not Kylo) – oh. My. Goodness! That still has me gushing and hoping that they continue to evolve their relationship in Episode IX. It’s also one of the things that makes me scared for Episode IX. But by far, my favorite part of this movie is how much it made me feel. I felt for these characters, I felt for their circumstances, and in the end, I felt like I was “being torn apart”, the film invoked so much in me. Maybe it’s because I’m a wimp, maybe I’m just a sucker for delicious angst, maybe it’s just because I can relate to the characters, but after I saw the film (five days ago), I spent the whole time since thinking ‘No! They can’t leave it like that!’ But, of course, they could, they did, and in fact, they had to. Remember how I said I’m a sucker for delicious angst? My personal counter to that is it needs an equally satisfying end. I’ve never been so full of hope, yet so lacking in optimism. And the thing I hate the most is that I must wait two years to see if everything does, in fact, fall to crap. So, yeah, I love this film, but I’m unsure I’ll be able to handle seeing it again until the next one comes out.