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  1. Right now I'm getting plenty of help on the DeadlyStream Discord server. Lots of knowledgeable people answering questions and helping me out with scripts. It's the best help I could ask for.
  2. As much as I would love to have Yuthura as a companion, it's simply not in the scope of the mod at this point. A recruitment mod is quite different from a new planet and has quite a number of challenges that goes along with it, especially replacing another companion. I am solely focused on the already monumental task of adding a new planet.
  3. There are only vague concepts for a few quests based on David Gaider's early recollections of the planet. I do intend to stick to the basic premise of these quests, however I will make deviations as necessary where it makes sense. As far as cut modules, there really aren't any. There's some fairly complete geometry from the arena, which was not really in a state to be used. I modeled the current arena after it, but I made it open-air like a colosseum. For the rest of the areas, there are only screenshots of the street. I've done my best to remain faithful to those images in modeling the street. So it's all new content and models. Fortunately, the original textures from Sleheyron still exist within the game and I've used them extensively and added a few along the way.
  4. It's more like an undead project that just won't die, despite my repeated efforts.
  5. They weren't too bad to figure out, but I honestly did not think anyone would notice. I'm pleasantly surprised so many people have noticed! I hope to eventually be at the point to get voiced dialogs, but I'm not there yet. Content is still in its infancy and it changes a lot. I'll remember this for the future.
  6. I am still making significant progress on Sleheyron. I don't have anything to share publicly at this time. From here on out most of it will be very private and will go public once the mod is released. I would like there to still be some surprises on Sleheyron. I don't have a release date or an estimated release date.
  7. For KotOR 1, you can simply type "whereami" in the cheat console, and it will show the coordinates on screen.
  8. You guys may want to do a test of a larger map in KotOR before proceeding. If I remember correctly, I tried rendering higher resolution maps for some of the Sleheyron areas, but they turned out all wonky in the game, as if the game only uses a set pixel amount for each dimension. There may be additional settings in the GUI files that could be changed to work around this, but I don't know of them.
  9. I finally fixed the issue with TSL High Quality Blasters. Thanks to DP for calling me on my crap.

    1. DarthParametric


      I look forward to the fixes for the K1 version coming out in 2022.

    2. N-DReW25


      @Sithspecter What where the issues with HQ Blasters?

    3. DarthParametric


      I believe this particular issue was certain blasters lacking a bullethook, causing the blaster bolts to generate at the wielder's feet (i.e. their OdysseyBase).

  10. Either one of the load screens can be desaturated. I was planning on doing desaturated versions for the default mod, but I’m so in love with the colored versions that it makes it hard. I am not sure why people think the first one matches the style better. They are both just screenshots of the area like everywhere else in the game 🤷‍♂️ But maybe it does match better. The first screenshot is very similar to one angle from an original screenshot. The second is from a section of the street that I created from scratch with no real template to base it on. I’ll post up desaturated versions of both and maybe that will help decide. Here's both desaturated: I agree that the Option 1 looks much better than Option 2 when desaturated. I'm thinking the best course is, as others have suggested, Option 1 for default loadscreen, and Option 2 for Loadscreens With Color Add-on.
  11. Just to clarify, you can’t use two load screens for the same module. These are both options for the same module. It wouldn’t make sense to use one in another area that isn’t the street. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. If anyone else wants to chime in, I am still undecided.
  12. Thanks for this tidbit of info, I hadn't noticed it before, I am going to check it out and make sure it gets restored. Two options for loading screen, which should I go with?
  13. Getting back in the swing of things after being gone a week on vacation. The street module is all walkmeshed, blocks cameras, has aurora lights, and a minimap. All that's left is the path file, which are still proving a bit finnicky. Most of those are dynamic things that are difficult to see in a screenshot, so I'll try to do a video in the next few weeks to showcase some of the improvements. Also I will try to add in NPCs and such before then. Next I will be switching gears, working on the Arena Hall/entrance area and attempting to setup some gladiator fights.