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  1. I see… Regardless, I need help from DP, or SH, or DV, or anyone. I specifically need DV and DP. I don’t know if DP will be willing to do this, and DV hates Vorrny Vorrns such as me, unless it is one of his VVs. Also, DarthVhail has activated his AWOL siren, meaning I’m stuck here.
  2. Okay. Oh, and About the PMHC04 head thing, I am looking for the .mdl and .mdx files from VanerShan’s mod. It’s under moderation, and he and DarthVhail are AWOL, so this means I can’t find them. I need to look for them. Is there any mod where I can find them?
  3. Really? Oh is it? Maybe they could add the library at least. Dorak could bring me there, and show me all this. Also, I am doing this because I don’t want to nag Darth Varkor to the point where he will go all “Vorrn Vorrn Vorrn!”
  4. I have seen DV’s movies, and was very impressed by his work. I have always wanted mods to reminisce about DV’S movies, like Soldier’s Destiny, Heart Of Darkness, Echoes of the Past, etc. I am wondering if anybody can make some mods with more expansions, such as Darth Bandon on Snowy Dantooine, or anything. TGR101 - 😉
  5. No. I do not know anything about that. Oh well, this is not a Vorrny subject. Stop hijacking others. Make your own topics instead. Post them, and then others will speak to you.
  6. I really like this mod, Darth Varkor. I am wondering if you can make more cutscene mods with Kreia’s voice, or even a new Revan robe mod, that makes him look more Gray than Light Side or Dark Side.
  7. Looks very good. Also, can you make some realistic DS transitions, along with the TOR Revan vanilla-style portraits?