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  1. Did another complete reinstall and installed TSLRCM first and then the swoop Mod. It still doesnt show up inside the EH. But i found out that it does show up in the Swoopraces on Telos and Nar Shaddaa. Did them to try and see if the races would trigger the appearance of the Bike inside the ship but to no avail. No clue what to do anymore. I figured it out. Its finally done. The Swoop Bike appeared. It was my first Time using an TSLRCM Mod and that is why i completely forgot that you have to put Mods of this kind into TSLRCM´s own override folder and not into the default one. I did put the Swoop Mod in there and finally it started working Perfectly. Thanks for your help Thor. I really appreciate it.
  2. Well damn. You're right I downloaded TSLRCM and it immediately started working. The Room and the Twilek showed up as planned and as seen in the Pictures. But now the next problem arises. The Swoop doesn't shop up inside the EH after i bought it. -.-
  3. Nice. At least its not my Fault XD Thanks for checking that out. R u using the Steam version? Maybe one of the steam patches killed the functionality of bead-v´s Mod. I am using the Steam-version. The German Steam-version to be exact. But it didn't do a difference with the functionality of the Doors. Also whatever killed the Functionality of the Doors didn't kill the entire mod bcs I can give myself the Upgrade Items via KSE. Is there a possibility to no clip in the Game? So we could check if the Twilek is behind the Doors? I will check out your Galaxy Expanded Mod in the meantime
  4. So id did a complete fresh reinstall of the Game now. I tried with using the TSLPatcher.exe to install the mod first. Didnt work. Then i tried to manually drag the contents from the tslpatchdata folder into the override folder. Also didnt work. And of course this mod is the only one I installed so far. The Doors just stay non - interactable. I dont know what or if i did anything wrong or if that mod for some reason just doesnt work for me. Do you have any advice left?
  5. I attached two pics. Is he supposed to be behind one of those two doors? Bcs both Doors are not interactable in any way. And besides those doors there is nothing.
  6. So I started a fresh Save and played to the Point where i could go to NS. And guess what. Still no Twilek. I searched the entire Area around the Workshop with the blind Mechanic and inside the workshop. Nothing. Do I have to do anything before he appears or should he just be there as soon as i set foot into NS? Is there any way to make him appear?
    Very nice fix of all the Odditys in the EH. It even works with some Interior mods that did not touch the issues you did. Combined those to mods are flawless.
  7. Okey as I thought. Thank you for helping me out. Time for a new run trough the Game I guess ^^ Ill come back here if he doesnt show up again I actually dont really care about the Upgrade Item bcs i never really had any problem to beat any Swoop Time on any Track in the second Game. (looking at you final time on Manaan in kotor 1) I solely care about the fact that it would actually add a swoop Bike into the same place where it was in K1. I am an absolute sucker for details and the fact that there is no swoop and you are not normally able to buy or add one always bothered the crap out of me. Since way back when the game came out for xbox.
  8. Thank you for answering so quick. Unfortunately the Twilek is nowhere to be found still. I reinstalled the mod but he still wont show up. Does it have to be a Save where you only haven't visited NS, like it is stated in the Mod description, or does it have to be a fresh Game for him to show up? And yes I used the TSLpatcher.exe, I didn't do it manually.
  9. Sry for that necro but can anyone tell me where the Twilek is supposed to be on Nar Shadaa? For the life of me I cant find him.