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  1. superSzym


  2. superSzym

    [WIP][Beta] Expanded Galaxy Project [K1 & K2]

    These modules from K1 are good job! I am very interested in how the expansions will stick to the storyline. TSL's main plot was very deep and much darker than K1, which could make it a better RPG, but it doesn't because the game seems kind of rushed. Nar Shaddaa is the only longer planet, Dantooine and Onderon could be great but everything is rushed in there (albeit Dxun by itself is OK) and Korriban is just a giant red rock of solitude and depression (M4-78 expanded the story in that point quite well, without the droid planet Korriban feels so rushed that it makes the story overall quite lacking). Having this in mind, I very much look forward to any additions of new quests and planets which could compensate what I missed from K1 - longer planets filled with content. Good luck with your work!
  3. I came here to mention some things that always bothered me and which seem to be hardcoded. I really hope for a possibility to make extensive edits to the GUI, especially the party selection screen. For the Handmaiden and the Disciple to appear for both genders and not be PartySwapped. More appearance.2da columns for both games. If the engine will be the same for both games, it would be great to have saber forms etc. in K1. Also, the possibility of adding animations to saber forms. Is there a chance for them to be included in the new engine?
  4. superSzym


    News frm yesterday: Apeiron is no more. Lucasfilm forced closing the project. Won't give a link with the info because I read it in Polish. That's when our modders come in with the mods that aren't a total remake yet give it a new wonderful life.
  5. superSzym

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    You might make him a wounded Taung of some sort. It's sad we hardly ever see him unmasked.
  6. superSzym

    Misc TOR Ports

    That's definitely an improvement 😍
  7. superSzym

    Misc TOR Ports

    The holo still needs a bit of improvement on the face (too shiny) but it looks lovely in comparison to how it looked before. It is more consistent with TSL and even with the glow Dodonna's face seems less demonic than her original holo likeness.
  8. superSzym

    K1 Republic Armor?

    Alright, I have somehow ommitted that one. I have no idea how to do this then apart from making entries for every single head and using JC's mechanism for assigning a proper disguise.
  9. superSzym

    K1 Republic Armor?

    So the idea with duplicating character model would probably be the best, though really painful to implement. But isn't there a possibility to put that duplicate "you" that will be a reminder for the script what head you have completely outside the map? Or is it somehow prevented from happening in the game?
  10. superSzym

    [K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Remake 1.0.0

    If there were enough files to recreate the scene into a new BIK with retextures, why not make it in-game? It would resolve the problem with needing different videos for various retextures, make it easier to translate for various languages the game is provided in and remove the resolution change when moving from game to a BIK which almost always will be visible.
  11. superSzym

    Misc TOR Ports

    Well, the breathing mask looks like a good replacement to I_Mask_006 (or at least some usages of it, for example Peragus), and Arcann seems like a good base for replacement of mask 010, though the recess on top of it should probably be removed as it looks completely ridiculous.
  12. superSzym

    Misc TOR Ports

    Wow, Dodonna looks freakin' cool! Isn't she taller than previously? She always made me laugh in vanilla because she seemed so small and whatever it is, just new proportions or new height, is definitely an improvement. What I am not convinced of, though, is the utilization of the same uniform for naval admirals as well as for officers of a low rank. Although rank distinguishment by the panel on the breast and other little details is quite neat, generic officers also appear as army commanders on the field of combat. The biggest problem are still the Republic Troopers, though. They look like they're wearing pyjamas in KotOR and so looks the vintage Republic Trooper armor in SWTOR. In SWTOR, though, Republic Troopers already look like they're wearing clone trooper armors. IMHO, this would be the best look for them: But it can't really be done by porting. There was once a project to make them look in such way on Deadly Stream, but it has gone dead.
  13. superSzym

    Dark Hope's Bastila Shan [Screenies]

    Wow! Absolutely awesome!
  14. superSzym

    Misc TOR Ports

    Wow! The Republic Uniform is absolutely awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing a female version - can we expect a consistency mod for K1 with a new admiral for Forn Dodonna. Also, high quality Sith Troopers seem great, although I think TOR model is too bulky.
  15. superSzym

    MOD:JC's Dense Aliens for K1

    While the mod is a much-needed change, I would really love if the Gran wore their suit from K1, just in better quality.