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  1. Frankly, I second the opinion that the previous icon style looked better.
  2. Wow, this really gives Taris a new flavor. Looks tasty.
  3. I personally don't like the pink-silver color choice. It feels kind of unsuitable and I believe Onderon should look more like in SWTOR and TCW, with that distinct beige-blue-gold scheme.
  4. Wow, these buildings feel so Nar Shaddaa. Nonetheless, TSL still depicts it in a too clean way. Since making it as red as on SWTOR would be top invasive, is there at least a chance that background lights, banners and reddish fog will make it feel more like these?
  5. Well, @DunsCanard and @BlueDreamSage, have you used XnView? From my experience, it really helps with issues with animated textures.
  6. This mod has a permament place in my Override!
  7. Looks to me as if you are using the vanilla game robe model instead of the one from Movie Style Jedi Robes. Try copying all .mdl and .mdx files from Movie Style Jedi Robes to your Override in the game folder, making sure to overwrite the previous ones. Also, does Bao-Dur has his shiny arm visible when wearing Jedi robes? If he does, then I'm 90% sure he uses custom meshes for his body, making any movie style Jedi robe look weird.
  8. Well, I am kind of an amateur myself but if you need help with something, I will try to take a look at it and do my best. And I think DarthParametric explained somewhere how to edit different instances of files with the same names differently using TSLPatcher.
  9. I might be interested in such things since I might be having a try on updating and maybe expanding SLM.
  10. Ah, alright then. I had no idea (or maybe I once had, but I had already forgotten that mod by the time I was adding the comment) that the mod ever was on the site, so I thought it was, like HotOR, another project that was replaced by a newer one. Too much assumptions, I guess.
  11. Nah. Before the visual revolution on Deadly Stream, Kaidon Jorn stated in his status update that he allows everyone to use assets he produced as long as he is credited. EDIT: The status update is still available to be read on the site. @Sith Holocron, you even said "thanks" back then. It is also repeated on his mods' pages (at least the SWTOR sabers). What doubts me though is that he stated that his every work on Deadly Stream is to be used, but seeing as his mods on Deadly Stream are mostly just the most recent outcomes of projects he realized (besides HotOR maybe, which was reduced a lot while getting transformed to SLM), I think it is safe to assume that it applies to all of his work.
  12. I remember that K1 Enhancement Pack, while editing Bandon's appearance on Endar Spire, caused him to duplicate and crash the game, so that's probably what you should be cautious about.
  13. These modules from K1 are good job! I am very interested in how the expansions will stick to the storyline. TSL's main plot was very deep and much darker than K1, which could make it a better RPG, but it doesn't because the game seems kind of rushed. Nar Shaddaa is the only longer planet, Dantooine and Onderon could be great but everything is rushed in there (albeit Dxun by itself is OK) and Korriban is just a giant red rock of solitude and depression (M4-78 expanded the story in that point quite well, without the droid planet Korriban feels so rushed that it makes the story overall quite lacking). Having this in mind, I very much look forward to any additions of new quests and planets which could compensate what I missed from K1 - longer planets filled with content. Good luck with your work!