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  1. Ok, I re-installed, didn't work at first, but then I realized I had forgotten to put in the upscaled movie cutscenes and when I put in both it worked, so... Yay, I guess it worked.
  2. I see. I'm running the Aspyr Steam version on Windows 10, just for reference. But alright, I'll go ahead and try and do the full re-install. This was another potential solution somebody mentioned on the internet. Obviously, didn't work. Thanks for trying anyhow
  3. not sure where to post this; I am new to the forum. I recently decided to replay TSL using the build from this website, but with the addition of the player heads from the Movie-Style dark side transition, and minus Extended Enclave and a couple other mods I didn't end up wanting. I played fine, doing a DS run, up through Telos whilst having noticed that the male twi'leks were textured wrong. I saved the game and called it a night, but then the next time I wanted to play I decided to fix the issue, and realized that it was just that I had forgotten to drag the heads from the mod into the override folder, which did fix the issue. However, I had saved just before you open the door to board the shuttle to get to the surface of Telos. After reloading my save, I walked over to the shuttle, and the game crashed and also deleted my taskbar from existence, with this unhelpful error: Runtime Error! Program: (my K2 directory) This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. First I try moving my folder from a secondary SSD to my main one, but this doesn't make a difference. So, of course, I look up the error. The only thing I get is the instruction from somebody having the same error on the help board of a different thing to uninstall and then reinstall from Microsoft's website the Visual C++ Redistributables. I try uninstalling, it gives me the option to just 'repair' them instead so I try that. At first it seems like it's working because now it at least plays the first movie after that cutscene, but then the same crash happens, and the same crash happens right after the Carth cutscene each time afterwards. I try fully uninstalling and re-installing the redistributables like it said, but no dice; the exact same thing happens. And so, I now turn to you. Is there a solution, or more information I should share?