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  1. Thanks for the reply. You are totally right. I don't like NexusMods because of how it requires account and sometimes premium to not spend whole day downloading mods so having an option to go for the source is much more valuable for me so I'll stick with this forum when I get again that KOTOR fever.
  2. Hey y'all, I know the KOTOR games have sites on GameBanana and NexusMods. I prefer GameBanana because of other games (especially Sonic) but I know this forum for being a source of the actual mods most of times. So what are your thoughts about the other sites? Is it good to use them instead of this forum? Should I check for this forum everytime I check for mods to use in my new playthrough? I like them websites because they have some kind of "wall" with new updates to old mods or new mods released for each game but I feel a bit confused using this forum for achieving the same thing.
  3. I love the upscales! Keep going!

    Hope you will release them all in one modpack haha, would make the work a lot easier.

    1. Quanon


      Thanks! Would be a very large download though 🙂

  4. Just some lore-stuff content: unmasked Visas could be seen in comic Star Wars Tales #24, especially in 6-page black and white story “Unseen, Unheard”. Even though she is not called there Visas (her name is not included in any way there), all KOTOR players can recognize her, it is Miraluka that is near Nihilus. Here is the picture that I hope was the main inspiration for this mod:
  5. Yes, but now it isn't any big issue since Handmaiden didn't want to speak with the Exile anymore and the interactions between Handmaiden and Visas when I entered Ebon Hawk ended too haha.
  6. Oh yes, I have there some mod expanding the usage of party members. So this explains why is Handmaiden jealous about Visas with Female exile and why they sometimes use "he" instead of "she". Thanks 👍
  7. Hello! One thing was bugging me: all the time I ever played KOTOR 2, there was an error with dialogue with T3-M4. I can use the skill repairing to "upgrade" T3's memory core, I get ifluence success and then the typical error message in left upper corner: Conversation Error: CONVERSATION ERROR: Last Conversation Node Contains Either an END NODE or CONTINUE NODE. Please contact a Designer! I was searching all over internet and the people had this issue everywhere but not in T3-M4 dialogue. Any help? I use TSLRCM, fanmade translate, bunch of bug fixes and some graphic mods that shouldn't influence the issue.
  8. !!! THIS MESSAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS !!! Hello, just been playing for a bit and the game sometimes uses "He" when the party members speak about Exile even though the character is a women, even in the saves there is coded the gender is female (I checked it in KSE). I don't care about the pronouns as such, but I hate when in some dialogue Handmaiden or Visas are falling in love with Exile and sometimes they just being "hetero" against her. Another problem with genders: How can I make the game after some big part of playthrough to think that Revan was a man? I think I told Atton that Revan was male and still when I talk with Kreia about her students, she is speaking about Revan with pronoun "she" same with T3-M4 when he is showing the hologram, I hate seeing Carth there instead of Bastila. Any help? EDIT: I have found an information in KSE in Numerics: 101PER_Revan_Sex: 1 So I suppose 0 is male? Could be. I'm gonna try it and then will add an entry here. Yes, it worked, but still didn't find a fix of the first issue.
  9. I know it's most probably not the issue you have, but I fixed it by removing the script making me be able to skip starfighters minigame.
  10. Thanks. Don't forget to mention me there then!
  11. Hello, it's me again. Same as I asked in my last thread, but now for KOTOR 1: Any good mods that features graphics improvements, restoring cut content and some other features, that anyone can find interesting?
  12. Hello community! I just wanna ask if someone compiled some good mods that work together really well. I'm looking for some kind of HQ graphics and TSLRCM stuff. If someone got something like that: can you make one archive in .zip or something like that to save the time with finding links for each mod separately?
  13. Hello! Basically, I am going through my second full playghtrough KOTOR 2 (GOG 2.1. version) with TSLRCM (1.8.6), everything looks fine, no problems with it and then this happened when I tried to win a swoop race on Telos... It happened to me like 10 times when I was testing if it isn't just by this startup, controls and camera started to glitch from side to side (via video in attachements, it is kinda "soft" version of what really happened, sometimes you cannot see almost nothing). Is there some way to fix it? I am running game on Windows XP SP 3 compatiblity mode (this fixed my problem with floating swoop). (bug happens around fifth second of the video) swkotor2bug.mp4