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  1. Playing Divinity Original Sin 2 right now, and it is an amazing game. And who do I see among the writers when checking the credits? Chris Avellone :D

    1. DarthTyren


      That's MASTER Chris Avellone to you, sir!

    2. jc2


      Take a seat Chris Avellone!

  2. Late to the party, but I also think that the first load screen looks more fitting for an otherwise vanilla game.
  3. The screenshots are absolutely beautiful already. 😍 Might not use it anytime soon since I probably won't play KotOR in a while, but I'm downloading this just to save it.
  4. I don't really feel comfortable with it at this point. Quite some thought went into this (nobody else bothered to fix it in more than a decade) and I don't really want it to be reduced to a random entry on some list. 😕
  5. I don't care if it takes you one week or three years, because I'll still be coming back to KotOR by that time anyway. Take all the time you need!
  6. This particular version, no. But I could make one for TSL if you want. (Even though I think that that game is balanced around the idea of repeaters only having 1 attack per round when you look at their damage values.)
  7. I'd actually argue that KotOR 1's gameplay is better than TSL's. The combat is far more interesting and balanced, the items are more individually interesting, the levelling between non-Jedi and Jedi is more interesting, the level cap adds its own effect to it (an effect I personally approve, because it raises replayability for me and allows for more easy balance than "player could be anywhere between level 25 and 35 in the end game"). For example, in TSL you fight no more than a dozen force users, so many force powers are nearly useless. In K1, you fight quite a large amount, each of them using force powers liberally.
  8. Basically, what the title says. Apparently I can write replies to posts in pretty much any other sub-forum, except in that one. Is this intended..?
  9. Finally I can use my favourite head from K1 in TSL! Will definitely use it the next time I play it.
  10. That's a very nice change with the Rodians! I seem to remember a mod that made Jagi appear like a mandalorian, except in black armour. Don't remember which one it was, but it was pretty cool.
  11. Does anyone know if new on hit effects for items can be added? I'd like to add the knockdown effect to an item (which is possible in TSL, but not K1), and while I find a 2da with the onhit effects, I can't seen to find any actual references. Can't find any in scripts either, so I'm fearing it might be hardcoded. 😕
  12. Not only that, it also affects enemies, so those with repeaters will pack quite an additional punch! It sounds weird but I was pretty glad to see all those additional red numbers over my party when running circles around heavy sith troopers for testing.
  13. Only just came across the thread and only watched the "Sith Reign" mod video so far, but I like your commenting and editing style! Just had to skip some walking sometimes.
  14. I feel like I have to bring this old topic of mine closure (since it was recently linked in other threads) by stating that I finally fixed the issue with repeating blasters not getting their attacks. (The heavy repeater special effects from rapid shot cannot be reproduced since there is no way to check when a combat feat is used, you can only know it after it was used. Additionally, it fould feel very weird compared to all other weapons sharing the same feat effects.) Now only the blaster carbine pricing remains a mystery...