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  1. Can you make some white robes, with the kind of accent similar to Atris's robe?
  2. Late reply: Next time if you notice the version number of a software is below 1.0, that means it is likely a WIP/beta version
  3. After nearly a year, I believe you properly have figured out yourself, "Dialog" and "Dialogue" are essentially sharing the same meaning. The only difference is one of them are more common in America while the other one is more common in Britain....
  4. Hidden force point can be view as a drawback of being a grey jedi. I can just display a message pop up, something like "You have low force point", "You are exhausted" instead. Besides, I can just make the give them more powerful bonus to compensate it What about if I implement a workaround in such way: 1. Give players the Prestige Class bonus without adding a new class (e.g. giving guardians Superior Weapon Focus: Lightsaber and Superior Two-Weapon Fighting directly) 2. Modify the existing class name (This may not be possible)
  5. Actually, I was hoping to make a new set of Prestige Classes based on a 14 year old post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/28474-gray-jedi-prestige-classes-and-the-pc-version/ So yes, it doesn't really matter of reusing the existing class table(s) since they should feel like their light and dark side counterparts anyway. So if I understand correctly, the limitation of creating new Prestige Classes: Force points will be hidden, while the game mechanics still work (the game still calculate force point correctly, you can still learn and use force power)
  6. So in short, the idea of adding new prestige classes is not gonna work....
  7. I notice the story in TSL encourage players to think more about the believe of a grey jedi, while the game mechanics expect players to be either light or the dark side to gain most of the advantages in game. Therefore, I'm thinking of introduce a new set of prestige classes for grey jedis. So my question is: 1. Since this kind of mods are rarely seen, I would like to know is it possible to introduce new classes in Kotor TSL by modding? 2. Is there a proper documentation for Kotor modding? When I'm looking for documentation, this is the closest thing I have found so far https://nwnlexicon.com/index.php?title=Main_Page.
  8. So, are you interested in creating a mod for fixing this issue?
  9. Since I cannot find a good one, so I decided to extend a 10 year old mod for my own use. So far, the result is quite well.
  10. I don't think wookiee is using the super model, since they are much taller
  11. So I try to compile a very simple script. While every time I try to do that, this dialog displayed And that's it!!! No .ncs file, no error message what so ever. Unless KOTOR tool decide to save the .ncs files in somewhere else Edit: NVM, turns out library script (include script) don't have to be compiled separately.
  12. I'm wondering if any modder would like to recreate it as a force power such that it can be used by main character and companions. I understand how it works which basically spawn a couple of invisible NPC (using Lightsaber_Floating appearance) equipped with a lightsaber, the problem is I don't know how to spawn NPC with mod... I notice there is one mod exist somewhere in the Internet which is for Kotor 1, while I'm not sure does it compatible with TSL, as it also come with other force powers which some of them are actually taken from TSL.
  13. For some reason, even if my light side character has 100 influence to my companions, their force alignment (i.e. light side/dark side) always stops at 99 and never go up to 100 (including light side members like Bao-Dur and Handmaiden). While I'm able to make a dark side companion (Hanharr) to have 0 alignment with 0 influence with them. I really want to get them to max alignment because that allow them to get the mastery bonus. I'm wondering if any modder would like to make a mod for this, or at least tell me which file to override. (I've rich background in IT so feel to use all those technical terms)
  14. Currently in both Kotor 1 and 2, when a wookiee is dual wielding melee weapons, the weapon on his left hand is misplaced. (Please ignore the fact that in my screenshot, I change the appearance of my main character into a wookiee. This actually apply for Hanharr as well) I would like to know is there any modder would like to release a mod for fixing this issue. (I know there is a model fix mod released by @JCarter426, but he/she only fix the issue with generic human model)