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  1. Awesome lol using hk in ranged stance so he'll kick people to death when they engage him in melee will be hilarious
  2. Want to add unarmed specialist to hk-47 to be granted it like handmaiden and bao dur. I've dug through a couple files in Kotor Tool but nothing is standing out that would affect this. Is it possible???
  3. This is all I get when I try to open a file or open kotor tool itself. In dire need of help. EDIT: Idk why but simply setting it to run as administrator made it work again even though i never had an issue for days until the power outage. I don't know how to delete posts This is solved. Sorry everybody.
  4. Sorry just wanted to point out I think restored content mod or something added benoksblaster.uti to my override. Idk but when I look for benoksblaster.uti in kotor tool I absolutely cannot find it so I'm thinking it was made available to edit from some other mod perhaps?? I only say this because you can find vanilla versions of files by opening them from the kotor tool list obviously and I can't find benoks blaster in there. Just wanted to let you know incase you don't have it in your override already and go mad browsing your kotor tool lol
  5. Reshki


    Hi trying to edit cost of an item and have a question. What's the difference between AddCost and Cost? Which one is the player selling price and which is the player buying price? But the bigger issue the cost value keeps reverting to default value after save. Why is that??
  6. Hi which value is the amount of money the player gets for selling the item. I'm trying to redo prices of all blasters but I want to be able to make them sell for less if the player sells it. So that the player can't get 1 to 1 returns on weapons. EDIT: Nevermind figured out what was wrong. You must click off of the value before saving.
  7. Just noticed that some weapons when I change their cost and save the uti it reverts back to vanilla price. Are you unable to change an items cost? That would kinda torpedo this idea EDIT2: Nevermind figured out how to make prices stick.
  8. So I've always hated the "useless" weapons like Blaster Carbines and non upgradeable weapons that cost a fortune. They make no sense! You should never ever use a Blaster Carbine over a Blaster Rifle so why is it in the game? Non upgradeable weapons are quickly outshined by a simple Blaster Rifle with decent upgrades. I'm gonna try to shake things up for damage and economy for ranged weapons. What this attempts to do is: - make ALL Upgradeable Ranged Weapons cost go up substantially (since they become beasts with upgrades) while keeping their stats mostly unchanged. - make ALL Non upgradeable cost be lower than upgradeable weapons but damage be a good bit higher in base form. This is an attempt to make the player somewhat rely on the buffed and (mostly) cheaper Non upgradeable weapons early on and make the Fully Upgradeable weapons a more expensive purchase since in the long run they will be much better than the non upgradeables even though they've been buffed. Note: Tier 1 weapons that used to cost like 35, 50, 100 etc are not cheaper lol they are made more expensive while INSANLEY high priced weapons are discounted for the most part let me know what you all think, suggest any changes or ideas to prices, damage and what not you think would work better. I'm deff down for economy suggestions.
  9. Oh Sorry about that lol yeah I'm doing damage numbers only for now then reincorporating your mod as well then tweak from there. Did you see the thing I mentioned about Benok's Blaster? It's benoksblaster.uti
  10. Reshki

    Blasters Reloaded

    No problem! Will keep an eye out. That being said I noticed Benoks blaster is named differently than the other weapons in the game. I thought I was trippin like how did I miss it, WELL because it's called benoksblaster.uti for some crazy reason. I noticed neither you or I made any changes to it. Prolly because it's file name is dumb lol I been busy remaking my own blaster balancing, focusing on making all NON upgradeable weapons more powerful and cheaper while raising the cost of FULLY upgradeable weapons but not raising their damage since upgrade investment will make them way more powerful than non upgradeable weapons. This makes (hopefully) previously worthless weapons useful or even needed. It never made sense EVER to use a Blaster Carbine, same damage as Blaster Rifle, less range, no upgrades, just sucks.
  11. Reshki

    Blasters Reloaded

    Some good news for you. It seems with a little more testing that Targeting is the only feat that needs every level added to work. Just spawned a Repeating Blaster Carbine and Improved Rapid Shot, Improved Power Blast, and Precise Shot IV all worked and showed in the characters feat list. The weapon also provides Targeting II BUT it doesn't work. SO a little less work for you because it seems Targeting is the only one that needs all previous levels of that feat. 😁
  12. Reshki

    Blasters Reloaded

    No problem yeah unfortunately that means more work but yeah better to know before release. You have inspired me to mess with the game again in depth lol I'm gonna redo my previous ranged balance tweaks, make them better and incorporate your mod into it into it. I'm having a blast.
  13. Reshki

    Blasters Reloaded

    OK ok ok okokok check this out, figured it out. SO scout is the only class that gets granted the feat Targeting. But it'll work totally fine and show up in the feat list on any class if granted by Bonus Feat. The issue here is the Field Survival Blaster has Precise Shot I, which shows up and works. But it only has Targeting II meaning it will not work the pistol must grant Targeting I and Targeting II. So you'll have to edit any weapon that you gave a feat thats higher than the first tier of that feat. Will always have to add the previous feat tiers. EDIT: Currently going through weapons and making changes I'd send them to you but unfortunately mine were already modded damage wise which will mess up your current intentions for the mod. You will need to update your weapons to be like the right side of that gif, the feats won't work without the previous levels of the feat.
  14. Wonder why it isn't working on my end. Super weird. OH OK figured it out, so stupid i forgot the item was set to Targeting II. And without Targeting I it will not work. woops
  15. And you say this is being added from an item?? Like an item that when equipped has Bonus Feat: Targeting???