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  1. Well, I can use TSL patcher to uninstall and reinstall the mod anyway,just need to use to see of Sith stalker mod would work. As for the Light npcs... Could have any of the models be in different format, preventing any of the lite npcs from being changed? I think that may be a possible reason. (I mean, it does even alter some of the heads on non lite npcs a bit and has the results showing even after Diverse Galaxy mod being installed.) and it is kinda worth using due to the mod affecting not only human or alien npcs, but also droids, animals and aliens (which are also getting affected)
  2. I used unofficial k1cp and lite of my life patch, also installed them in the order you mentioned - Dark Jedi wear JC robes, Sith ambush and Sith stalker last, in fact, Sith stalker was my last mod to download even.
  3. I see, I just installed this mod after the combination of other two: and And even though they don't seem to have a conflict, while I do see the assasins from K2, but I stead of a Sith stalker in a middle I have a regular Dark Jedi in middle in Black Jc's robes Also many Tatooine settlers out side of Space port for me are default lite npc males with White clothes and green shoes
  4. Is this mod compatible with:
  5. Well, I decided to reinstall the full thing and the weird sound issue on Marl seems to be gone,so...I guess it might've been an issue with older mod version... I guess?
  6. Well, I installed the mod a few days ago and during that time the soundset had a feminine voice, hell, it's kinda similar to one Handmaiden from TSL has, which is weird... Cause I can 100% tell that the voice was feminine.
  7. Would this mod be compatible with and
  8. Well, the comment section in the Ksr 2022 states that mod modifies the files about the quest, which resulted in glitches of the Bolook's quest and Griff search on Dantooine, which is why, untill creator would fix it, you need a copy of K1CP dan14aa.mod and tat_m17aa.mod from module section and then put it back once you have loaded the mods related to those planets. Since that was stated in Ksr 2022 mod section comments. And the glitch in Bolook's quest was simply a glitch made by the saber mod pack that we talked about, not the NPC Diversity, for some reason KSR 2022 makes glitches in Bolook's quest and search for Griff on Tatooine (Czerka Officer convo), and since we have no better alternative for a good saber hilt mods - we gotta make hand made fixes with that lightsaber mod untill the author would make a fix or someone makes a better lightsaber pack.
  9. Okey... Apparently the only glitch with bolook quest was not from this mod incompatibility with something, but due to Messing with Bolook's quest and Griff's 1st search on Tatooine and to fix it I simply need to replace the files dan14aa.mod and tat_m17aa.mod which are in K1CP already... May I ask in what folder they should be in that case?
  10. During installment I had a weird glitch with Bastilla's lightsaber being invisivlble till reload. Also what dialogue files would the mod affect? Cause I had an issue with Bolook's quest being stuck on 1st round
  11. It's not changing appearance, so... Doubt it would be an issue, though, for my case the mod combination does result in weird stuff like Bolook Quest being stuck all the time...
  12. Well, I used 1.2.2 download (since it's the only one on the load option), however, Jedi Master Twi'lek remain in default robe, though, override kinda did it for me. Since patcher always fails to notice Jedi Master Oh wait... I am an idiot...
  13. Greetings. Russian Kotor fan here who would like some help with mod installment since I have been running into a few issues recently : 1) small sized map when using widescreen fix and UI fix for white screen. 2) Bolook's "Murdered Setler" quest on Dantooine gets stuck on the first round no matter what I would do and how many reloads I would make beforehand. My mod combination is starting with kotor editable executable. For UI For videos Along with a few Dark Hope mods on HD textures for chars, Logical Datapads mod, Marius Fett Sith armors and aditional armor packs, effects, heads and other stuff installed after it, plus a weapon pack combo I found working quite well together. And also K1 Legends combo of mods As of now, I figures that first I should keep the armor related mods being downloaded last in this case (since for some reason installing armors first would result in some npcs dissapearing) and using any droid skins after K1 Legends Januce Nall mod as well, in order to avoid her dissapearing. Everything else works fine, but the map and Bolook quest are the only issue not progressing further. Could anyone help with that? My current weapon pack is: /1209 Along with
  14. Same issue, installed the Jedi captives on dantooine, yet Twi'lek Jedi Master wears default robes still, even though I have installed everything properly...
  15. Decided to test out with NPC and PC high resolution pack version 2 mod : And the result is actually quite good even with that mod installed above the Diverse Galaxy mod (since it edits the Lite NPC not touched by the mod and even some animals and droids) plus with a certain weapon combo and armors/robes, resulting in quite an interesting experience.