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  1. I think it's the Black vulkars in the appartments on lower Taris
  2. Also there's a weird glitches which cause npcs with smuggler deluxe and Onderonian Fashion mod installed to be unable to spawn unless you reinstall them... And also the infected don't spawn on Taris... I have no idea how exactly that goes, considering that I follow the exact instructions on the mod installment
  3. Well, from what I saw, the mods had a conflict that prevented Selven from spawning, not sure how or why... Though, reinstalling mod helped with an issue.
  4. I have installed all the other stuff related to npc after the diverse Galaxy mod, it went first right after the Community Patch and Patch Tweak, though, may be an issue due to weapon /armor mod related stuff, since I downloaded some armor reskins before that.
  5. The mod might have an issue with , since the mod affects the npc from weapons to voicelines and loot. Also had an issue with usage of Mostly due to dialogue being stuck on first round and for some reason the lite npcs on lower Taris in cantina are not seemed to be affected by the mod.
  6. Well, in that case... Would the Dark Jedi wear JC's robes work with that? Wanted to implement those robes as well.
  7. Well...what options in modding then would be best? Since I kinda want to try restored content and the diverse galaxy mod?
  8. Well, I started with Community patches and community patch fixes. Then tried Restored content mod, NPC overhaul to edit creatures like Rancors , Tukata and other animals.Mixed with a female soldiers of the Republic and Sith Ladies, then started loading the mod. After that I tried Diverse Twi'lek mod, along with manaan mercs overhaul mod, Mandalorian Jagi and HD duros mod,K1 Trandoshans and Rodians... My guess is that probably mods with touch of imperial uniforms and twi'lek's started to mess with suddenly despawning Twi'lek trader on Taris or Kandon Ark
  9. The mod idea is great, though, trying to mix stuff with female soldiers of empire and republic, along with Tor Comic and @Dark Hope HD mods cause an issue, as also diverse Twi'lek heads (male /female) and K1 rescaled Trandoshans, plus High Quality Rodians and Heiorange Sith uniform mod will result in conflict.
  10. Well, I heard that this bug is working on steam version... So... Maybe we should grab a pirate version or a CD/GOG version of swkotor2.ini and place it in steam to see if it works?
  11. I finished the puzzle, but unable to find the reward for it. What exactly I got?
  12. Recently started modding KOTOR for myself and while trying to look for retextures for armor sets (heavy and medium, also Darth Bandon's armor) and found your projects, which look absolutely fantastic! Definetly will wait to see for more being done in the future and try them out :b.