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  1. xtprojects

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Nice work Beadv! I just tried to load the capeless revan model and it still crashes. Were you able to take a look at it yet? Sorry to keep pestering you, just hoping this gets fixed so i can test out more stuff on the xbox side. :)
  2. xtprojects

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Nice! I can do a lot more testing with model conversions for xbox when you get that sorted. Can't wait! And thanks for all that you do beadv!
  3. xtprojects

    MDLedit bug reporting thread

    Nice bead! Your work is always tops notch as appreciated! Does this fix that issue where certain models wont load like that revan mod link i sent you where it would crash when trying to load it? Thanks so much man! Everything you do is always much appreciated duder! EDIT** Just tested this new version of mdledit to see if it would work and it wont open at all. It just says "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem" I am on xp, is this why?
  4. BINGO!! That did it! When i was extracting the mdl/mdx files with kotor tool i was not double clicking it, i was simply clicking the box that says extract model so it was only extracting what i was clicking and not the tga file associated with it. Everything works great and this long standing issue with heads missing on xbox is now resolved! Thank you so much Jcarter! I wonder if this is the reason why the taris swoop track can not be visited with k1r. That's the last thing to fix and k1r will be 100 percent compatible with xbox kotor!!! Usually when you visit the new module everything is just black and you can see people standing around and you are standing in place.
  5. Thanks for the response Jcarter! I am somewhat confused here though. I did not know that the kotor tool can convert models to xbox readable format like beadv's mdl tool can. I can't simply use anything extracted from pc mdl/mdx wise since it will crash the xbox. Anything mdl/mdx has to be converted to xbox readable format. Also the xbox will not use the tpc files, only the tga i believe. I hope i am being clear with my problem lol. It really is not k1r being the issue here. It's the issue that the original kotor pc version has a few head models that the xbox doesn't have. K1r just uses some of those heads in this restoration, but those heads are/never were in the xbox. Originally the heads were missing on my first testing attempts because even though the xbox is reading off the k1r heads and appearance.2da files in override, those models were not to be found in the xbox files so they were headless. Mostly everything is ok until i come across those heads listed above that there are no models for. I only simply extracted the corresponding mdl/mdx files from the texture packs with kotor tool in hopes that i can convert them with bead's tool, but now they appear to be flickery and have graphical distortion. I just was not sure if there was supposed to be a corresponding texture file for this face. Hopefully i am making more sense. Thanks for the reponse and ill check out to make sure that clean directory thing is on. Its just weird because for a split second, it seems like the head is ok, but it flickers and changes colors from red to others. LOL.
  6. A few head files from models.bif. The xbox never had these heads so I pulled them from the pc version and used beadvs tool to convert the mdl files. They must have been something added to the pc version only. I wasnt sure if those head files had an accompying texture file. The mdl files in question are: comm_a_f2, comm_a_m2, comm_b_f2, comm_b_m2, comm_w_f2, comm_w_m2, old_a_f2, old_a_m2, old_b_f2, old_b_m2, old_w_f2,old_w_m2. Those are the mdl files for heads the xbox never had for heads, but pc does. I assume there must be an accompanying texture for those right? That has to explain the flickering and distortion on the heads. When i look in the pc erf texture packs with kotor tool, those file names are not there however. Its hard to tell if the problem is the mdl converter or if it is missing textures. They somewhat have a face but its distorted and flickery. Where can i find the references for the tpc files for those heads?
  7. Sorry if this sounds noobish, but where can I find the textures? Are they in bifs like the mdl and mdx files?
  8. I gave you your 1000th rep DarthParametric! Thanks for the reply! I just ran a test and figured out the issue, however there is a new issue. The reason why the heads were not showing was because those models that were missing heads had no mdl/mdx files. Apparently the pc version has a few extra heads that are not in the xbox version, so when the xbox would the use the k1r appearance and heads.2da files to look up the heads, there was no head model to load. I used beadv's awesome tool to convert those files to xbox.Now the models are in override, and the xbox can see them. SO...... Now the issue is, the heads show, BUT there is graphical distortion and they flicker. Are there any more files that need to be added or do they need to be put in the models bif folder? I thought putting them in override should work?? Or is it an issue with the mdl converter? I converted some stuff before with it and it was fine.
  9. Hi all, I have been working on getting the kotor 1 restoration project over to xbox and for the most part, everything is going mostly OK! Before i go any further, this is not a question about any help specifically with the K1r project but a request for information about 2da editing and where in the files the game looks for the information. The current dilemma is this. If i replace the appearance and heads.2da files from K1R into the override folder, the xbox will for the most part accept and read the 2da files and everything will work correctly. HOWEVER, if it adds a new line in appearance or heads, like those files do, then the xbox simply ignores any newly added entries and for anything that's added that adds or edits characters thats not in the default xbos 2da files, then the character will show the body, but not the head. I compared the 2da files for appearance and heads from xbox to the original pc version first to see if anything was different. There are some newly added entries to the appearance 2da file that is not present in the xbox, so it seems in the pc version they added a few extra versions of existing npcs. Obviously the 2da files are for pc, so how can i get the xbox to read these entries correctly? Hopefully i am making sense, and again this is not a question about K1R, but moreso about getting the game to read the newly added information in those 2da files. First i simply placed the k1r files in the override folder, and heads were missing. Then i tried using 2da merge to merge the info into the xbox 2da files, still no luck. I then tried replacing the appearance and heads.2da in the global.rim files for xbox, still didnt work, and causes the game to bug out with sounds so i had to move it back. Is there something i am missing here? There has to be a subtle diff somewhere, but the bodies show up, its just the heads. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and provide input!
  10. xtprojects

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    Really, at this point, Most of this restoration works pretty well on xbox. The one main re-occurring issue is heads on characters going missing every time I add one of the k1r restored content module files. It's not every character either, It is usually just one or 2 and it always needs a different fix. For the upper city cantina, I was able to move some files over to the xbox rim files for that module. For dantooine I used a diff git file. Is there a tool I can use to compare the git files, or is it even the git files causing it? For the dantooine courtyard, now it is gar who is missing his head, and the 2 newly added republic soldiers have a body, but no head but everyone else is fine. I even merged the appearance.2da and heads.2da files with the xbox 2da heads and appearance files, so I don't think it's those files either. If I could figure out how to fix this issue or get a pointer on how maybe I could troubleshoot this, then I think most of the issues will be ironed out. Thanks to any and all who take the time to read this and give their input with this. It's slowly coming together and looking good!
  11. xtprojects

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    Nice! Thanks for the confirmation on that one Goat! I thought it was something wrong on the xbox end, that's another to scratch off the list! So far so good on everything, I'm up to testing dantooine now, and had to remove an added jedi because he had a missing head. With my modified appearance and heads.2da files, that's the only instance (this far) of this happening. It's just one npc, but still annoying. If I remove the 2 2da files, the jedi disappears. (So is it a 2da conflict or module conflict?) I also had to use the git file for danm13 from xbox, as the one included in the mod file makes the map not tell you points of interest when you move around the points.The k1r one was 53kb, while the xbox one was 50, but I see no no issues, everything is working as it should) But everything else, seems to work ok. I need to get back to Taris and make sure the black vulkar restoration works ok too. Damn, I forgot about that one. ) One weird thing about dantooine is the fix that fixed the missing heads in the taris cantina didn't work for dantooine. I simply moved the git, module ifo and area file over to danm.rim, and everything else in damn.mod I left in and renamed the file to danm_s.rim. The xbox is set up that way, it uses those 2 files in the modules folder. Perhaps it does not like something in the git file. That method fix the missing heads in the canina. It was always Ice, niklos, and some random noble youth npc that head their heads missing. For the 2da files, I used 2da merge to the changes made and merged them in the xbox 2da files. Which, I may add, are in a much diff place than on pc. They are not located in the bif files like I thought. I would love to be able to sort the issue now with the swoop track. I would love to be able to visit it and include the mod. Why would it show the characters and not the track itself? I can even see the doors! But I can't move, im stuck in place.
  12. xtprojects

    Using K1R on xbox questions

    Hey 134340 goat! Thanks for your responses! The reason why i think something is messed up is because i saw this: and assumed that a cutscene was supposed to play, Is this from a different mod? I thought something was wrong with a camera. If is supposed to be black, please forgive me. lol. Can someone with the pc mod confirm? 2.) The cantina issue was a weird one! The xbox can be finicky and picky about how things load on kotor 1. I had to take a few files from the taris cantina .mod file and add them to the appropriate rim file for xbox, and now everything works great! Before, i had to load it with the appearance.2da file and heads as it would not load without it. 3.) This one is a weird one. I'm taking the smart approach and adding things one at a time. I used the tsl patcher and everything went through ok. I also CAN now use mdl/mdx files thanks to beadv! So with some very minimal tweaking, everything from this mod should function as it does on pc. Once it's all done, ill zip up all the files and send them to the mod makers of this so they can decide if they want to put it out for xbox. I won't release anything without their permission, or blessing. PS: Also, regarding the swoop track, yea it is the one you can visit and not the one you race on. I'm going to attempt to try it again to get it to work, but it makes no sense it loads that way. Thanks for the response and hope to hear back soon!
  13. Hi all, yep its xtprojects here again, doing the every so often kotor modding project. Over the years I have had a lot of issues with using these mods on xbox, but through some diligence and persistence, I have MOST of all of this working GREAT on the xbox! I have a few issues I would like to inquire about, and I figure most people who know this a little bit better than I would prob know these answers. First, I would like to thank all the mod makers for this great piece of work! Even though kotor was always pretty much finished, it's always fun to go back through these games and get to see them in ALL their glory. Also a HUGE thanks to beadv as his tool MDLedit now converts working mdl/mdx files over to xbox and they work PERFECTLY! So, no more model issues and crashing! So without dragging this too far, here are the couple small issues I am running into. I figure it won't be too much (hopefully) to figure out what is going on here. 1.) The carth cutscene on taris where he comments about giving the pc kolto packs. The screen goes black and you can hear him, but not see him. Can't for the life of me figure out what the heck is going on. 2.) When I try to load the upper city cantina, some npcs are missing their heads. Ice, niklos, etc. Also the module wont load without appearance.2da. EDIT SOLVED!!!!!!! 3.) The xbox seems to have some weird hangup with loading a new module. When I try to visit the swoop track, the module loads, but everything is black, but I can see npcs, and cannot move. For now, these are the main ones I'm finding. There are some other small issues, but I am working on these 2 right now. With beadv's tool, I have been able to get almost anything to work on xbox now with minimal effort and they work GREAT! Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this or help. Once these little conflicts can get ironed out, I can release a mod pack to the mod makers to put out there for the xbox users if they wish. I'd like to get this going for ALL to enjoy, and for the most part everything else works AWESOME, even the models!
  14. Darth Revan is now following the legendary VarsityPuppet. :P

  15. Beadv, I must say, mdledit is an awesome piece of work! Thanks to this little gem, I have restarted on my mission to carry mods and restoration mods over to the xbox for all to enjoy and use! I successfully converted my first trial last night and It works wonders! I did have one weird issue with mdl/mdx files (not xbox related), though I pm'd you about it. But to stay on the topic at hand, at the moment I have a lot of things working on the xbox version of kotor, (restored content, diff level textures and other various mods, and thanks to bead, converted mdl/mdx files!) If I can be of help, I will most certainly do so or try. There will always most certainly be limitations on the xbox, but I am really pushing the limits and you'd be surprised what you can get it to do! Once I am through kotor, I will be going to TSL again next. It's very gratifying seeing all the things in action on the ole xbox. Rest assured, there are those of us who most certainly DO care!