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  1. BK2-Modder

    MOD:Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance

    This is now a permanent addition to my Override folder. Fantastic work!
  2. BK2-Modder

    [WIP] HK-48

    Looks fantastic so far! Really looking forward to making it a permanent addition to my K2 install.
  3. BK2-Modder

    Sand People Messiah - VO Offer

    If you were to help bring such a quest to life, I would be forever grateful to you and whoever worked alongside you.
  4. BK2-Modder

    Save Hakra WIP

    I second there being a path in which he remains in the locker even upon reaching the surface.
  5. BK2-Modder

    Mandalorian Lehon Expansion

    Holy cow that sounds amazing! And props to you for the good work ethic before announcing it Can't wait to see more progress.
  6. BK2-Modder

    KotOR I: BoS Incorrect Items Spawn

    K1R BoS: SR Recruitable Maxis Get the Other Krayt Dragon Pearl High Quality Skyboxes Ord Mandell Featgain Mod Yavin IV Heart of the Guardian Cyan Regeneration in K1 Enhanced Shadowlands Restoration Gamorrean Stronghold Restoration Juhani Human Appearance Canon Galaxy Map Mod Ancorhead Music Fix Removed Armor Force Power Restriction
  7. I finished an entire playthrough with BoS: Solomon's Revenge, K1R, and some other mods installed. I'm going to be doing a few more playthroughs, but it's bugging me that with BoS installed, even in it's own story, certain things don't spawn correctly, like force cages spawning as swoop bikes. I know it's BoS because I can play without these glitches if I do a fresh install without including BoS at any point. Is there any way to go into the files and fix this?
  8. BK2-Modder

    Idea for a "small" mod for KOTOR1

    Nice looking hut. Would download if it was a released mod.
  9. BK2-Modder

    Aayla Secura Mod?

    Where'd that picture come from?
  10. BK2-Modder

    Anyone Have a Backup of Lucasforums?

    There were a lot of good wip threads and resources and such still on lucasforums, and with it dead and inaccessible, I was wondering if anyone had downloaded a backup of the site or something.
  11. If done the same way as the Anchorhead/Ebon Hawk mod, I would suggest this track from SWTOR, even if it is just the Space Station, but I think this would only fit if edited a little to loop better.
  12. BK2-Modder

    Download:Recruitable Maxis

    I finished the quest on Tatooine, but when I go to Suvam Tan on Yavin, there is no option for me to ask about Maxis even though the journal says I can find him there. I'm using only K1R, Recruitable Maxis, Yavin IV, and BoS:SR. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out, the Yavin IV yav47_denied.dlg overrode yours. I patched it myself.
  13. BK2-Modder

    LDR's Works in Progress

    If it means I must wait 20 years to play these mods, then so shall I wait 20 years.
  14. BK2-Modder

    Redeemer's Wips

    Just want to say how amazing all of your work is looking so far, Redeemer6666! I'd love to be able to get my hands on these little goodies once they are done.