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  1. I watched a video of it and once you overpay her she kills the player and everyone in the room itself probaly Holden, she can torment Carth or Bastila but Bastila's is cool she kills Cantina Bastila the Twi'lek Dancer and the three Bith Musicans, I don't know how it works on Mission Vao or Zaalbar or T3-M4 by any chance?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion and it looks good.
  3. @N-DReW25 yes I know that but anyways I am here to suggest ideas for others I know your trying to help of course I... I do understand. Of course I like to see the PMHB09 head ported to K1. Of course I like to see Recruitable Aaron Vinree in the future created based upon Richard Roundtree. Of course it's my mod request but I wouldn't mind a K1 Head ported to K1. That's all I have to say on that topic. 😐 And of course I hope Aaron Vinree and Dak Benkins are created Recruitable Mods for future use. The plan of future is for all mods specially Recruitable weather Jedi, Sith, Scoundrel, Smuggler, Soldier, you name it gets created or a droid and I also wouldn't mind oneday having a R-8009 droid named R9-009 created oneday he is also another fictional character for my coming up KOTOR I story which I am writting for Starika privately. They're is also many actors heads I like to see possible and oneday Elam Mattic's created on screen, or as you like to say others but mostly characters based on an actor most if not all take time and not all wish to develop them unless they be willing to do that. My story usually donsn't always show Revan but other characters around Taris that I am making up. I like to message you on PM but unfortunately very restirected to varey but I understand that a lot it means to you. But yes I wouldn't mind the PMHB09 but that's all I like to say and thanks.
  4. Why did I choose a new Profile Picture!

    For everyone alike here I decided to create a new profile image of my fictional character OC Character Dak Benkins as my temporary icon here on Deadly Stream if anyone is interested. 

    Not that half are but it's for everyone to recongise me and to feel welcome among the community then have an anonymous profile, 

    As a volunteer here I am always welcome to hand out suggestions to the Mod Request box for future use for the KOTOR Game I am no modder but a guy who suggests ideas that could come in handy. 

    I am also a writer for the KOTOR Machinima for Starika online who plans to create the story with the main Revan Hero named Gale Avery, Dak Benkins is a Corporal 1st Class from the Endar Spire who I plan to have created in years time if one of you can lend a helping hand. 

    I know that I have to understand the reasons not all modders can at the same time have the time and energy they are busy among other things we all are and we all have lives. 

    But I respect that. 

    But always welcome anyone is whoever wants to choose to create my Recruitable Dak Benkins I am welcome as it's voice actor. 

    That is all I have to say thanks for the logical update on my new Profile Picture. 

  5. You made a good Recruitable Mod and you should make some others too in future I rekon your good enough to do others like Soldier... Jedi... Smuggler... Scoundrel... whatever???
  6. This is a great mod @inyriforgeand I like it... A Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun one of my favourites.
  7. Here is a couple more pictures for the supposed Recruitable Mod on the PC Players Head, Player can also have a Combat Suit and Republic Mod Armor as well, Hope you like these pictures I provide if anyone would like to develop the mod in due course, Upto you the page stays open.
  8. I am not here to argue with people or creators I am here to share Ideas and I have rights to share fandom in this community and specially idea mods that come in handy... I won't be removing my fandom from this thread and I am not obliged to by any means, The PMHB09 is for KOTOR I use only... because they're aren't many dark skinned Revan Heads with Moustaches avaliable on the PC heads most are without, where as the TSL ones few do, I have a right to post my fandom here and I also have rights to share what I have in mind or for the future of creation of mods to see what creators can develop but rather said then done I am not arguing I am telling you that I write fictional stuff because its' not only my hobby but I have wonderful ideas that can be developed for the near future of the KOTOR PC Games, Aaron Vinree is also for KOTOR I should the PMHB09 head be ported to KOTOR I and should ever this oc get created players can have the dream of having a second dark skinned guy where as you only have Jolee Bindo, I am not only just helping devlop ideas like the Recruitable Mods I am more into but their is also PC heads and some to be developed and some generics that can come in handy for the near future like I like to see some actors heads celebrities on a Revan or Meetra Surik head or a non playable character or specially a recruitable, I also plan to probably suggest another mod a possible The Bad Batch characters for KOTOR oneday or other ideas like a game like the Mandalorian Stuff or fictional created games like happened between advents or in Mandalorian Wars whatever, It's just I am yes a guy with ideas that is all I like to say, I rather not continue on some disclosed ideas thank you very much so I am not arguing on this subject it is my right to post stuff for this group to share to others alike. That is all I will say.
  9. Recruitable Corporal 1st Class Dak Benkins - Soldier of the Endar Spire (A Request Recruitable Mod for KOTOR I). Since I have not talked about Dak Benkins for years above end I have been talking about the potential of introducing Dak Benkins to KOTOR I, he would have a Revan Head like this guy with fair skin and dark hair but the pc head could get his eyes browned or you can keep it blue upto you, Corporal 1st Class Dak Benkins is a Republic Soldier a Corellian from Coronet City who would join you as the player of Revan PC on the run to Carth Onasi like the idea of Revan's Choice - Endar Spire Mod you are joined by Regin so like how Regin joins you the idea would be Corporal 1st Class Dak Benkins joins up with you in the corridor he is the sole survivor of 2nd Battalion Alpha after he tried to save his comrade friend from his childhood Corporal 1st Class Aidus Denlin, He joins in the Playable Recruitment Mod in the role of Juhani's place replacing Juhani, The character would travel with you to Carth Onasi at the escape pod and alongside Revan accompanies you on Taris and with the choice of Mission Vao, Zaalbar, or the choice of Bastila or T3-M4 and can join for Davik Kang's estate alongside Canderous Ordo, Side Quests they are 2 for the story on Manaan he, Revan and whatever party member is with you will assist Benkins alongside his Smuggler Friends who he knew from his childhood from Corellia, Arod 'Arrow' Renning the Male Rodian and Captain of the Ebon Hawk's sister ship New Controller and the Chandra-Fan Male First Mate Vyrr Wezz, with him are few crew members of New Controller they are the Male Nikto Navigator named Salsose Vec, the Muscles Gunner the Human Male Mandalorian Neo-Crusader War Veteran Rokis Zuhl from Clan Zuhl a old comrade in arms and friend of Canderous Ordo during the Mandalorian Wars, the Ships Cook and Gunner Male Trandoshan named Tshossork Augri, and the Human Female Ships Medical Officer named Lea Stryder, Dak's Mission would be to kill a corrupt GenoHaradan Bounty Hunter at the Visitors Hotel named Room Moks he and several thugs have stolen goods from shops on Manaan and kept some hostages preventing New Controller's crew from buying supplies, Moks' wants revenge for the death of his college Davik Kang from the Exchange on Taris, Revan who you control Dak has to also stick for the mission and one party member you got the choice of Bastila, Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, Jolee, Canderous, T3-M4 or HK-47 to assist 'Arrow's crew to stop Moks on Manaan they face him down and literally kill Moks at the Visitor's Hotel, A music for the mission of the objective is from a Lucio Fulci Horror Film City of the Living Dead with the them playing halfway Lucio Fulci City Of The Living Dead(1980)Theme - YouTube but at the scene of 0:40 verse going like it's chilled action, to 1:51 verse only. After eliminating Room Moks the Male Duros Bounty Hunter and his thugs the Visitor's Hotel is Liberated and 'Arrow's Crew takes the goods and 'Arrow' bids Dak farewell and the gang and he hopes to see him again after the war ends, 2nd Side Quest on Manaan for Dak is when he goes to sees a Junior Sith Officer named Ellabelle Blenlin a Junior Lieutenant from the Sith Empire at the Sith Cantina where Duan and Viglo are, Dak meets Blenlin and her friend Junior Lieutenant Gareth Carplin whom they exchange their true colors and they're on good terms with the republic add don't like the Sith' that well since they're like a fulcrum agent or Sith Splinter Cell who give Roland Wann vital information, Romance between Ellabelle and Dak occurs and he takes her on a date and after wards she promises a second date for him again when the war has ended since Dak has to do his own stuff, Leviathan Capture well apparently that will just be like Juhani going invisiable so that part can remain how she slipped undetected, (or have a scene where he is in the cell but convinces a Sith Guard to give up and defect fight the right cource since he is following the SIth Properganda the wrong side) Since Dak is not among the three prisoners with Revan, Carth and Bastila well Dak is a lucky man and a great guy who can slip past anything, he would rescue the others and he join Canderous and the rest to the Ebon Hawk, They're isn't much we can mention for Rakata Prime but he wishes Revan luck before the big battle that's about it, and he will appear at the Cross of Glory Ceremony as well with Admiral Forn Dodonna. So the Mod Should be a good creation and if your looking for a voice actor I can voice Dak Benkins for you since I am always avaliable remember to contact my details through Discord or Gmail to do it if I want to send Audio Files through as I like to voice the character in KOTOR Mod Iteself, Also The Mod will be a free for all uses whoever not likes to use Juhani it's entirely upto them and weather your into soldiers of the republic or jedi of the republic but those who don't wish to use jedi and smugglers or whatever whoever is a military fan your welcome to create Recruitable Corporal Dak Benkins for use since I have always liked the idea of a unknown Republic Soldier suriviving Endar Spire. Dak Benkins is equipped with a Baragwin Assault Rifle and two blaster pistols and a long sword. Regular Soldier Clothing for Revan and Republic Armor included or smugglers clothing maybe a Atton Rand outfit or upto you. Currently Dak Benkins is going to be a character for a Turkish KOTOR Machinima creator in the future who plans to do KOTOR I in future years as I am the users Writer for the story itself a long on going story. Thank you all and yes this is an update for Dak Benkins and possible future activition feel free to create the character when the time comes. Regards The Owner Colby James.
  10. Can A KOTOR II head be transferred to KOTOR I - The Richard Roundtree PC Head to Revan or a possible creation. Hi it's been ages since I posted anything but I have a simple suggestion I like to think about for KOTOR I for a PC head one I quite like the most reminds me of a real life actor Richard Roundtree and it's a request. Is their a way to promptly port any KOTOR II heads to KOTOR I for any suggestions may I ask and suggest specially for like the PC Player Revan in KOTOR I, And can it actually be done may I ask with the Meetra Surik Male PC head of Richard Roundtree to Revan Male PC head for KOTOR I. It's a suggestion I have in mind because this Portable Head is one of my favourites reminding me of Richard Roundtree and I wish the real life actor was a Star Wars actor but what I am posting in this group is can the PC head be transferred over to KOTOR I and can it be done as a mod for all to enjoy... I know it's been ages since I posted anything mainly I have too much to do in life but some advise would be helpful since I know I don't mod I am curious is as to can it be done actually. Can Richard Roundtree's PC head be useful for a Recruitable Character in KOTOR I or could it be done??? In saying my 1st Question on Richard Roundtree's PC head I call it that due to the Male Meetra Surik's moustache he has for facial hair looks like him but not as mearly closely, Well so question since I love to talk about Recruitable Characters and my suggestions for them are to be declared on this character, In a recent story I am creating for a Turkish KOTOR machinima user named Starika in the future I am writing a story I have mentioned a character by the name of Aaron Vinree a Scoundrel who is born on Taris during the Sith Occupaiton and he would well be a recruitable character in the Undercity after Mission joins Revan and Carth, but the character would have to fill in one Party Member Spot meaning only one can join so the character would have to promptly replace Juhani's spot, Aaron Vinree is a Scoundral (based on the real life Richard Roundtree) who lives on Taris all his life although hardly anything about his early life is said but he had seen action when Taris was under Mandalorian Control and wasn't well treated by the Mandalorian's when Cassius Fett invaded, He knows Mission Vao's family since her father was a friend of him and been looking out for her his entire life, The Recruitable Character would join to assist looking to Zaalbar but that can only be where the Sewers Entrance would be if your at the spot where all the Sith Soldiers where massacared by Rakghouls, The player could have a possible side quest developed but whatever the means necessary wouldn't be that easy and also his weapon of choice main weapon is a Sonic Rifle and Two Blaster Pistols and a Vibroblade and wears Scout Uniform like the Revan Player would wear although its upto you to give him the same outfit that can be ported which is Atton Rand's clothing or a customed Smuggler Outfit, Since I like to talk about the potential idea of Dark Skinned Characters that we only have one recruitable named Jolee Bindo and it would be nice to incorporate Aaron Vinree (Richard Roundtree) character but the main problem is finding a voice to do him who sounds like the classic actor, He will also be part of the Ebon Hawk but I haven't thaught of his side quest on the trip as that one is not really the ideal or so one to think of at the moment. Aaron Vinree is for a planned KOTOR I story developed for a possible future Machinima for the creator Starika who lives in Turkey and at the moment at present is the writer of the story, Aaron Vinree will be a free for all use Recruitable Character specially like for all players who didn't want to have Juhani as I think in my honest opinion it would be cool to incorporate another Dark Skinned Character I say it that way as I do not say a racial word and I have better respect to people such as these. But that's all I can say about the Richard Roundtree Facial PC Head for KOTOR I. Question 2 is Richard Roundtree's PC head be useful for a Revan PC Head while playing as Revan??? I like to say it isn't always possible but I would like to see yet another Dark Skinned Revan Head we got like what Five Dark Skinned Revan PC Heads and I do like one of them the best is the bald head and it I can't recall what actor reminds me of who but again yes not one has a moustache but the only moustache feature is the head that Kaydon Sentry used for his Logan Starr character I like to refer to the bald Revan Head with the Chinese Emperor's moustache and goatee as Logan Starr Appaerance and we also do have another who has a under facial hair and scar brown hair nad also a tanned skinned with brown hair and chin hair as well, But what I am saying is yes I do think it's nice to have another Dark Skinned PC Male Head but like the Referrence of Richard Roundtree and that it fits perfectly for a Revan Head in KOTOR I, Players can have the choice where you can either use Richard Roundtree like your acting as a character PC player your playing as a character like him imagining what it was like in Star Wars, Richard Roundtree never starred in the Star Wars universe and you could as well picture what he would be like in the universe so any player has the choice since I know I can't mod I am sending suggestions that are a possibilty for future use and specially a player. So entirely it's upto you to decide you have the choice if it's suitable for KOTOR I game engine. That's all I have to say on This Mod Request... And if completed anyone is welcome to use Roundtree's head for a Revan PC head entirely upto you. Thank you all for listening. Sorry for the Repost that was because I had not been at Deadly Stream for awhile I posted in the Wrong Box so now in the right box under Mod Requests here you are and hope your happy with what I have to share to you. Thanks. Colby James.
  11. Any known recent updates on Sarna it's been a few years now"
  12. You know for Darth Malak if Telly Savalas did Darth Malak in the Movies if he was still alive he would have been a good Darth Malak for sure, But in my mind Malak reminds me of Telly Savalas.
  13. For the time being I'm currently having to take a break because I'm in university studying but I do visit on the occasional times and I will be their if I need to like a few works and credit respect to them. 

    Also stay safe don't let Covid catch you. :)