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  1. Hi all again, 18 days ago a lot of you remember when I left a request of Dak Benkins Recruitment mod idea to be taken for considerdation and also for possible future use, well I am to discuss the topic regarding him about why he is so important for KOTOR mod community, So here I go, I introduced Dak Benkins back in 2016 onto the Star Wars fan fic wikia as what my thaughts where if KOTOR was ever declared Canon, the story focuses on Dak Benkins as a Corporal First Class in the Galactic Republic and would become a Major Character for my universe fandom story, I chose Corellia as I felt it would be a perfect homeworld for my character, and I had to help build him to be more of a acknowledged squad-leader of the Republic, in a position he attained due to his reliable nature, and he was believing to do his duty by the book, and also being a kind and preferred indivisual calling his friends last names and first names sometimes, and something I felt like creating when he looses his best friend Corporal First Class Aidus Denlin from the Endar Spire, and like I probably mentioned in that story which it's unlikely to be in my universe of it Benkins, Gurragann, Lancoln, where the only survivors of 2nd Battalion Alpha to survive though in my universe of it, 2nd Battlation Alpha Was based towards that of it's counterpart from Aliens the Colonial Marines unit 2nd Battalion Bravo Team, in which the characters where all commonly based of, Lieutenant Scott Gorman (became a composite for First Lieutenant Lathe Maggnar) Gunnery Sergeant Al Apone (became a composite for Master Sergeant Rych Halley) Corporal Cyntia Dietrich (became a composite for Corpsman Ellen Lo) Corporal Colette Ferro (became a close composite for Corporal First Class Aidus Denlin although Aidus isn't a women and the death is not the same as Ferro's in Aliens at all) Corporal Dwayne Hicks (became a composite for Corporal First Class Dak Benkins) Private First Class William Hudson (became a composite for Private J'aahn Lancoln) Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer (became a close composite for Private Jakk Sambrizi but it's not as same as Spunkmeyer's in Aliens) Private First Class Jenette Vasquez (became a composite for Specialist Xenda Billĭ ) Private Tim Crowe (became the composite for Sergeant Zab-Nagelsa Manadd) Private Mark Drake (became the composite for the character Staff Sergeant Makassk Donnovich) Private Ricco Frost (became the composite for Private Salitt Okee) Private Trevor Wierzbowski (became a composite for Private Dineas Kampenberger) where all composites I based them off though technically I too all the idea upon them for each an everyone of them what happens on the Endar Spuire, the characrter Kampenberger is the only Republic Soldier whom is mentioned as MIA roumer has it he was captured by the Sith being the only prisoner of war taken alive from Endar Spire as I thaught it would gladly fit right on in, each and all the others die with only Benkins and Lancoln surviving and Captain Hugo Gurragann not based on anybody from Aliens survives, As I told origins of Dak Benkins I mentioned after the war he still serves for at least many years roumer has it from KOTOR II he still remained for 10 years until retirement of a Major General, I am also currently writing a story about his mission with his two other friends in 3955 BBY after the war went on a secret mission on the Dynamic Class Freighter a sister of Ebon Hawk being the New Controller, with his friends Arod "Arrow" Renning and Vyrr Wezz, and of course Dak has a commando unit he takes care of called Squad Three, and also they're is Rennings' own crew members, before Dak wedding for Ellabelle Blenlin they have to complete a mission on Ord Mantell of a supposed Sith Threat at stake somewhere on the Island of Avilatan, more adventures are set to be told of Dak Benkins in my universe and what he did after KOTOR II for example, perhaps since it's risen with 200 and something views I decided to write up more tails he would of course be close as popular towards Legends Character heros and Canon Character heros like Poe Dameron, or for example but Dak has been marked a penulitmate for Star Wars Old Republic era in my universe, he is the most sucessor to Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Jacen Solo, Darth Bane, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker, and mostly many more Legends and Canon universe characters in paticular so I think it's fair to say he has become so popular with many views, since more views are set to come soon for them I expect that I can write more paragraph stories about him what he did after KOTOR and a possible likelyhood if they're even was a KOTOR III to know what he did after KOTOR II where he goes, but I have high hopes in mentioning he retires a Major General in future, originally Dak was meant for being a Supportive Character but since he has grown a bit popular I have decided to make many more stories what our Republic Soldier hero does and possibly with his friends the Rodian Arod "Arrow" Renning, the Captain of New Controller and also the Chadra-Fan Vyrr Wezz the co-pilot of New Controller, and Dak's wife Ellabelle Blenlin, and also many more characters the crew of the New Controller, the known crew of New Controller include, a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader War Veteran named Rokis Zuhl of Clan Zuhl and knows very well of Captain Hugo Gurragann during the war Dak Benkins's traitorous Commander, Zuhl is the gunner of the New Controller, we have the Trandoshan named Tshossork Augri a friendly foe and also the gunner of the New Controller, we have the Nikto named Salsose Vec whom is a navigator of New Controller, we have a Kel Dor named Tol Ban whom is a crewman, and the Cerean named Ny-Mudurr-No Mosil whom is also a crewman, we have the Ugnaught mechanic named Montru, and four humans, a Female Crewmember named Yasmyn Starr, and Ships Medical Officer, Lea Stryder, we have a Communications Officer named Silus Riou, and an ex-Jedi Knight named Beltok Koren, we also have a Rodian Female named Hii Zsa whom is romantically involved with Renning and her position is gunner, and a Twi'lek named Fawzijoz whom is a crewmember, in later life it's mentioned Dak becomes a member in that group possibly after retirement, and he would meet his surviving foes from the end of the Jedi Civil War alive, of course the story will be a larger one to tell but if I run out of ideas that's not a problem, The main reason I introduced Dak i loved the character and I think it would be a brillent idea for all viewers alike the reason for his mod being introduced and put onto Mod Requests I have plans that someday he will be our new penulitmate mod for all viewers alike I am being respectful to all people on the deadlystream and I do show everyone who loves Star Wars with respect, and also to let everyone know I am okay if it's not made and it's okay and I don't freak out over things if they're not done I just what's called try not to let stuff get the better of me and that's okay, I am okay though and I respect if non of you wish or want to make it, but I would love to see the mod created sometime for KOTOR, and since it was my request for all people I will also be voice actor for Dak in the mod at somestage but many scripts have to be written and also we have numerous of problems how can we get Carth Onasi, and Bastila Shan and also Mission Vao, Jolee Bindo to speak to Dak, plus we don't have actors who sound like Jennifer Hale, or Raphael Sbarge, or Kevin Michael Richardson, and Catherine Taber as well, though to say it would be the most hardest thing to find in all our lives but I wish we had voice actors in KOTOR Mod community who sound similar to them most likely, You probably will be wondering what does Ellabelle Blenlin sound like in my opinion she would sound similar to voice actor Liliana Mumy if we can find one who sounds just similar to her, So with all respect to our main followers of KOTOR mod community I will respect the rules and also I will be paitent and wait and see what happens only time will tell that's all I ever wish to say to everyone and also please do give this topic and me a little bit of respect too thank you. 🙂
  2. ColbyJames43

    TOR Ports: Meetra Surik AKA Jedi Exile Female Player Head for TSL

    Much like Meetra Surik from Star Wars the Old Republic
  3. ColbyJames43

    TOR Ports: Jaesa Willsaam Female Player Head for TSL

    You make good designs @DarthParametric very textured and very well you might actually be number one modder creator for KOTOR. You earned a like. and I love the way you create the female head amazing.
  4. ColbyJames43

    TOR Ports: Pureblood Sith Male Player Head for TSL

    Cool PC mod head, And it's brillent to see a Sith Pureblood for KOTOR Mods I am most happy to see one. I have also told a story about a Sith Pureblood in the Republic as a soldier during the Mandalorian Wars as well by the name of Private Icarus Finwej whom is the only pureblood sith in the Galactic Republic and the Republic Army, he serves with 1st Lieutenant Hugo Gurragann and 2nd Lieutenant Tommkeys Pruhig in Gramma Squad during the Mandalorian Wars prior to the Battle of the Charros system, he would fight on all the way to the Battle of Dxun and the Final Battle of Malachor V, he had a girlfriend a Defel female species named Private Ginovae DeMarakesh whom was like a wolfbread species that's all the background I'd be giving you. I always fave the purebloods shame though we never had them in Canon as of yet.
  5. ColbyJames43

    Blog #86 - What mods do you use for the Ebon Hawk?

    Well I do have an idea on a mod of when recruitable's are replaced but it may never work this is my opinion. Lets say if in KOTOR II for example we where to have Recruitable Dustil Onasi a mod created by Princess Artemis whom states that if HK 47 is replaced in his spot he can still have him on the Hawk throught the game mod even though he won't be able to join your party, that' had me been thinking well what if in KOTOR games this could work if we have the recruitable Caleb Deming mod created in future, G0-T0 remains on the ship not as a playable character, In KOTOR I however it did have he thinking but it's not possible my recruitable character Dak would be in Juhani's place but we can compare the stowaway character Sasha ot Sulem whom remains through most of the game if not returned to Rundil ot Sulem then disapppears, but of course I been thinking if a extra person was added aboard the Ebon Hawk then it had me thinking could we add some characters who are non-playables, in the Communications Room been thinking of a non-playable character to be used their like someone as the Communications Officer or Secruity Officer, we have a second seat but I would think on one of the characters too, not sure about a 4th person for Main Hold since we get Juhani, Zaalbar, and T3-M4 in it, we see five seats in that room so not sure who to add for non-playble on their but maybe will see, and the Port Dormatory and Cargo Hold we would have to think who could be in that room but unknown if we would be able to add secondary Jedi, or a smuggler, or a scoundrel or soldier whatever, but be cool to add additional characters for Communications, Port Dormatory, Cargo Hold in three places, and a few in Main Hold. But it be good or wonderful to add some characters in their 4 more non-playable characters who would walk about or we could talk to.
  6. ColbyJames43

    SKIN:Dak's Endar Spire Retexture

    Cool retexture looks magnificent
  7. ColbyJames43

    Hi everyone

    Hi all I probably didn't quite introduce myself into the community for those who don't know who I am I am Colby I perfer to be called by and I am a huge fan of Star Wars Legends and Canon universes, I also love whatever the Star Wars History tells itself, a lot have been wondering or wishing to know who I am but I am new I can assure you and I am 22 years old as I probably didn't say since I mentioned in the Recruitment Dak Benkins mod page I think it's time for a real introduction to all. I live in New Zealand that's all the details I can say. Okay now since I am new to this community I am here as a guy who will suggest new ideas for the future but remember that I am only suggesting ideas that come in handy for future mods and I am not a modder but I do suggest new ideas, like my idea for a Recruitable Soldier on Endar Spire to join Juhani's place his name will be Dak Benkins, Dak Benkins is a characater I made up if KOTOR was declared as Canon then the storyline be different then Legends on Endar Spire because I felt it be cool to tell one of him, I also plan if you all know to voice as him but about a lot of dailouge scripts have to be written in return and I have to be privately messaged about it someday. Why am I here Well like I said to suggest new ideas now I will suggest only few recruitable mods for KOTOR I and KOTOR II TSL and anything non-recruitable but as characters could be talked to or such I have plans like I mentioned for new characters I already mentioned Dak Benkins, I am to create new characters including TSF Sergeant Caleb Deming, TSF Corporal Mako Bunsen, TSF Officer Sogan Mithleev, TSF Female Officer Tisha Kynnie, TSF Officer Dash Serat, TSF Female Officer Kili Klensen, TSF Officer Vangos Gelfla, and also Lieutenant Yima, Lieutenant Atallo, TSF Officer Batu Rem (real one in person), and several others planned in the making, not only will I suggest several characters, but I will also suggest new PC heads for players like a Pantoran, or a Pao head Drabatan, or Zeltron and others etc of other Star Wars species we never seen in game, I also have plans if a recruitable Zeltron can be included as a Lost Jedi in TSL but he will be thaught upon as I mentioned I had Deming's head based on Vadim Glowna from Cross of Iron whom played Schutze (Private) Kern, and also Bunsen's face is based off Larry Wilcox from CHiPs, Mithleev is based on Jeremy Wilkin from Thunderbirds the voice actor for Virgil Tracy and the actor of UFO series, Bunsen's girlfriend Kynnie is based two references from Aliens Colonial Marines co-op player character Jennifer Redding, and second only from Anime Pokemon series character May, I am also looking at basing a TSF Officer of O. J. Simpson, I also might find a head for basis for our villian Atallo, and I might look at basing a head off Richard Harris as well or some classic characters from films, Just to let you know I am no threat to the community I am a nice bloke whom has respect over a number of people I also love every mod but since I don't yet have KOTOR on pc I do plan to in future get it so I can try mods out oneday if I have operating system on my Windows 10 Laptop, You probably might find it odd of me being here but I will try my best to suggest new things and be much careful what I suggest I will not be making over 100 recruitable characters it would drive everyone insane so as promised I can only allow two or three or four are only allowed as pre-limit cuz it would not be okay that would drive a lot of people insane so I want to be honest and respectful to everyone and I will be as promised. Sure it's good to suggest requests but not okay to do too much overdoing recruitable is too much for me at times so to get away from that I do suggest PC heads new things I have in planned and I have spoken with N-DReW25 he also gave me some advise on what to do with Dak Benkins so I don't have the same hairstyle as the Telos Soldier Head as it is a generic head used over a thousand times in other KOTOR games, in order to look close I had to have a new hairstyle basis from a real life one as he given me the suggestion into it. I hope I can get along and I hope I can be here to suggest somethings. Regards Colby.
  8. ColbyJames43

    Recruitable Dak Benkins request mod

    In my last reply to N-DReW25 he suggested that I don't use the standard Telos Soldier head that is a generic head used a thousand times over the KOTOR games, it'd literally be just like 'Attack of the Clones', however the head will be similar but will have this hairstyle fringe like in the real pic if everyone gets that for this request. But his hair will be black but the alterations are to be different then that generic head in KOTOR. Dak will become a penultimate for KOTOR Mods in recruitment and will take Juhani's place on the party list of 9 characters but I wish it could be extended to incorporate 13 bakers dozen characters.
  9. ColbyJames43

    [Request] Serious looking Republic troopers

    It's a cool idea to make these Republic Soldiers look like the ones we seen in The Mandalorian Wars, Keep up the good work oh and since I had an Idea for my idea of Dak Benkins my fictional character and I also did mention that his commanding officer Captain Hugo Gurragann was in the Mandalorian Wars and he had suffered PTSD, it's an ongoing wikia project still in Star Wars fandom wikia and the reason I might be writing that story up could just be because it would have been cool to have a hell of a lot more Mandalorian Warfare stories we never got in Legends of Republic Soliders or they're histories ever where told I mean by Republic it would explain after Malachor V that Gurragann went through tough times after the war and was hired by the Sith in the Jedi Civil War and used as they're puppett to send vital information to the Sith, if that was Canon in the new Star Wars canon universe sure I wish KOTOR was canon in the now canonised universe shame it's not and still Legends, I must admit you do very good at the Mandalorian Wars work I like it. sounds great and keep up the good work.
  10. Hi I am new here I have a request or suggestion for a Recruitment Mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic which is the Revan one, I have a new character I suggested His name will be Corporal First Class Dak Benkins a Republic Soldier from the Endar Spire Why Dak Benkins Because wouldnt' it be nice if a recruitment mod could be made of one sole surviving Republic Soldier from the Endar Spire well I have the idea to it. for more details of his history, Born on the planet of Corellia to House Benkins, he studied at the School of Starship Engineering and was good friends with Aidus Denlin (whom was a Republic Soldier and Corporal First Class aboard the Endar Spire whom also was killed), and also a Rodian named Arod "Arrow" Renning, and a Chadra-Fan male named Vyrr Wezz, he graduated in 3958 BBY and both Benkins and Denlin went to serve in the Republic in 2nd Battalion Alpha, (so only one character as follows can be created) Dak however survived (not as my fandom goes but if it's addapted then yeah), He survived the longest and after when Trask Ulgo was killed we meet up with Dak Benkins in the corridors and he joins your party possibly in Juhani's party list spot, He does have more to his history that is, and he has the regular Republic Soldier face and also he would be the same guy from KOTOR II The Sith Lords at Telos IV at Citadel Station with a unknown Onderon Royalist Guard if you remember that, But just a fair reminder we want him to be voiced by someone maybe either me or somebody else, And yes will have it that he would follow us to the very end and be seen at the end after Revan rewarded Cross of Glory that is, So what do you think of my recruitable mod idea Character Republic Solider Corporal First Class Dak Benkins mod. He wears the Republic Armor like all the other troops in the game. He has the rank of Corporal First Class He would have a history of his childhood life origins when he lived on Corellia, with friends like Aidus Denlin, Arod "Arrow" Renning, and Vyrr Wezz, His girlfriend will be seen on Manaan Sith Lieutenant Ellabelle Blenlin, which will be an odd thing for a Republic and Sith trooper both sides both being in a romantic relationship while on Manaan, Two pics seen here Junior Lieutenant Ellabelle Blenlin is to be the only Sith Officer with freckles and also ponytail hair unlike the remaining female Sith Officers in the game, she will be Dak Benkins' girlfriend she is on good terms with the Republic and is undercover with the Sith, Junior Lieutenant Gareth Carplin is also friends with Ellabelle and only best friend second only to Dak he is on good terms with the Republic undercover, keeping a low profile, Both Ellabelle and Gareth are not to be recruitables at all but just allies of Dak Benkins of both different sides Republic and Sith, (Note) Even though I had also wrote characters Captain Hugo Gurragann and Private J'aahn Lancoln they might have to be absent because not every character is recruitable in the first KOTOR game, That's the biggest issue yet about recruitable characters if introduced then they might have to remain as throw-away characters if they survived Endar Spire and also remain at the hideout on Taris and also means remain aboard the Ebon Hawk the rest of the way not as playables, That is a bigger problem in the making, So we might have to just have the standalone Dak Benkins for all the rest of the Game, Also we will need a voice actor for Dak Benkins, maybe me but since I cannot post gmail account here rather it's best that I'd be messaged privately to do it and I'd need the script written of Dak Benkins's dialogue needs to be well written, and if our party member like Carth, or Bastila, or Mission, or Zaalbar, or T3-M4, or Canderous Ordo, or Juhani, or HK-47 or Jolee Bindo replies at Dak just to remember you will have to try sentice audio mix and either join words together like I seen them do it in some funny YTP videos on Youtube or of course elsewhere it can be done like some of the KOTOR machinima creators did short dailogue too, the idea will involve if we can find a way to pernounce Dak Benkins, we ought to find how to get it spelled and pernouce D.A.K for Dak and then will find a way to pernouce B.E.N.K.I.N.S for Benkins if we can combine words together thus in KOTOR it's not hard and believe me that I actually joined Bao-Dur's words together and spelled this is how I did Bao-Dur's lines to spell Caleb Deming, How to spell Deming on sentence mixing. First choose word of Dantooine or Data take Da of ta use Da for 'D' Temperate or Letting take em from Temperate use for Dem and take ing or you can use readings take the other meaning of ing then we spell and you have the word 'Deming' Another hint how to spell Caleb which I did for Bao-Dur We take the word 'Cant' shorten to Ca take Ca of nt, Let we take le we shorten of t use le Obsolete we shorten off Ob remove solete use Ob then we spell teh word and you have 'Caleb' So we spell 'Caleb Deming' That's isn't hard when you can sentence mix on movie makers for audio attempts. so they're you have it. So also try to attempt to maybe look into sentence mixing Dak Benkins for me or us fans with either Carth, Bastila, Mission, Canderous, HK-47, Juhani, and possibly that of course Jolee, or some characters will sentence mix to make good dailouge so why not give that a try it's not hard once you sentence mix for a mod. or for a machinima. Also I hope you might like my suggestion I have in mind, also since I am new for the time being I might post out four mod request ideas in the topic that could be suggested upon for future mod ideas for anyone who is willing to do them, this is my penulitmate idea for KOTOR mod creators as it's number one on the mod request list, I will leave out four ideas on the list if anyone likes the ideas