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  1. ColbyJames43

    Helmless Starkiller

    @ebmar Looks cool to see Bendak without a helmet I also have plans for Xarga in KOTOR II to be based off Steve McQueen.
  2. ColbyJames43

    Port Stuffs #1 - Dreshdae's Pilots

    @ebmar You probably make good outfits and I even love the Peragus Mining Facility Maintenance Officer's PC head but it's ashame he never survived Peragus, and also like our Revan PC canon head on the other guy, you know speaking of which maybe you should become good at clothing someday and maybe create good outfits from some Star Wars uniforms if that can work,
  3. ColbyJames43


    I always wish we could fly in one of those Herald-class shuttles.
  4. Hi I said some nice remark on the Animated Swoop Screens I must say its pretty good how you put four tv's in it.Β 

    1. ebmar


      I actually didn't adds more TV's to the platform as they were always there [they does look different to the former though] but thanks, anyway! Very much appreciated. :cheers:

  5. ColbyJames43

    [K1] Animated Swoop Screen [TSLPort]

    Love how you put the TVs in,
  6. ColbyJames43

    Request Xarga helmetless as Steve McQueen

    You know that's not such a bad idea @Qui-Gon Glenn I see where your going their.
  7. ColbyJames43

    Request Xarga helmetless as Steve McQueen

    I agree yes @N-DReW25 you are correct about the mask voice thing the problem is it would sound exactly the same but I do have a question is they're no other way like maybe re-voice the entire lines again something that sounds similar to Steve McQueen or somebody else in this community that might have a sound alike towards a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader without a helmet mask on I mean to do that you need to make sure it doesn't sound like it has a mask on don't get me wrong I am proving a point. I can understand it would be tricky but then the problem if we want it to sound like our Steve head then my suggestion is other possibility is re-voice it but get somebody who sounds like Steve McQueen or Xarga in paticular without a helmet. Yes It is a wonderful idea and I love it but I do understand not everything will be granted your correct N-DReW25 otherwise a mask for Steve would still need to be sounded. Best Regards Colby.
  8. ColbyJames43

    Request Xarga helmetless as Steve McQueen

    Your quite right I agree with what you said it is a waste.
  9. ColbyJames43

    Request Xarga helmetless as Steve McQueen

    Thanks for the details and hopefully that is taken into considerdation.
  10. Hi again I have also a wonderful idea for character Xarga from KOTOR TSL which I have wanted to talk about for a while. I have a proposal or suggestion to make him helmetless and appear with a face my suggestion for Xarga to have a face he will look a lot like Steve McQueen a classic actor if all of you remember this actor from classic films he was in The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Nevada Smith, The Sand Pebbles, Papillon, and The Towering Inferno, but he would have been good for films like A Bridge Too Far, Apocalypse Now, and William Friedkin's movie Sorcerer, also he probably been a cool actor for missed roles he did. Why do I consider Xarga be based on Steve McQueen, well here's my theroy about it. I think Steve McQueen would have been perfect for Star Wars because despite his American Background I think he probably been cool for Star Wars if he had still been alive and not died in 1980, because Xarga looks to be the best candidate for a Steve McQueen actor notably you can tell if his face looks Mandalorian by my standards, well that's my theroy because I always liked Steve McQueen and that I think he could have been good for Star Wars if it ever did occur well if any books or games or comics did replicate Steve McQueen for Star Wars stories I'd think that be perfect idea to begin with, so I think Xarga looks perfect for a Steve McQueen character to request Xarga without a helmet to look like Steve himself, and yes I love Steve McQueen cuz he is one of many of my favourite actors. They're will also be a mod for Xarga without the helmet but will have Steve's head but as I am posting this I felt like I needed to in request mods for this very reason because I'd like to leave it in the suggestion box if anyone loves this character or is a fan of him, It's a good brillent idea I think and I felt like I'd want to post this because I want all to think well is it necessary for Steve to be Xarga. the question is yes. Maybe we could have him if a cut scene is created of him where Mandalore the Preserver or Canderous Ordo tells him to take good care of Meetra Surik's companions to lead them to the Tomb of Freedon Nadd, or they're be a secondary if needed throughout the game to reveal his head to the game audience. If you have any concerns or regards about it please leave a comment in the section below tell me what you think. Regards Colby. πŸ™‚
  11. Hi I wanted to have talks about the Generic Heads like Batu Rem and Ergeron and also Gerlon Two-Fingers also etc other character I'd name and also used 1000 times over and also the Kel Algwinn and Kadir we also have Garouk and Sunry and often we see Zelka Forn and Niklos and Dia and also Kelba Yurt Generic Heads and you know we see a number of them throughout KOTOR used a thousand times like @N-DReW25 did actually tell me about before I know a lot of you for example well I'd say see these heads they used 1000 times over and over again I'd been thinking would it ever be possible if we actually created new character heads as replacements for most Generic Heads we didn't like seeing over a thousand times over twice in a row, I know I might say the most silliest answers here but I do have this one brillent idea what if in the KOTOR games we did make half a bunch of characters with newish heads created either based on real life actors or etc in paticular that would be cool to model of course I mean you got to take my word for it I am being respectful in my words over characters that could use new heads for the future in KOTOR Mod community so half a bunch of characters if you didn't like generic heads can have newly created ones made up themselfs even for the game and it can be for anybody who is not a fond of generic heads that get seen 1000 times over in KOTOR I and II, Well been thinking perhaps we can create new heads for the future in this modding community perhaps based on actors from films we are fond of or not or of course classic actors etc, for example I have discribed in KOTOR II that Mandalorian Xarga is based off Steve McQueen a classic actor and oneday will make a mod of him maybe helmetless and show his face to the game audience of his Steve McQueen head gosh I bet Steve in heaven be so proud of his character I only wish Steve McQueen been in Star Wars he would have been a good actor. Back to what I am saying so yeah with generic heads I think it would be a good idea for some since many or some people do get complaintes lately from what I hear about generic that goes around, dont' get me wrong it's okay I mean I still love the game but I decided to say somethings about this topic because I felt it would be a brillent idea to actually make good heads for characters to replace often mostly random generics in the game itself and we would start that in future. I have left several images to show you what I am talking about. You do have to give me credit that I am suggesting ideas that could sound like a brillent idea for many in future anyway leave your thaught in the comment section below and tell me what you think should happen. Regards Colby. πŸ™‚
  12. ColbyJames43

    Republic Helmet

    Hi @Sithspecter I like your helmet mod and also a friend of mine @ebmar is about to start on creation of the Recruitable Dak Benkins mod I was wondering is it okay to use this helmet as part of the mod or such. Kind Regards Colby. πŸ™‚
  13. You don't mind if I talk about the KOTOR III topic. Well I have been thinking to say a lot of it I wish we had a third KOTOR game sadly it never occured when LucasArts hit a difficult period in the company's history which had led to the project being canceled. I know it was supposed to focus on a character named Naresha whom was a humanoid character and she or he would be main player character, it's droid companion would be Q-10 that's all the characters I know of, I do not know any other characters or party members and anything from the artworks of KOTOR III is unknown to me, I do not know anything about the players ship if it would be Ebon Hawk but my guess is no because it was still at Dromund Kaas and not been retrieved yet as we never had a closure for Ebon Hawk. the new players ship I do not know what it was to be or set to be at all. I know of locations you where supposed to go to places like Coruscant, Mandalore and also visit Mandalore City, and you would visit Rodia, Taloraan, and also Dashaad god wouldn't it be good if in Legends that Dashaad was confirmed actual canon if the game was released, not don't get me wrong but I might be correct on party members I think one might or was supposed to join Naresha on Rodia probably my guess is a Rodian more likely 100% chance because Rodia is the home to all Rodian's am I right so I think one would have joined the party more likely but I am not sure if its a he or she his or her name unknown, nor do I know of anything if it's a scout, or soldier, or scoundrel or civilian class, or force sensitive I haven't a god darn clue, maybe on Mandalore a ex-Mandalorian Neo-Crusader or such might have joined who knows, do not know anything else of who was to join on Coruscant, or Taloraan, or Dashaad at all sorry, so my guess for Naresha's party a Rodian, and a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader would have joined that's my theroy, I think we deserve a KOTOR III we haven't had it in like nearly 11 years now since the collapse of LucasArts but sadly Disney owns Star Wars we have to reach an agreement with Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas over the Star Wars Disney team and tell them in our words "Well this game isnt' for Disney Canon only for the original Star Wars Legends a now dead universe." but I think they might say no they might not who knows, but I really would like to see a KOTOR III what the game would have been, I mean we get two fake games like The Jedi Masters (non-canon to Star Wars Legends) and (Revenge of Revan) yet to be finished problems are Logan23 has a life and a number of issues he has to deal with and it's another non-canon story but still intresting and I liked his character Sergeant Uldar Tanik he was a really great character though who joins Quan Drayen and the Padawan PC player any gender you play as, I can say I think the idea of Tanik came in the form of Recruitable TSF Officer Sergeant Caleb Deming for KOTOR II which is where I get the idea of Uldar Tanik's basis from, πŸ™‚
  14. ColbyJames43

    Diversified Wounded Republic Soldiers on Taris

    Hmm I wonder if Zelka Forn was right 'Their injuries are terrible most won't survive. But at least I can make their last days more comfortable. And at least they are hidden away from the Sith.' Perhaps a few might recover from their wounds πŸ˜ƒand be safe if they got down to the Lower City when Taris is being bombed, if they're where survivors maybe Zelka Forn does take a few to lower city for safety maybe, if Gadon Thek did survive who knows. In this mod I believe that a few Republic Soldiers maybe did survive the wounds I believe that it's possible in this mod fewer would and be evacuated to Lower City where it's safe from the bombing that's my theroy. 😁
  15. ColbyJames43

    E-Hawk Got Pimped

    I love the bedding in both the dormatories in Ebon Hawk, the texture is amazing and I like it. though I still wonder when somebody heads off to sleep who pilots the Ebon Hawk cuz they still have to I am afriad.