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  1. You know for Darth Malak if Telly Savalas did Darth Malak in the Movies if he was still alive he would have been a good Darth Malak for sure, But in my mind Malak reminds me of Telly Savalas.
  2. For the time being I'm currently having to take a break because I'm in university studying but I do visit on the occasional times and I will be their if I need to like a few works and credit respect to them. 

    Also stay safe don't let Covid catch you. :)

  3. /Future/ Hi all update. Currently plans for this are on hold at the moment while I am having life issues with trying to find a job at the moment specially university. For the time being the /Recruitable/ Corporal 1st Class Dak Benkins republic soldier mod is currently on hold for now. It is still an ongoing yet long project we would plan to develop apparently yet time consuming but hopefully oneday when I can get a credit card I could commission a recruitable mod as a payment return fee and in honest respect can be used for the making of the character mod itself but the plan will have to wait for now seeing it's an on-going yet challenging part to make. It will come true but we must wait for now until the day I get a online credit-card to pay for a commissioned mod so that way it doesn't make the requesters feel as bad and to be a respected ways for the modders. The plan for the character's backstory will involve Benkins meets Revan up after Trask Ulgo's death in the second level on the run to escape pods. both Revan. Carth and Benkins will join up along the way to find Bastila and all recruitable characters except Juhani in it are used but possibly Juhani either remaining at the Jedi Council on Dantooine or aboard the Ebon Hawk could still be interactive. and for where Dak Benkins will be based on the mod when he is aboard The Ebon Hawk. it is planned that the character will be either based in the room Port Dormitory or either the Security Main Hold. or Communications likely as a technicall possibility. The character will also have some side-quest stories as well with a few on Manaan. one a relationship with a Female Sith Officer Junior Lieutenant Ellabelle Blenlin. and another when Dak's mates join him on Manaan to help find and stop a GenoHaradan killer on the loose. And for his escape on the Leviathan it will be intended that he will probably he able to bribe a Sith Trooper or possibly convince him to desert as a possibility but we know Sith Troopers follow propaganda that is. He doesn't follow Revan. Bastila and Carth to the bridge. And yes for the final part he would survive the Battle of the Star Forge and appear at the ceremony after the Star Forge's destruction. And for other major challenges when we get the mod created involves. I would like to voice this character as I could do it but a script would need to be produced and if not we can hire a voice actor to do the role if mine isn't that great. And for when interaction occurs is sometimes will have to work on how can we get the characters with a sound-mix-sentence name joint together as one or someone sounds like it to say his name of course. I have done a few practices of sentence-mixing before some sound good but not as many others as you think. Other than that hopefully we look forward to the day when I can commission someone to create Dak and hopefully he will become the finest yet the first male Republic Enlisted Soldier with the Ebon Hawk. That is all I have for the updates. For now I am not using the site that much due to live issues and also having to study and I'm busy in my own life and I do have another hobby as well but I'll still visit on occasional times to see and like other peoples created mods that are well made or well created specially I will on other-terms visit not so too often but on occasions to see what people have made and like and tick thumbs up. Thanks for listening have a good day and don't let Covid-19 screw with you.
  4. I like the fact your developing this character into a recruitable mod yes it would be good to find out what happened to her following Taris's destruction plus I like your development for the character itself. Keep up the best of work your doing well.
  5. Hi  

    Sorry been inactive as of late I am hopeing to reply as soon as I can to anything good in paticular. 



  6. @JDub96 Hi and sorry if this is late seeing it's June as of now and I know I am late for this threat but here I go. Whenever I played this game on Xbox though never have it on PC. however yes once I saved all three mercenaries. but all time occasionaly I actually remember that you can only save one and it's this dude in this picture however all two are killed by Rakghoul's, but this one can survive if you get close to the Rakghoul's, and yes only this mercenary and Canderous Ordo survive but the fate of this mercenary if left ambigious on a cliff hanger but if he did survive Taris he most likely like hundreds not millions but hundreds probably where lucky to survive Taris's destruction it's likely this Mercenary does survive. However in the future I have plans for this Mercenary to be a recruitment mod suggestion for future modding users. the name of this character will be Gez Ejai in future he will be one of the recruitment mods planned to join on Ebon Hawk in the place of Juhani but (sigh) we have another problem that is the voice actor we need someone to sound like him that's the major problem we have in recruitment mods finding an actor who sounds alike but hopefully this idea is taken into considerdation. Anyway back to my own thaughts about this Mercenary yes I have saved him many times on Xbox and watched the pc version on youtube and it's possible to save only one mercenary without the mod. once you can save all but that's all dependable however when Canderous and the unidentified Mercenary (in actual Legends / Canon version) move, the other two hardly move just yet only seconds to go before they just about I've seen it before Mr. JDub96 and really I have once I know what occurs. However we can hope we find a future considerdaton for this character in the near future and it's going down on my well suggestions list of recruitable characters. Anyway I decided to explain the whole story about it to you JDub96 that way you understand (nothing about recruitable as of now) just what I recall doing when I played the game and watched it on youtube before that it's possible to save one Mercenary in the Undercity most times.
  7. Congradulations on winning on June 15th Eb with the most content.  🙂

    Hopefully at some stage I'll return to this deadly stream after my long inactive break. 

    1. ebmar




      Thanks! :cheers:


      Hopefully at some stage I'll return to this deadly stream...

      Looking forwards to it. :cheers:

  8. @ebmar

    Hi Eb

    Sorry if I had to bother you, after all you are a great guy of some saught, I know I for one have issues but I am come to realise what I have done was not okay, 

    I think I went way too far talking, hopefully I can change at some stage I just need to find time to change my influence on things I know I am one who really wants the recruitment mod but I need to think of other things and not be an embarrasement to the deadly stream itself, I will try to change hopefully and if all goes well I will try think about other stuff not be an embarrasement, I love your works of photos I just need to find time to change what I am doing. 

    I also respect lots of modders and I know we all don't have the time we have to be paitent for things in life, will give them the time and energy they need the Benkins mod will take time until the early 2020s enough time to build so that all modders can be free and have their own time in the world to do stuff that way we can not be focused on one thing, I know I have said a lot of stuff I will try my best to change hopefully, 

    Your Truely

    Colby. 🙂

    1. ebmar


      Appreciate it, man. Need to understand that me [and most users here I'm sure] are open for feedback but is a constructive one. I will not go into details for what you've done as it seem you have admit it and I truly appreciate that.

      Well, seeing your writing 'potential' perhaps you should start make one in the blogs section. Sure you will have more freedom there and you should.

      I believe it is wrong to limit one's creativity and personally I'm against that. We're at the right place where Star Wars being talked, loved and discussed here, but where there is a place there are also rules/fair agreement of act. Well, if one don't like rules they can start their own place.

      I personally like to see your Benkins' comes to fruition; but make it an elegant one in the process and not being a pain in the ass for some, lol.

      That's all, perhaps. And many thanks for considering this. :cheers:

    2. ColbyJames43


      That's okay @ebmar I understand and oh needless to say I have made a good decsion to suggest to take a bit of a break from Star Wars for the time being, 

      If too much Star Wars stuff gets to my brain that's another problem I have to fight for example I give the users a break and I do my own stuff for the time being, I will still come here sometimes and if I feel like coming here more again yes I will come here again when I get that confidence. 

      I will have to write up the blog oneday maybe at somestage but not now. 

      But many thanks. :) 

  9. @ebmar I am always amazed about it. But with Commander Carth Onasi from Endar Spire, we have Revan, will have Recruitable Corporal First Class Dak Benkins finished by early 2020s the reason why so the modders can do their own things. to be honest some that are with us will do some work on it and progress his story and origins and two sidequests on Manaan, Benkins will also be a downloadable content if nobody likes Juhani, we want him to be a tough Corellian of some saught. will also look at creation of other Recruitable characters for KOTOR I and KOTOR II in future. TSF Officer Caleb Deming for KOTOR II is one to take the place of G0-T0, and some others will be created hopefully on the list on plannings.
  10. @ebmar One thing I'd like to say bout young Mission Vao of Taris, It amazes me because she's the youngest of the Ebon Hawk crew aged 14 which is odd of some saughts, shame she has to die when you take Dark Side (not offical canon of Legends or Expanded Universe) or of course you know, but good thing we take a proper path to Light Side she survives and I love this character because she's the youngest aged 14 of the crew.
  11. @DarthRevan101 Hi I have a question to ask you and it's important as me and @N-DReW25 was discussing or debating about ideas of future recruitment mods like stuff privately on Leviathan like captives, for example I'd been thinking the idea of Recruitable Corporal Benkins when I had suggested a part where a defecting Sith Trooper decides to break Benkins out the cell and free him and the defector retreats to a pod, but anyways as N-DReW25 told me I simply had to understand not all Sith Defect unlike how I wrote an article to Panes Porschk how he defected to Sith Splinter Cell, but anyway asking a question I'd like to ask N-DReW25 suggests I would have to go for Canderous Ordo's implant for Rercuitable Benkins or stuff, but something else I want to ask. Okay @DarthRevan101 when you made Recruitable Maxis right what does Maxis do while your members for startes are captured on Leviathan what does he do exactly and how and when is he in cell is it like Juhani or is it like I dunno Canderous or something I'd like to know the part where we have Carth say "Well, then we better hope Maxis busts us out of here before he arrives." Could I ask you @DarthRevan101 what does Maxis do in this part and what his role in it what does he do when your party is captured?
  12. ColbyJames43

    The Companions: HK-47

    @ebmar I admire how you do portraits and also the profile. I'd admire to see our portrait for Benkins someday in galleries to show fans what our future will be with the new companion.
  13. @ebmar Wonder how the Rodian living here died?
  14. @ebmar you know where you find Republic Soldiers in Kolto Tanks, hmm I wonder if some of them will recover somehow. 😁
  15. @ebmar I love this level on Endar Spire, hope we resume the recruitment Benkins mod for starter on Endar Spire sometime this year we hope so.