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  1. I'm aware about this one, but it's a different weapon model. The one on nexus is based on the 2003 clone wars show, the one I had was the one on the 2007 show. I'll post pictures of them: 2007: 2003:
  2. A long time ago I downloaded a weapon mod which gave the DC-17 blaster pistol used on the clone wars cartoon (2007) to the player and now I can't find it anywhere. I have found a website dedicated to archive it, but the download link leads to nowhere. Here is the link: Dc 17 Blaster Pistol | Peatix If someone still has it I would really appreciate! Thanks!!
  3. Does anyone have a mod called "lightsaber 7 pack" for original kotor? The author was T7Nowhere and can't find it anywhere. It was originally on Gamefront, then Nexus, now it was supposed to be back on Gamefront but no one uploaded it. I would really appreciate if someone could upload it anywhere. The nexus link that no longer works. The mod:
  4. Is it possible to use this alongside with the vanilla robes?