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  1. GPChannel

    Usable Mira's Wrist Launcher for TSL

    How is it possible?
  2. Can someone make a Mod that Jedi Exile can have Mira's Wrist grenade launcher? Or is it possible to use in the game without mod? If we cant maybe can someone make a mod for it pls?
  3. GPChannel

    SW:TOR KotOR 1 Jedi Outfit

    Hey everybody! I saw a lot of SWTOR port for kotor 1. Is it possible that someone port the SWTOR: kotor 1 robe with different colors for knights of the old republic? Hope someone can do it ❤️
  4. GPChannel

    Backhand sabers?

    Hey guys maybe is this possible to make some backhand lightsaber mod? I know that there is a backhand saber mod,but the hilt model of that mod looks bad. Maybe can you do the default hilt remake from jedi academy but with backhand style?
  5. GPChannel

    Trask Ulgo mods and texture names?

    nice and maybe can you give me the name of the republic soldier armor texture?
  6. Are there any texture mod for Trask Ulgo? and can you tell me what are the name of the textures for that model?
  7. GPChannel

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    sorry man im new in here,dont want cause trouble :/
  8. GPChannel

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    Looks fantastic Any news about the head mod?
  9. Hello everyone! I installed the Yavin IV Mod for KOTOR1,but the mod changed the Revan/Star Forge Outfit to a modified Bandon Outfit. Is it possible to change the model back somehow? Hope you can help me!
  10. GPChannel

    Dark/Light Side point Music

    Is it possible to add the Musics from KOTOR II when the player get dark/light side points? It would be very epic! Light Side: Dark Side:
  11. GPChannel

    Need help with High Resolution Mod

    Im using this bro I have the problem after that mod
  12. GPChannel

    Need help with High Resolution Mod

    What should i use for 2560x1080 monitor? Cause cant see a fix for that resolution
  13. GPChannel

    Need help with High Resolution Mod

    After work i will try that. I used a custom swkotor exe and i used that uni program
  14. GPChannel

    Vadász Modding Central

    Nocsak úgy látom vagyunk páran