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  1. That outfit is clean, amazing work on it. That is going to become a new staple in my playthroughs... now if we only had a working Luke head to go with it lol.
  2. Thank you for this, this has helped with some HD retextures causing models to go transparent.
  3. Thank you! That did the trick. I misunderstood and thought you had to rename the texture files to match the filename of the model (which I renamed). Reverting the name of the tga files back to the original name fixed it for me and everything is working perfectly. Many thanks!
  4. I was able to get the head to stay attached this time (no spins) so I must be doing something right? I included both p_attonbb and s_female02 this time. Still no textures though.
  5. Hello. I've been trying to figure this out myself and was able to get the model inside the game but with no textures and a head that spins around in-game when I tried playing with it (assuming that is a super model issue?) - I know nothing about modding but thought it'd be fun to use his head with some edits of my own. Would anyone else able to do it for me or show me what I need to do? This post in this thread helped me figure out what to do for the most part but I have hit a road block. Thank you so much to anyone willing to help out this longtime KOTOR player!