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  1. Spectrometer

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    A beautiful work so far! Just one observation though: I think the blank backdrop for Telos academy´s hangar is to show that snow has covered the forcefield (this is even seen in the take off cutscene), so I don´t think you have to change that. Otherwise very good work.
  2. I would also like to know if someone knows any public news from of Logan...
  3. Spectrometer

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    I find the new voice more menacing and frightening than the one planned for the original Mod (sorry VP). I also think it cathes better the original intention for Pall artistic depiction (an old, sinister man with dreadful memories) while also making it more spectral and menacing, as I've said.
  4. Spectrometer

    [K1] Form of soldier HD "International Global mod"

    If the colours could be changed a bit to red and yellow and the chest's insignia could be replaced to the Republic logo, this could be a very cool Republic Soldier NPC's Armor, to all those complaining about the vanilla skin.
  5. Spectrometer

    Sith Assassin Ambush

    I tried the mod and it works perfectly, does exactly what it is supposed to do. I just had a little problem installing it first but that was because my WinRAR was malfuntioning, nothing about the mod itself. SPOILERS BELOW I also liked the detail of the mix between red and purple lightsabers, it gives more continuity to the Sith from SWTOR, from which the Sith from KOTOR and TSL come (partially) from. Overall a fantastic mod, a little dream realised, thanks.
  6. Spectrometer

    Sith Assassins in K1

    Thanks eNoodles, DarthParametric, and all the other modders who contributed to the work!! It's very weird that a person on the internet would freely make such a tedious job for others, thanks. And, now that the technical problems are resolved, if this isn't too difficult, I would like that the Sith Assassins replace not all three Dark Jedi but the two at the sides or the one leading (just for variety and lore reasons), maybe they could even be in stealth and appear when the leading Dark Jedi stops to talk. This are all just suggestions, it's your mod and you can do what you like most.
  7. Spectrometer

    K2 Community Patch

    Maybe you already decided not to include them, but I must also say that some "extra" stat buffs are sometimes justified by plot/character design, like a Soldier having a stealth ability because of his/her special training/background, or a Consular having certain feat specific to other class due to a trait of his/her personal style, etc. Maybe it sounds silly, but it also helps build a Roleplay atmosphere, knowing that not all chracters are clones in Game mechanics.
  8. Spectrometer

    Sith Assassins in K1

    I installed the NPC Overhaul Mod and it replaces only the leading Dark Jeid in every planet with the Sith Master model, so I think it´s possible, probably with the method you describe. As for the modules, sorry, but I don't know their exact name (I'm no modder actually lol) and I cannot open them with any program to know them. If it helps, the one in Tatooine is the module of Anchorhead, the one in Krashyyyk is the Great Walkway's one and in Manaan... IDK, I always do it as the third planet so I always encounter Bandon in the Hrakert Station module.
  9. Spectrometer

    Sith Assassins in K1

    Hello. Today I was thinking about the differences between K1 and TSL, not only narrative, but also artistic/Aesthetic ones. And it occurred to me, why not change the groups of 3 Dark Jedi trying to kill the player in every planet (either the one leading the group or the 2 flanking him) for ported Sith Assassins? I think it would be a nice little addition to continuity, as it is established that this branch of Sith existed before the Triumvirate took over between K1 and TSL.
  10. Spectrometer

    Freedon Nadd's Tomb Statue WIP

    If I can suggest something, I think I would keep the golden color but make it less "shiny" (I don´t know what is the modding term) as it outstands too much from the rest of the game´s original graphics (in the first pic).
  11. I will use the new news from the DS policy to "bump" (in a legal way) this thread: Logan, knowing that mods with portings are now allowed, are you thinking of integrating K1 files (like modules) in Revenge Of Revan?
  12. Spectrometer


    Oh well, now that you cleared your previous post it seems much more legit (no sarcasm). Thanks
  13. Spectrometer


    So, by that logic, everyone is a fanatic, including the ones who liked the movie... You are the Incarnation of the Spirit of every discussion forum.
  14. Spectrometer


    Welcome to the forum! What a coincidence, I'm also playing TJM...
  15. Spectrometer

    [SPOILER] Who were the Sith in M4-78EP?

    I always thought that, if they weren't some kind of "Lost Tribe-esque" Revan/Malak branch, they were probably a part of Nihilus faction. Sion never cared for building a military army (his forces on Peragus, Korriban and Malachor are nearly all assassins or lesser Sith students), while Nihilus is known for having a massive fleet and an army capable of planetary scale invasion, so most probably some Lord under Nihilus command wanted to investigate a planet as resourceful in fuel and minerals as M4-78. I know this is added by the modders, but the dead Sith Lord near the entrance of the Environmental Zone supports this, as he is wearing the robes of Nihilus' Sith. BTW, they are all remains of Revan/Malak Empire, at first they were all a united remnant under Traya's leadership, with its hideout in Malachor, but when Sion and Nihilus betrayed Traya, the Triumvirate splitted, and it seems Nihilus took the larger part of the army while Sion kept Malachor.