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  1. Oh, I saw the K2 to K1 clothing pack but I didn't remember that it changed Komad. About the bodyguards, I don't know, I've installed like 30 mods in this playthrough so it might be from another mod, although I don't remeber any other that affects these NPCs. Anyway, thanks for the reply, I really liked all the other NPC changes to darksiders (like changing the Sith teachers in Korriban to Dark Jedi, or the Sith Interrogator to the Sith Apprentice model), it's just that one that irked me a little.
  2. Well, I've just completed a playthrough with this mod and I must say that I really enjoyed it; most of the changes make sense and make the game more interesting. I wanted to make just two suggestions with things I noticed: 1. I noticed Komad Fortuna kept his standard brown robes in the Eastern Dune Sea, I remember that in the other NPC Overhaul mod his clothes were changed to an armor, and that to me makes a lot more of sense, as he is in the middle of the desert and tells you he has been tracking the Dragon for some time. Perhaps you would consider giving him some sort of armor? 2. I like the change of Saul Karath's bodyguards from the Dark Jedi model to the Sith Apprentice one, because that is one model we don't see too much, but it looks a little awkward in how the two look exactly the same, specially if you have an HD reskin of them like I did and their faces can be seen clearly. I don't know well how to solve this, you could change one of the two to the Dark Jedi model but it would break the symmetry of the shot centered on Saul. Regardless, it's a nitpick but I wanted to tell you.
  3. I have one question, you say the incompatibilities will be sorted, does that include the cases in the Kotor Mod Build when you have to manually delete files to avoid installing them?
  4. Hello, as I've said the other day, I really like this mod so far. For my next playthrough, I wanted to ask, is this mod compatible with Heyorange's Sith Uniform mod? I see your mod also changes some sith uniforms in Manaan. And also, I wanted to ask the same for the recently released JC's Czerka mod, would it be compatible?
  5. This mod already exists! Have you seen Kaidon Jorn's KSR? In my last playthrough I played with it and I quite liked it. It also has Crazy34's ambient lighting.
    Really high quality work. I've been waiting for a faithful improvement of the Ebon Hawk screens for some time (all the previous ones were somewhat different from vanilla), and this is just what I was looking for.
  6. I really like this NPC Overhaul! I wanted to ask, is this compatible with the Ultimate Character Overhaul by ShiningRedHD in Nexus and the individual characters HD mods by Dark Hope? (For example https://deadlystream.com/files/file/2252-duros-hd/ ). For my next playthrough I will like to use as many HD mods as I can but I would also like to try this mod.
  7. Personally, I like that design! For me, it would be that or the classic old icons.
  8. Hello, i really like your mods so far and I am thinking in making a playthrough with the Sith Uniforms one. However, I find the white trousers for the Onderon officers to be a bit visually disruptive with the rest of their uniform. This is just a suggestion, of course, but I think they would look nicer with a darker tone (closer to gray) or the same black of the scarf, to maintain the color pairing. The rest of the uniforms are excellent.
  9. This article from Wookieepedia says that they council on Dantooine was a subset from the one from Coruscant. I always understood it as a "local Council" for that region of the galaxy... I like what you did the reskins and the lines, but I guess my problem is that I don't like the idea of having repeated lines from K2 into K1. However, it's your mod, so you are free to treat it as you see fit.
  10. Keep in mind that the Jedi Maters in TSL were part of the Coruscant High Council, not the Dantooine Council (except Vrook, who may have been transfered), so having them all around like other ordinary Jedi, in the middle of the war, may not be the most normal situation... Maybe pick one of them?
  11. I think the easiest fix is to use v-sync (although you obviously would be limited to 60Hz). I don't know if there is a fix for keeping the higher refresh rate...
  12. I read in another news source (in my native spanish) that it was actually a Remake, not a sequel. I would honestly prefer a remake to a sequel. A remake done right for both games, just graphical and gameplay-wise, would be awesome. However, my nostalgic me says that they won't get it right...