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  1. I think the easiest fix is to use v-sync (although you obviously would be limited to 60Hz). I don't know if there is a fix for keeping the higher refresh rate...
  2. I read in another news source (in my native spanish) that it was actually a Remake, not a sequel. I would honestly prefer a remake to a sequel. A remake done right for both games, just graphical and gameplay-wise, would be awesome. However, my nostalgic me says that they won't get it right...
  3. I really like the skybox itself but I don't like the lighting. I think I have grown accustomed to the shiny Thrawn's skybox, but yours look too dark, and, because of that, it has an "old" feeling IMO. As I've said, I really like the models for the skyscrappers and their textures.
  4. Did someone notice the similaritie between this game's logo and Jedi Academy's one? I think that was intentional.
  5. In TSL, we learn that Visas was the only survivor to the draining of Katarr caused by Nihilus... however, why this is so? I think of you discuss this with Kreia, the game tells you that Nihilus spared her because she had a Force Bond with him, however, that's circular logic, as (in the conversation with Visas I think), she says that they've developed a Bond BECAUSE she survived (probably because Nihilus has to create bonds to drain). Is there any theory about why she was the sole survivor then?
  6. I agree, the Jedi Masters Mod is a great mod, but a little underrated, sadly. I think it needs an overhaul and some bugfixing, but I'm not a modder and I don't have the permission of Trex so I'll just drop the idea here...
  7. Oh great, so this is just another bump about models for a totally unrelated project, that may be donated in the far future to the actual project in this thread... EDIT: And you might be missing another important part of HarIII's statement. I'll highlight it.
  8. This has the potential to be a new big project and revitalize a bit the community. Good job. However, as LiliArch said, perhaps 33 modules more for a planet is a little bit too much, KOTOR II is already a long game. My suggestions to you (or a modder taking your modules for expanding Coruscant): Remodel the entire Jedi Temple, with the same places, placeables and plot but with different modules. Use three-four modules to explore urban zones close to the Jedi Temple. It would be interesting to see the most public and political side of the falling Republic, which seems to be absent in the rest of the plot (save maybe for Grenn and Chodo Habat). (This one will be the most cotroversial) perhaps (IF we can contact Trex and he gives permission) remodel Coruscant from The Jedi Masters Mod?
  9. A beautiful work so far! Just one observation though: I think the blank backdrop for Telos academy´s hangar is to show that snow has covered the forcefield (this is even seen in the take off cutscene), so I don´t think you have to change that. Otherwise very good work.
  10. I would also like to know if someone knows any public news from of Logan...
  11. I find the new voice more menacing and frightening than the one planned for the original Mod (sorry VP). I also think it cathes better the original intention for Pall artistic depiction (an old, sinister man with dreadful memories) while also making it more spectral and menacing, as I've said.
  12. If the colours could be changed a bit to red and yellow and the chest's insignia could be replaced to the Republic logo, this could be a very cool Republic Soldier NPC's Armor, to all those complaining about the vanilla skin.
    I tried the mod and it works perfectly, does exactly what it is supposed to do. I just had a little problem installing it first but that was because my WinRAR was malfuntioning, nothing about the mod itself. SPOILERS BELOW I also liked the detail of the mix between red and purple lightsabers, it gives more continuity to the Sith from SWTOR, from which the Sith from KOTOR and TSL come (partially) from. Overall a fantastic mod, a little dream realised, thanks.
  13. Thanks eNoodles, DarthParametric, and all the other modders who contributed to the work!! It's very weird that a person on the internet would freely make such a tedious job for others, thanks. And, now that the technical problems are resolved, if this isn't too difficult, I would like that the Sith Assassins replace not all three Dark Jedi but the two at the sides or the one leading (just for variety and lore reasons), maybe they could even be in stealth and appear when the leading Dark Jedi stops to talk. This are all just suggestions, it's your mod and you can do what you like most.