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  1. The powers and feats are not showing up and I'm using the RCM mod from here not steam and I'm on PC Edit:Wait now they are showing up but there are no titles or descriptions Edit: Turns out I forget I installed a steam workshop mod a while ago. I got rid of it and everything is working now
  2. I know it's just that I have been very excited about the mod since I first read about it so long ago and now, unlike then I'm not a child with very bad spelling who was too embarrassed to ask his questions😄, but I will stop asking them and thank you for answering them anyway. That's something I always look for and enjoy in RPG's which has companions (And it's one of the many reasons why I enjoyed KOTOR 2 so much) so I'm happy to hear that it will be in the mod in one form or another still.
  3. Nm6k

    Edge Of Darkness

    So how much of the mod is done?
  4. Just thought of a few more questions😄 (But seriously if I'm being annoying with them to you both do tell me and I will stop) How many locations/episodes are you all planning for the full mod? Have you all decided what you are going to do with the trust system (Logan talk about different ideas for it though the years) which will be replacing the influence system? How closely are you planning on tying the story (In particular the endings) to the Revan book and what is talk about Revan and the Exile fate in ToR itself? I do recall there being talk of a book/ToR canon path but I do hope there will be non canon light and dark endings too. Like for a example a light side ending where things go down a lot better then it did for both Reven and the Exile in the book or a unique dark side ending where if you pick the dark side ending for both KOTOR games then go full murder happy dark side (Instead of Kreia's greyish dark way of manipulation) in the mod then the Republic collapses without putting up much of a fight against Vitiate.
  5. Last question since you said you are almost done with Corellia how much more side content will be on it and the Coruscant jedi temple compared to the original demo.
  6. Got it also want to ask do you think that you will be able to make saves work with each Episode update?
  7. I know that it's a very long way off but I want to ask will Cain show up early in episode 2 or at the end of it? He is the companion that I'm the most excited about so far.
  8. How have things been going since the start of this year?
  9. Is it ok to ask how are things going?
  10. Logan has said previously that he wants to release Episode 1(Which be a remake of what was in the demo along with Nar Shaddaa) for his next big update.
  11. All of this sounds so cool can't wait for the update prologue. Also in a week I will have a lot of free time for a while if you need any testers
  12. Since nobody said no I'm just going to ask my questions What will episode 1 contain? Has there been any big changes or cuts from your initial plan? If I remember a while back you said there will be romance option who are they if they are still a thing?
  13. Is it ok if I ask some questions?
  14. Wow I can't believe you are back. I remember watching the development of the mod like a hawk back when I was a child.