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  1. Is it ok to ask how are things going?
  2. Logan has said previously that he wants to release Episode 1(Which be a remake of what was in the demo along with Nar Shaddaa) for his next big update.
  3. All of this sounds so cool can't wait for the update prologue. Also in a week I will have a lot of free time for a while if you need any testers
  4. Since nobody said no I'm just going to ask my questions What will episode 1 contain? Has there been any big changes or cuts from your initial plan? If I remember a while back you said there will be romance option who are they if they are still a thing?
  5. Is it ok if I ask some questions?
  6. Wow I can't believe you are back. I remember watching the development of the mod like a hawk back when I was a child.