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  1. squirral1989


    Holy Crow this is gorgeous, straight up fantastic work, I love it can't wait til it comes out 😁🤘
  2. I once saw him kill 3 men in a bar... with a pencil, the baba yaga is coming 😈
  3. I think there is a problem with the icons when you open the modification menu they don't seem to be appearing for me is this a known issue and can it be fixed? either way great mod.
  4. squirral1989


    This looks incredible, just wow... If this is going to be released I can't wait keep up the incredible work.
  5. I am starting this as a new thread as I am hoping to get into modding, with a game that I want to mod I was hoping that if there are any KOTOR and Sith Lord mod authors out there who could possibly enlighten me in the creation of jade empire mods whether there are similarities to KOTOR modding, If it can use the same tools what kind of programs would be required to get me started i am no programmer but i do have a love for the game and would ideally like to give it a fresh coat of paint if anyone can help i would be most grateful.