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  1. Id like to know the secret can't get it to load
  2. Looking good the main feature i always wanted was working normal maps for all textures and models.
  3. Ok thanks i was wondering if it be possible to put in new cleaner map information and actually have it save to model.
  4. I was wonder if the kotor 1 modules have any references to the red and black metallic maps anywhere. The reason for my query is when i loaded a model into a render program called light tracer render it added a bunch of metallic maps with all textures also all the black areas are transparent on albedo. I wasn't sure if it was from the render or some information in the model, id like to -[NOTE: has not done this with any other model unless it had PBR textures].
  5. I guess it would be what program is being used for rendering the whole area. I have no idea how map scaling would work i leave that for more the inclined modder, i'm just trying to help with what i can do to make it a reality.
  6. Well with the render above i could easily do 1 or 2 sections at a time but it won't make much difference if it has to be scaled down to that tiny map size.
  7. Would it be possible to get the map to a close up resolution
  8. Magnetiicz


    Cool are you using normal maps or just cube shine
  9. Magnetiicz

    New Taris

  10. Hopefully there would be a way to properly implement normal mapping on modules i never got any other way to work.
  11. Could always use new tools looks like an awesome undertaking kotor blender stop working correctly for me so i used neverblender. I'd call it Kotorius Designer
  12. This is just a little personal work ive been doing this is the actual module itself. The color can be changed in the simlab viewer as well i can touch up colors from my end. Kotor models seem to present distortion from their normals as seen on the seats, yet i cant seem to figure how to fix it. Thanks for the feedback
  13. Just wanted to share a little mini module walk through i created of endar spire tell me what you think ,or would you rather see the original texture remade in VR. Files EndarVR Files EndarVR-DS
  14. View File Ui_Icons_Swtor This contains UI elements that are found so far there are 25 PNG images. Submitter Magnetiicz Submitted 08/11/2019 Category Modder's Resources