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  1. crateswitch for jedi outcast
  2. I like this one better than original color.
  3. Yes it is but one variation of many.
  4. Awesome glad you like it...are doing 1024 texture sizes.
  5. Yea i wouldn't say the texture is tailored to fit on the model correctly but kool.
  6. Id like to know the secret can't get it to load
  7. Looking good the main feature i always wanted was working normal maps for all textures and models.
  8. Ok thanks i was wondering if it be possible to put in new cleaner map information and actually have it save to model.
  9. I was wonder if the kotor 1 modules have any references to the red and black metallic maps anywhere. The reason for my query is when i loaded a model into a render program called light tracer render it added a bunch of metallic maps with all textures also all the black areas are transparent on albedo. I wasn't sure if it was from the render or some information in the model, id like to -[NOTE: has not done this with any other model unless it had PBR textures].
  10. I guess it would be what program is being used for rendering the whole area. I have no idea how map scaling would work i leave that for more the inclined modder, i'm just trying to help with what i can do to make it a reality.
  11. Well with the render above i could easily do 1 or 2 sections at a time but it won't make much difference if it has to be scaled down to that tiny map size.
  12. Would it be possible to get the map to a close up resolution