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  1. ConansHair

    PMHC03 HD

    Great work!! Thank You!!
  2. ConansHair

    PMHC03 HD

    The "d1" texture seems to be missing from the download file...just a heads up
  3. Is it possible for this to be patched for compatibility with this?? And/or this??
  4. Ahhhhh....that makes more sense....thank you
  5. It's the S_Female02 supermodel, but something off in the facial animations on this kinda looks like he's in a semi-catatonic state and should have drool running out of the's weird looking...
  6. The head model for this mod is female, so it has the female facial animations...
  7. Are you aware that the head model is female, not male??
    Thank You!! Great Mod!! Good Job!!