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  1. @DarthParametric I'm assuming you are allowing @Dark Hope permission to release the updated console models and textures as an add-on to DWRS, correct?
  2. You could also add alpha transparencies to the bubble textures themselves...And you could play with different Cube Maps with blending additive added to the txi parameters...Darth Sapiens Cube Map pack resource might have some interesting finds...
  3. If you have TPCView, open the program window, and hold the ALT key while dragging a TPC image onto the window, and it will convert the image to TGA and also any embedded TXI's outputted to the same folder that the original TPC image was in...
  4. ConansHair

    Armor 5 HD

    Great work!
  5. it worked!! 😎 Thanks for the info @DarthParametric!! Although I had to crunch my brain for command line syntax...Haha!
  6. I may have this problem as well...What's the best TLK to XML conversion method?
  7. For the script to fire correctly, you MUST Unlock the Morgue Door via the Medical Computer located in the room directly across from the Morgue Door! The items will be in the "Metal Crate" located just inside the Medical Supply Room door.
  8. @InSidious I used this Mod back in the day, glad to see it wasn't lost! I checked the Vanilla a_doormor.ncs script against the TSLRCM a_doormor.ncs script from the MOD file and they are identical, so this script wasn't touched by TSLRCM, which means this Mod should be TSLRCM compatible as is! 😎 I tested it, and the items are a tad bit OP, but it worked correctly!
  9. Suggestion: Have it replace "Affect Mind" instead of "Force Aura". Since only the Main PC can use "Affect Mind" anyways...That way Bastila won't be cut off from the rest of the "Force Aura" tier.
  10. Hello to all!! I am requesting a UV mapping repair for 2 of the Dantooine bridges, the bridge lighting texture UV mapping is way off...The first screenshot is the Courtyard bridge with correct UV mapping on the lighting texture, the next 2 screenshots are the bridges in the Grove, and Sandral Grounds, respectively, with the skewed UV mapping. Thanks in advance for your time and help, it is appreciated.😊
  11. Somebody posted this on Nexus already:
  12. A 1920x1080 option would be nice!