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  1. Awesome, thanks again!! Will check it out later after work!!
  2. I noticed on the Kiosk1 model, part of the lighted button panel here: Shows up here: Can someone kindly please help with this??
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, prayers and condolences to you and your family during this most difficult time...
  4. Any possible conflicts with darth333's AIOFPM??
  5. These are fantabulous!! Always such great work, and always looking forward to more!! Hope these are ready for upload!!
  6. No, it's explosions from the Sith Fighter attack...It just uses the frag grenade VFX, SFX, and Texture...
  7. It also covers the random explosions on the Endar Spire...
  8. Thanks for the info, that's much better now...
  9. With the addition of @Dark Hope's New HD, I'm noticing the games VANILLA "C" Slot Armor Models are in severe need of some minor UV Mapping adjustments/tweaks...Unless there's already a Mod out there that does this, that I'm totally unaware of...Would someone please be so kind as to help with this, or if this has already been done, point me to the appropriate link?? Thanks, it is appreciated... EDIT: The new HD Textures are so perfect, that one can really see the flaws in the Vanilla Model's UV Mapping...
  10. ConansHair

    Energy Shield

    Whoa...That's straight up amazing...Is that a mask retexture??
    Outstanding Work, as always!! Somehow you managed to outdo yourself, as these are a VAST improvement over the great ones included with IGM!!