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  1. Did you forget that you get to take a short stroll in space on the Leviathan?? it's still Environment suits for K1. LOL😂🤣
  2. You could even go so far as to eliminate "here on Manaan", and it still would be proper grammar.
  3. A K1 version of this would be a nice addition, please.
    I really enjoy the 3 redrawn windows, they look outstanding! And also the fact that it's upscaled to twice the size of the original, as bigger allows more detail to be seen! In conclusion: Awesome work, Bud!! Another Masterpiece!!
  4. ConansHair


    Wow, nicely done!!
    Excellent work, my friend!!
  5. GIMP can export TGA's to the required bottom left orientation, plus it's free!!
  6. ConansHair


    Mmmmm...Yummy!! Haha😄
  7. Is this a new, updated version?? As nothing in the changelog...
  8. ConansHair


    Love it!!❤️
  9. Here's those screenshots you asked for, Sorry for being late with them, I forgot by the time I left work yesterday evening...Just now remembered...The inside of the bracer area shows an area that has part of the red sash from the texture mapped to it...It probably should have part of the chest piece mapped instead...Screenshot of texture on SS's Model for reference...
  10. LOL...It wasn't noticeable until I went swapping out textures...Then it stuck out like a sore thumb...Haha...In case you were wondering, the texture I'm using is "TheQuanon" from this Mod here: PS...Sorry about the spacing, my new phone absolutely hates the mobile version of DS...
  11. Not at my PC right now, won't be until later this evening...I can try to explain...I was wanting to use Quanon's Darth Revan texture as a replacement texture for PFBJ02 and PMBJ01/02, and I noticed in the gauntlet/bracer area the UV mapping was off... On the normal N_DarthRevan model, the gauntlet/bracer area uses part of the chest piece of the texture...
  12. Does a Mod exist that cleans up the UV mapping on the "J" slot Revan/Star Forge Robes models??