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    Awesome work!! Outstanding!!
  1. Understandable, as that would also be a lot of work in itself, as well...
  2. Wow...That's a lot of work...I see your point in not supporting them...Thank you for the's appreciated...
  3. Are added female heads unsupported because of scripting/2DA issues, or are the new female body models themselves incapable of accepting new heads??
  4. Let me rephrase...Has anyone tested compatibility with running this Mod and @DarthParametric's, concurrently??
  5. ConansHair

    Suits K1

    Excellent Work!! Top Notch, as Always!!
  6. Any chance of getting an updated install of this Mod for greater compatibility with other Mods?? (i.e. switching to Module injection rather than "straight to Override", WAV files to Streamwaves, LIP files to Lips folder, etc...)
  7. Not sure, probably not as Svosh's Mod was pre-TSL, and pre-TSLPatcher...
  8. It has custom Revan models included...
  9. Would any experienced modeler please educate me on the proper process of updating older Revan models (i.e. Svosh's Revan Redemption Robes, and the like) to be compatible with @Sithspecter's Any help would be appreciated...Thanks
  10. Any brave sound people out there who would love to remix/remaster Shem's I noticed the 15+ year old sound files, sounding kinda tinny now, needs a good update...
  11. Great Work!! I can totally envision this model singing "My Stick!"🤣😂
  12. ConansHair

    Misc. Nitpicks

    Oh, ok...Thanks for the clarification, and I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused...Was just following the general rule of "warnings are ok, errors are not"...
  13. ConansHair

    Misc. Nitpicks

    Could this be the issue?? Syntax in default.ini Syntax in WMO.ini Which one is correct?? I noticed that when I opened the patched UTI the patcher placed in my Override that the name hadn't been updated to "Ajunta Pall's Sword"...After the ERROR message, that is...