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Translate an entire mod or KOTOR install to 80 languages using Google Translate!

This is a very powerful tool that can modify TLK strings and CExoLocStrings in GFFs in bulk quickly. Simply follow the prompts, point it to the GFF/TLK/Kotor directory/whatever and have it automatically translated to the language of your choice!

This tool can also create those bitmap 'font packs' that users have been using to play the game in non-released languages (Many thanks to Drazgar and DarthParametric for providing the insight into the TXI files). This means the in game text will show the correct characters when playing the game.

How to use:

Simply run the executable. It'll ask you many things. There are 3 actions you can do with this:

Set all dialog unskippable       sets all dialog found in dlgs, at the chosen path, to unskippable. Includes every node. Not recommended lol

Translate                                     Will translate All CExoLocStrings (localized strings) and TLK entries at the path to the language(s) of your choice

Create Fonts                               Will create fonts of the chosen languages to your current directory in a folder named after the language. Just drag and drop these files to your Override folder once it completes.

If you point PATH1 to a KOTOR install, it will ONLY patch the Override folder, the Modules folder, the rims folder (if exists), and the dialog.tlk file. This was a design choice to improve how long the patcher takes to finish. This includes any subfolders within the aforementioned folder names.

The patched files will be in the same directory as the original files with the appended language suffixed to the end of the file. For example, 'dialog_de.tlk'.

Supported filetypes/formats:

  • TalkTable files (TLK)
  • Any GFF file (DLG, UTC, etc)
  • TGA/TXI (non-translateable obviously)
  • Any capsule (ERF, MOD, etc)


DBCS languages such as Japanese/Korean/Chinese might have other problems. If you are interested in testing, please reach out.

This program is in beta. Please report any bugs you encounter.


Source code:




@Cortisol for creating the PyKotor library

@DarthParametric for extensive testing and feature recommendations.

@Drazgar for providing a ton of knowledge in regard to the TXI/TGA font packs

The project would not be possible without these awesome modders.

K1-translated dialog files:

dialog_sq.tlk dialog_af.tlk dialog_ar.tlk dialog_ay.tlk

What's New in Version v0.5.1   See changelog


New features:

  • Choose a font color! this is currently broken.
  • Choose font scaling (how big the font will show up in game. 1.0x means default (vanilla) size).
  • Choose fonts from a combobox of pre-installed system fonts

Bug fixes:

  • Fix translation output being logged twice to the UI.
  • Fix compiling error in last versions that caused startup crash.
  • Fix bug caused by last version where fonts were forced generated in unicode. Should now correctly correspond to language as the old behavior worked.
  • Fix x1 and x2 coords for fonts (including rtl languages)


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