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  1. As for the outfit... Really? And I even thought that it shouldn't be too OP with those stats. You could change those stats easily though with Kotor Tool, put it in overwrite then add it in-game again.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply but I'm currently filled up with work. I'm not quite sure what you mean, Rikkuchavez. When you download it, it should be a .rar file, which you need to extract and then start the installation. As for only the head itself, I'm gonna have to check the file on my PC and refresh my memories, cause I've got a bit distanced from the game because of my work.
  3. Oh, right, apologies. Dantooine Hi-Res Retextures 1.3:;88702 Korriban High-Res Retextures 1.1:;88750 High-Resolution Coruscant Retextures:;10565
  4. Ohohohoo, I've been waiting for this... I suppose, I would be better off, installing this mod on a fresh install, right? And unlike USM, it's TSLRCM compatible, yay. ........right?
  5. I'd suggest the Korriban Hi-Res textures 1.1 and Dantooine Hi-Res textures 1.3, both from Angelus6 on KotOR Filefront. There's also a Coruscant Hi-Res texture there, as well.