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  1. As for the outfit... Really? And I even thought that it shouldn't be too OP with those stats. You could change those stats easily though with Kotor Tool, put it in overwrite then add it in-game again.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply but I'm currently filled up with work. I'm not quite sure what you mean, Rikkuchavez. When you download it, it should be a .rar file, which you need to extract and then start the installation. As for only the head itself, I'm gonna have to check the file on my PC and refresh my memories, cause I've got a bit distanced from the game because of my work.
  3. Oh, right, apologies. Dantooine Hi-Res Retextures 1.3:;88702 Korriban High-Res Retextures 1.1:;88750 High-Resolution Coruscant Retextures:;10565
  4. Ohohohoo, I've been waiting for this... I suppose, I would be better off, installing this mod on a fresh install, right? And unlike USM, it's TSLRCM compatible, yay. ........right?
  5. I'd suggest the Korriban Hi-Res textures 1.1 and Dantooine Hi-Res textures 1.3, both from Angelus6 on KotOR Filefront. There's also a Coruscant Hi-Res texture there, as well.
  6. I can't, I've deleted it a while ago. But you could get to that point, where the bug appears, by installing TSLRCM 1.8.3B and the overhaul and getting the savegame pack, Sith Holocron mentioned, and select a save where you're at Malachor V with the remote or a save on Mal V close to that part.
  7. I completely forgot about that. Thanks! I'll go and take a look...
  8. Oh, I see... I'll start a new game, then. And this save shall be deleted. I made sure that every backup file is saved and I'll never delete them. I'm pretty sure that there won't be any game-breaking things in this playthrough, though. Thank you all for your time and helpful advice and thoughts. Malachor V remote issue, solved. Case closed. Except for the G0T0 mod itself, and I'm still wondering, what could be the problem...
  9. Okay, this is getting ridiculous... Finally, I got through the cut-scene after activating the 4 consoles. G0t0 came in, then HK arrived, saw the movie where the Ebon Hawk fell from the cliff.... but aaahhh..... Malachor V is a dark and punishing place, indeed and likes to put obstacles between you and your adventures in a technical way. Such as not a stuck, oh no, it brought out that gun before, but instead a nice crash every time, after you see the Ebon Hawk fall down the cliff! The crash came so immediately after Bao's remote section, that I don't even have to fill another bug/glitch report form, or change the topic's name, cause it came right after that. *sigh* God... Anyway, if you can bear with me for a while longer... The bug came after I've activated all 4 consoles with Bao's remote. HK came, killed "that one", cutscene with the Ebon Hawk falling down the cliff and crash. Every time. What the hell? I'm using the same mods, listed above, except, of course, the G0t0 Overhaul.
  10. It seems that way, though a bit starnge, to be honest. Still, I've tested it and I got the bug, then I uninstalled the mod and it got fixed. G0T0 came in, and the dialogue was going. UPDATE (cause, I don't wanna spam much): - Having a talk with Darth_Sapiens. He suggested, I should try the mod, but without the g0t0.dlg file. We'll see what happens. RESULT: - Didn't work, the bug came back.
  11. Tested it on a fresh install with only TSLRCM and nothing more... Unfortunately that mod is the culprit. Gonna let Darth know about this now.
  12. Then I have to do without. Shame. That mod made G0t0 look a LOT better and a lot more useful. But I think I should make sure that it is the one causing it a hundred percent. Gonna re-install the game, and install only TSLRCM and G0t0 and if the bug persists, then it is. If not, then it's some other mod. Fortunately, I kept my save game, and since I'm with the remote, I doubt it'll crash because of some missing mods and such... I hope.
  13. I fail to see, how the NPC overhaul or the animation fix could be suspected to cause this, however... If I understand correctly, the problem is, that the dialogue isn't starting, and if I'm correct, none of the above two are modifying dialogue files. But if I remember correctly, G0t0 overhaul does modify dialogue files, so it might be that mod which causes the bug, indeed. If yes, then still I have to re-install the game, bah...
  14. No can do. :S I was suspecting that the G0t0 overhaul was the problem, too. But unfortunately I was so confident in the compatibility and good behavior of the mods I downloaded, that after a while, I found it unnecessary to keep the backup files, mainly cause everything was fine from the beginning right to that point. And the un-installation of the G0t0 overhaul mod requires them, as many others, cause if I just delete the modded files, then the game would be extremely unstable..... I hate where this is going..... *taking a deep breath* Perhaps I uh... should re-install the whole game... again... dammit. But if I wanna look at the bright side, I've learned something yet again. Always keep your backups, no matter what, cause disaster can still strike, even when you believe that it absolutely can't.