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  1. Hello all! So I decided to replay KOTOR again, this time on my phone because I have a long train trip coming up and I just finished Jedi Survivor so now I want to keep playing Star Wars. I decided to mod my game this time using this guide: Working on this yesterday everything went well. I was able to extract the save file using iTunes and edit it using KSE (all I want to do is change my credits from 103 to 9000). However, I'm struggling with the final steps of moving the file back to my iPhone: (when I follow these steps the save on my phone remains unchanged. Is there another way of moving the file back to my iPhone?) How to add saves to iPad/iPhone: Connect iPad to PC/Mac with iTunes. Place save folder in a folder with path: KOTOR/saves/ Capitalization matters Compress the KOTOR folder into a zip file. If you don't have a program that can do this for you, I would recommend WinRAR In iTunes select the iPad/iPhone. Navigate to Apps tab and select KOTOR in File Sharing. Drag KOTOR.zip to the File Sharing window. Launch KOTOR. Once KotOR launches on the iDevice and gets to the main menu, close it and go back to iTunes Take the zip file you moved to the device and delete it, otherwise it'll unzip it every time you open KotOR, possibly overwriting some of your save files!