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  1. narshaddaarocks

    EA Vetoed "KOTOR Sequel"

    I agree with Ragnarok. Karpyshyn was responsible for ruining Revan, The Exile and others like Bastila and Canderous. He (and Bioware ) have no business touching anything KOTOR related ever again as far as I'm concern. Avellone and the great people at Obsidian should make K3 or a remake or whatever. And make sure EA has nothing to do with it what's so ever. Btw let's get Disney to commission another Jedi Knight game by Raven because that would be pretty awesome.
  2. It's amazing since EA got the SW game licence almost 6 years all they have released are two half-baked games and canceled a lot of other ones.

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    2. narshaddaarocks
    3. Sith Holocron
    4. narshaddaarocks


      Disney needs to get out of their contract with EA already.

      I thought after how abysmal Lucasarts had been in its final years that things would be better SW game wise after the Disney purchase, but nope!

  3. Hey does anyone know why Mandalore won't tell me the truth about his mission and Revan once all the clans have been found? I've got TLRCM 1.8.5 installed of course, and got influence from him when each group was found, but he simply won't tell me the truth for some reason.

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    2. LiliArch


      I did compare two incomplete sets of files, so I’m not exactly surprised. What influence did you end up with?

    3. narshaddaarocks


      90. Almost unbelievable how hard Obsidian made it to get Mandalore to talk on the light side path.

      Thanks again!

    4. LiliArch


      My files said it required 80, so if you needed to get it up to 90... either your file has higher requirement, or it required a global that’s set only in certain way. Curious.

      Either way, you’re welcome. It was fun.

  4. What's your favorite planet from each game? Mine would be Tatooine for K1 and Nar Shaddaa for K2.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Name checks out.

    3. N-DReW25


      Probably Korriban for K1 and Dantooine for K2. K1 for the really cool Dreshdae and the whole Sith Academy plotlines and Dantooine for its nostalgia, good story writing and short pacing... nothing quite like getting straight to the point in a Kotor game

    4. R2-X2


      Taris and Onderon, no competition. :D

  5. narshaddaarocks

    GenoHaradan Legacy DEMO

    I see. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the new update! Will do. Do you plan on discontinuing this mod because of that serious bug you encountered?
  6. narshaddaarocks

    GenoHaradan Legacy DEMO

    Hey old friend, how is the development of this mod going?
  7. narshaddaarocks

    Human Xor Restoration

  8. narshaddaarocks

    Recruitable Maxis

  9. narshaddaarocks

    Curse of the Sith

  10. narshaddaarocks

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    I did. Do you think the Geno assassins with that voiceover are all aliens or is it just some secret language they have? Thanks.
  11. narshaddaarocks

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Loving the previews! Will the dialogue with the Geno assassin on Dxun be different if the player has already defeated Dessicus?