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  1. The disrespect to Thor continues!

    Yes, I know they did it on the comics once, but that doesn't mean they have to apply it (and several other things I'm not happy about) to the movies!

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    2. 1Leonard


      How dare they take on their series in new, unexpected ways?!

    3. LDR


      I'm glad they buried the hatchet.

    4. narshaddaarocks


      Alright, maybe I'm being over negative and cynical, but that's what's part of being a Star Wars fan. LOL So I'll wait and see for now.

      I will say the Black Widow, The Eternals, and Doctor Strange 2 movies sound amazing!    

  2. It seems to be when a company goes out of there way to please the "fans" it's always some of the worst imaginable stuff possible, and those of us that didn't ask for it or want it, don't seem to much matter. 

    1. Mephiles550


      That's a really hit and miss thing tbh, what examples did you have in mind?

    2. narshaddaarocks


      If you liked how Thor was before being in shape and fighter, well now he's an overweight drunk who never gets better and they did it that way to make him "relatable" and for laughs.

      Don't have strong feelings on TLJ either way, but I can only assume a lot of people were upset with Luke almost killing Kylo, and maybe they did that to make Luke "complex" or something. 

      If you liked how Thor was before (or Luke) it seems you're cast aside.  But that's just me. I could go on all day about this kind of stuff. :p


    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Thor was already showing signs of PTSD in Infinity War. What we see in Endgame seems like a natural progression of that to me considering what he's been through.

      TLJ was a massive disappointment though.

  3. @DarthParametric Oh, I want to finally make and upload a mod, so what must I do to start? I have all the modding tools downloaded and ready to go. @Sith Holocron Awesome! Thanks for the link! Okay guys, in your opinions and experiences if I wanted to make a Thor head and outfit like here for the games, what should I start with?
  4. The title says it all. Is is possible to say make a Thor costume and head for the games? Or Captain America as well? And for females, what about a Captain Marvel costume and head (not the one with the Endgame haircut)? Or a Black Widow one? I'm not all that experienced in modding obviously, but I'm always looking for ways to keep the games interesting and fresh for me, so is it possible to make what I want? Thanks in advance!
  5. Lol a "certain movie" Disney released a couple a months ago had me thinking if KOTOR 3 is ever made we would see things like Revan and Carth dying (no funeral, sorry Carth), Canderous would be an overweight drunk who abandons his people, Bastila would be so useless and have a "haircut",  HK-47 would no longer want to kill and instead spends his time at DexterJettster's diner chilling with fans, and The Exile would find a way to make sure she can't the person is she now. 

    So yeah, I'll stick with TJM if Disney ever releases a KOTOR 3. LOL!


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    2. N-DReW25


      Ironically enough, in TJM Canderous does become a drunkard who abandoned his people and an antagonist in the mod is a purple dude named "Kannos"

    3. narshaddaarocks


      Lol! True, true, but at least Canderous snaps out of it at the end and gets the people back. Thor never recovers and is now a loser for all time. Imagine HK being a loser too that's obsessed with taking selfies with fans for some reason. That diner scene felt like it was lifted right out of Attack of the Clones. 

    4. narshaddaarocks


      I'd like to also say I'm everyone if I'm being overly negative, but I was fan of the Marvel films as much as I am the KOTOR games, so I found it very disappointing they seemed to taking a page out of the Revan book by applying similar things from that book in Endgame. Makes no sense at all, and that's why I said if KOTOR 3 was ever made, you would probably see some of the same things happen to the KOTOR characters. 

      So I'll shut up about it now. Lol

  6. A few things though I prefer 1.2 overall. 1. The teleportation system is good. Less walking that way (can take forever as we all know lol). 2. The gonk droids were a nice touch. 3. I liked Kaah being in the central zone after clearing everything up. 4. Separating the modules in the industrial zone was a good idea. 5. All the new droid voices were nice plus.
  7. Well, I've played 1.2 several times, and I think I liked that version better than 1.5. 1. I didn't like bringing the Sith Assassins in. Though not great, I liked Vash dying better in 1.2 than in 1.5. 2. Didn't like Kaah's death all that much either compared to 1.2. I would rather he and Vash live somehow (re casting the voice may be the way to do this like you said). 3. Not sure if I missed it, but I didn't like removing that quest with the droid who gives you a mission when you play as Hk, T3 or GO-TO. 4. The droid that gives the mission to find out where the true colonists come from appears to be have been removed sadly. 5. Not sure if it just me, but the black market droid crashes every time I click on it. 6. I liked the original opening scene better and this one didn't seem as good IMO. 7. I didn't like the police droids being removed either. 8. This version felt a lot more buggy over all (one quest I completed (rogue assassin part quest I think) opened back up in the Research and Development center after it was already closed.). 9. Not sure why the recent events mission was removed. I liked that one. 10. I would also just get rid of the new sequence on the landing pad at the end. Felt weird and out of place imo.
  8. Here's the link in case anyone's interested: ttp:// And that's true, there's some issues, but right now it's the closest thing we got to KOTOR 3. Unless Disney drops their foolish deal with EA and let's Obsidian make it, it's all we have for now.
  9. There's already The Jedi Masters mod that does that. I think it's amazing, though others may disagree.
  10. So I've been looking since then, and alas still no luck for this final piece I need to complete this mod. If I want to assign new weapons to the aliens through this "main hold slot" would I look in their utc files or somewhere else?
  11. Thanks @Ashton Scorpius and @Qui-Gon Glenn for your help on the readme! I'm just about done with this, but I can't get the thugs to change weapons. They're all stuck with the wooden staffs or whatever and I want to change that to like swords and blasters. I go into inventory and added these things but they're still stuck with the wooden staffs. Does anyone know how to fix this?