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  1. Wow, can't say I expected to see this updated any more! Outside of "unrestorable" stuff like the Lt. Yima quest on Telos or the GenoHaradan quests, is KOTOR 2 now basically fully restored and debugged?
  2. Can you try using version 3.0 of the mod instead of version 3.1? It's included in the install folder. Also try without Liskis installed, there might be a conflict there.
  3. Vossk: Not sure, there's a chance I deleted it and forgot to mention it in in the readme? I'll look into it when I have time. Can you still progress the quest? Lost Room: It vanished when FileFront went down. As far as I know there are no backups of it in existence. If anyone ever finds one, please tell me!
  4. I'm honestly not sure about the compatibility for this mod. I tried to make it so that any files changed in TSLRCM would have those changes reflected in this mod, but like you said I did that back during the days of TSLRCM 1.8.2, and I'm not sure if anything was changed since then (plus I may well have missed something). I keep meaning to go back and look over the files one of these days.... Eh, it's summer break, maybe I will make a patch. For now, my advice would be to make a backup save before installing this mod and try playing through with it, if it does have any compatibility issues they should be minor. I'm pretty sure I played through TSLRCM 1.8.5 with this mod and didn't notice anything (though that obviously doesn't mean there wasn't any problem).
  5. Are you still planning to do the Sand People Messiah quest as a separate mod? (Possibly without HK voiceovers )
  6. This looks really good, looking forward to trying it (will probably wait for 1.2, gives me time to figure out why KOTOR doesn't like my PC ). Too bad about the Sand People Messiah...any chance of a separate mod restoring it with unvoiced lines? Also, out of curiosity, do you have any idea what the swoop upgrades would have been?
  7. No need to apologize, just glad you got everything sorted out. Thanks for warning us.
  8. Is there a good place to report that error? (Or has it already been reported?)
  9. When you read your party's minds en route to Malachor V, Mandalore's line about not surrendering is unvoiced.
  10. Ah. Oops. Wish I'd known that before making it all the way to the Ravager. xD Thanks for the info.
  11. I'm using the TSLRCM version of H4F: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/226-handmaiden-4-females-disciple-4-males-for-tslrcm-183/ . Or is that mod waiting on a 1.8.4 update? No workshop mods, installed all the manual mods with TSLPatcher. I thought we shouldn't use workshop mods- heard a lot of horror stories about workshop crashing KOTOR.
  12. Oh, it seems my TSLRCM install was corrupt...working now.
  13. • Error: Destination file "Modules\852NIH.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... Um...this seems like a bad sign.
  14. OK, guess I'll be the first... five bugs, three minor, one not minor, one gamebreaking. First, the black market droid's "No offense but I don't normally dead with other droids" (paraphrasing) has no sound, not even beeps. Second, when the droids accost you to investigate the "murder of two dead droids", the screen keeps cutting to a blank blue screen whenever one of the droids talks (the one who says "I'm afraid we have to place you under arrest"). Also, as far as I can tell, the cutscene happens every time you go past them. Third, a lot of things (doors, charging stations, consoles, the torsos of some droids) all appear blue and featureless until you get close to them... Fourth, I can't return to Central Zone from the Industrial Control Zone. It's a one way trip... Fifth, there's no sign of IS-33 anywhere. Questions from the format: 1:Right away. 2: Yes. 3: Steam 4: NA 5: Used provided installer. 6: no. 7: Um...TSLRCM, Extended Enclave, Handmaiden4Females, Muiltistim, No force restrictions on armor, whereami armband, and some textures (none of which should be affecting M4-78's textures - these are textures for Atton and such). 8: All information given. 9: Yes. 10: Doesn't seem to have any effect. 11: No. 12: Windows 10. EDIT: One big complaint. Removing the mod also removed spells.2da completely. M4-78EP was not the only mod to have edited that, so now I have to reinstall all those other mods... EDIT 2: It didn't just remove Spells.2da, it removed a bunch of TSLRCM's stuff too...whole modules gone. Have to reinstall the entire game and all my mods now.
  15. If you ask Hussef what's going on in the area after wiping out both the Serocco and the Exchange, he'll say that Secorro is gone but the Exchange is still putting pressure on the refugees. EDIT: Also, Fuel for Telos seems to have gotten stuck after I told Grenn about Vogga's offer. The questlog says I told Grenn about the offer, but KSE shows one more entry after that ("Telos has a new source of fuel") - is there something I'm missing, or will that trigger at the Battle of Telos? Since Vogga has no new dialog options.