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  1. Romin

    Jedi From The Start

    To anyone having doubts about this mod: don't. At version 2.2.0 it does an exceptional job at delivering what it promises in the summary above. Much of the dialogue about you not being a Jedi is gone, some PC responses have been altered accordingly and it flows really well storywise. Just an important note: if you are using any other mods that use/alter the dialog.tlk file make sure to install this one last, this way you prevent it from breaking storywise. I wouldn't recommend this mod for a 1st playthrough, otherwise why wait to be a Jedi? Will use this mod ALLWAYS
  2. Romin

    Sunry Murder Recording Ehancement

    There is a maxim in cinema that says: "Don't tell. Show!". It also applies to videogames. And this mod does exactly that. This is as it should have been in vanilla. Thank you so much @Fallen Guardian Will use this mod ALLWAYS
  3. Romin

    ...A Leveling Fix

    I like my playthroughs to be difficult, and this mod does just that! (I use it in conjunction with some others difficulty mods, of course ) Tbh, I just use the exptable.2da file. That's enough for me. The other two files I don't care about. This really raises the difficulty to a new level and I don't want it any other way. Will use this mod ALLWAYS.
  4. Romin

    Quanons T3M4 Reskin

  5. Romin

    Quanons HK-47 Reskin

  6. Romin

    HD Twilek female

  7. Romin

    Quanons Carth Onasi Reskin

  8. Romin

    Quanons Bastila Shan Reskin