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  1. Good idea, but you'd have to ask someone with actual experience in making textures. I recommend the section in the forums for mod requests.
  2. Both spellings of the name are used from what I've seen. I prefer the lower case variant.
  3. This is just something I wanted to show off so people know it's possible in case they want to do it for themselves. Step 1: Download the "AndroidK1 ImmersiveHUD" mod (v1.5) and apply only the files in the "dialog" folder. Step 2: Take one of the 'blank' tga files you just put in your override from the mod above (like "ipho_respbgipad.tga") and copy it to somewhere else, rename it to "ios_touch_cursor" then put it back in the override. This will eliminate the big ugly green arrow cursor that appears over dialog. If you want you can do the same for K1, they both use the same file name. Step 3: Open the override from one of the K1 Android OBBs (only one has the override folder) and insert these files into your K2 override. "ipho_dialog.tga" "ipho_dialogws.tga" "ipho_letterline.tga" "ipho_resdown.tga" Done.
    I wish there were more mods for the mobile version. On a side note, the dialog files function perfectly in the newly released Kotor 2. Tested on Android only, not IOS.
  4. The only way I know equipping armor would crash your game is the appearance.2da file not having the correct model assigned to the character that is equipping it. Explaining how and why is really hard to someone that doesn't know how the appearance.2da file works. Does the armor come with a patch install? Try installing it on a fresh unmodded game and see if it crashes. It could be the character equipping it has no assigned body type for that armor. Wish I could be more help.
  5. I bought the Android version but I've yet to start playing it. If it's anything like K1 on Android then it won't run custom audio files in which case the Padawan quest restored by TSLRCM won't have the Padawan's VO. The mod below removes her and restores the vanilla Farm Equipment quest to get around silent dialog. Also worth noting is that the Padawan removal requires two separate installs by the patcher.
  6. I have a program that I downloaded some time ago for Fallout 1/2 modding that changes file names in bulk. Even just specific letters. Problem is you have to manually choose the name of the file and what you want it changed to in a list before executing the command or whatever tech lingo makes me sound like I know more about tech than I actually do. I used it to change the names of art files in the Fallout games of which there are a LOT.
  7. So either Aspyr screwed up or it's on my end and I doubt it's on my end, but my K2 game refuses to read the dialog.tlk on Android. Yes it's in the right place, I've been modding K1 on mobile for over two years now so I doubt I messed something up. I tried with TSLRCM and without anything. I even put in K1's .tlk just for the hell of it. Nada. Anyone else experiencing this? Seems too specific to be a bug but who knows. The game just insists on reading the .tlk inside one of the OBBs and any modifications to the mod folder .tlk are ignored and additions show up blank. Again, seems oddly specific to be a bug. Edit: I just remembered having a similar issue with one of those old mod files for Fallout 2 a while back. It was the "Fire Gecko Skinning" and it insisted on using the item name/description text file inside the master.dat instead of the modified one outside. I ended up resolving the issue by hex editing the mod file itself. I doubt this would be as simple, regardless of it being a bug or an intentional change by Aspyr.
  8. I just use my LG phone's default app manager. For the complicated things like the patchers I just moves things to the PC. No idea if there is an app that allows doing that on Android at least, although I've heard rumors. But I have a PC so it's better to just use that and then move everything back using a USB connector or whatever they're called.
    You guys are on top of this. The game isn't even available on my region yet, I can only pre-register for when it releases.
    The single best character appearance overhaul I've seen. I never liked Juhani's default look or clothing. But this? This is gold. How it isn't rated as one of the top mods for this game on this site is a mystery. It even comes with a complete portrait set in the same low quality style as the game's default ones so they aren't out of place. I unironically love that. I really do. The only thing I disliked was the lightsaber hilt. I prefer her with dual short green lightsabers anyway. Maybe if the lightsaber was a simpler sleeker design with a reflective metallic sheen? Just a thought. Keep up the good work @Stormie97.
  9. @Kainzorus Prime has given their permission to go ahead and use their "Moderate PC Responses" dialog.tlk file for the mod. Furthermore, I know I said I could have this out before the end of December but I halted my playthrough and made a bunch of new additions. The mod will no longer include just the dialog.tlk and dialog files but also other goodies. Sometime in January probably. Probably... For one, the rancor in the Taris sewers will now be a boss battle against a small malnourished rancor. Not as strong as the ones in Lehon, but still stronger than the rakghouls. The script has been removed for the rancor pile and the odor items from the severed hand on top of changing the text on the datapad. This change came about from my desire to eliminate all instances of instant death from the game which is another feature I have implemented. Second, I went for a dive over at Strategy Wiki and learned a bunch of things about the game's hidden combat mechanics, like "Debilitate" and what feats, weapons and powers can inflict this hidden status. I have thus overhauled all descriptions for said items, weapons, feats and powers that have hidden effects. For example, Force Storm now says it can drain Force points from the opponent and how that mechanic works, fixed Affliction/Plague's incorrect descriptions and Antidote Kits will now say that they can restore damaged attribute scores. I have also improved the descriptions for grenades and mines so the effects are compiled in the description neatly and easily digested. I will also include an optional change to health paks as some use different tags meaning you can have a few that do not stack with the rest. Antidote Kits will use a different icon found in the game's files and no more "Squad Healing" items found in the Star Forge. Those will become Life Support Paks. I might also include changes I made to lightsaber crystal names and descriptions. Particularly to the Krayt Dragon Pearl which is designated as a "plot item" and so its description has a hardcoded space at the top that does not appear in the workbench (requires testing with the Sand People quest as I changed its item file to be a lightsaber crystal). I did this so that their descriptions do not connect with the crystal's effects in the workbench but a nice empty space separates the two. This requires the item files as adding the space in the dialog.tlk results in a white square at the start of the empty space for some reason. Weird. So lots of things I need to change and check as all of this is finished in my game but I need to separate things from other mods and junk. Another inclusion I'm thinking of is an optional Bastila dialog file as I changed the one from "Jedi From The Start" to have the improved romance scene. Except mine only uses the "get_close.ncs" script so Bastila and Revan do not go into their underwear. I will of course not include the script so users will have to download that mod and as long as it's installed my alternate kiss scene will play instead if my altered Bastila dialog file is used. I also changed the Juhani "Jedi From The Start" dialog file so I could romance her as a male Revan. But I don't know if to include it. I came across a thread here where a user vilified doing this very same thing so maybe I'll hold on to that one for myself. I mean, it would be optional and lots of mods make Bastila and Carth gay but whatever, to each their own. Maybe feedback on if I should include it or not? Seems harmless to me but someone may get offended and I'm not a Deadlystream veteran so I don't see many coming to my defense. Is that all for now? We'll see.
    Downloaded just for the dark side set to use as the dafault underwear. Would love a male variant to go with it. There are literally no good male underwear mods for K1 that I've seen and believe me I've looked.
  10. Just added screenshots and some extras about other things I've changed to the first post. I just started my third playthough of Kotor 1 ever so I'll be taking shots of things I've changed along the way. It'll also be the first time I ever do the lightside ending. It will take me about 50-60 hours to finish the game as I like to take my time with RPGs. If all goes well and I receive swift responses from the creators of "PC Response Moderation" and "Jedi From Start" with their permission to go ahead, I will likely be able to get this thing out the door by Christmas as it would only be a few days worth of work to compile everything for release. I can do without "Jedi From The Start" files as the essential one to make this work is the dialog.tlk from "PC Response Moderation," but both would be best.
  11. I'll be doing a playthrough soon and I'll take sample screenshots to post here to show my changes and level of writing competency. One thing you might like is that after going Dark Side on Lehon Revan no longer runs after Carth on the beach like a dummy when the latter runs away crying about betrayal. Bastila would stop you and the whole thing felt so undignified. This was never intended to be released, it was for personal use. I'm just now deciding to talk about it and see if there would be demand for it. If I do decide to release it, then I'll be contacting the appropriate modders. I'd hate to waste their time if I decide the effort isn't worth it. Edit: After reading it again I realized your concern. When I said it would be a huge pain I was not willing to go through I was talking about transferring the dialog.tlk lines and not connected to not getting permission. In that case I meant I would just not upload anything to begin with. Yes thank you, it's this one. Good thing too as contacting them would be simpler if they are Deadlystream regulars. Jedi From The Start's creator is also here on Deadlystream and still active it seems. Good thing too, I was afraid these people being absorbed into the ether would have been the end of this before it even got off the ground.