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  1. detran

    Canderous Overhaul

    just use KSE to add the items to your inventory EDIT: just now noticed this comment is a year old
  2. @Dark HopeI like your work, but I also like the original blue so...
  3. @Dark Hope I absolutely love the quality of your work and would be interested to hear about your process.
  4. The automatic installation doesn't work for me, the manual installation instructions are beyond my capabilities, would it be possible for you @ndix UR to make multiple variants of the exe for the common resolutions and upload them? EDIT: never mind. I hired a guy on Fiverr do the work for me and uploaded the results in my own mod
  5. These are really good, may I ask what you're using to create them?
  6. View File Detran's Darth Revan New HD Textures for Darth Revan Detran's Darth Submitter detran Submitted 08/02/2023 Category Skins  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    New HD Textures for Darth Revan Detran's Darth
  8. would it be possible to make more realistic textures for the model? current textures look a bit cartoony?
  9. I followed the instructions but my character still sounds the same, though I didn't follow step 3 as I don't understand it step 3 sounds like uninstalling the mod, or else I'm misinterpreting it