[K1] Legends - Elder Droid's Unique VO 1.0.0

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This mod replace the default voice-over used by the Elder Droids with the Legends rendition.


# Background #

It was one fine evening when I take a walk inside the Elder's Settlement. I wonder how them droids sounds like, and then... why do they sounded like T3?

So I wanted to experience something else, then I remember back in the Ancient Ruins of Dantooine there was a similar droid there that has something different with it. Apparently it was speaking Rakatan's language that the PC did not recognized. I decided that I had to incorporate that with the droid then, hence the making of this mod.


# About this Mod #

This mod replace the default voice-over used by the Elder Droids with the Legends rendition. The sound was made using an inverted Rakatan's voice-over with added droid-like filters on top of it. By concept it gave an idea that the droids were speaking an epitome of language that the PC did not understand [in Bastila's voice], resulting in addition of changing the spoken line of the droids. It also changes the bubble-bark conversation to a cinematic one.

For a distinctive look at what the mod does, here is the preview -




# Final Remarks #

There's always room for improvements; critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are very much appreciated. PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod.

Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!

Installation: run the installer and choose INSTALL option, then hit the [Install Mod ->] button!


  • Choose the UNINSTALL option in the installation menu
  • Additionally you may want to remove eb_elderdrd_ANGM.wav from the streamwaves folder


  • For maximum compatibility, install this mod at the latter stage of your mod's build
  • Will not be compatible with any mods that hard-overwrite the Elder Settlement/unk_m42aa module
  • Pay attention to the patcher's warning messages upon installing the mod. If it tells you that it found an instance of k_hdroid1_dialog.dlg and unk42_elddroidXYZ.utc in the Override folder, then there might be a compatibility issue indeed

For this mod to be fully effective you should at least load a saved game before entering the Elder Settlement [unk_m42aa] module

The mod is play-tested with the latest version of KotOR 1 Restoration/K1R and is compatible with it. At the other hand, it was only by far tested with K1:Community Patch/K1CP v1.7, though assets-wise, there's nothing to be conflicted with the 1.8 version

Redistribution: do not redistribute this mod or re-release it on any websites. I'd love to provide direct support to my work, which wouldn't be possible if they're scattered in the Unknown Regions. If you are to re-use an assets to a project you will be releasing, you don't have to ask for permission - but your generous intention is very much welcome. I'd love to know what others are up too, particularly if my work are included. And then, make sure to give credits to BioWare & LucasArts with the release - as without them the enjoyment would be non-existent. A bit of appreciation to this lil' peasant work here is also a very warm welcome, welcome. :cheers:


  • The Almighty Force which gave me chance to finish the mod
  • BioWare & LucasArts for developing one of the best RPG I've ever played
  • DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create mods and for all his outstanding creation that I am a fan of, also for the WAV header-converter stuff which makes the included custom VO went functional
  • JCarter426 and Inyri Forge for all their awesome work that I look up to - I learned a lot from their mods and been practicing a lot using their method
  • ROTNR for Creating Module Files in KotOR tutorial which opened the gate for me to packaging a custom MOD/module
  • Fred Tetra for the amazing KotOR Tool
  • The Audacity Team for Audacity
  • Chrysocome and John Newbigin for dd
  • stoffe for the magnificent TSL Patcher and Fair Strides for improving its features
  • tk102 for K-GFF and DLGEditor
  • Notepad++team for Notepad++
  • All the Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - can't make it without y'all! :respect:
  • All the inspiring streamers on DeadlyStream
  • All the inspiring modders either active or inactive
  • DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout, to discuss and hosting my work
  • DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site
  • Snigaroo/Sniggles for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor


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Never leaves my Override folder.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I don't know what to say! How do you people still come up with this ideas that add so much flavor to this old but awesome game?

I swear, this game only gets better every time I visit this site. Thank you so much for your work.

Will use this mod ALLWAYS.

Response from the author:

Cool - glad that you liked the mod!

And many thanks for the ***** review - much appreciated. :cheers:

Also to answer this question --


How do you people still come up with this ideas that add so much flavor to this old but awesome game?

For me it's pretty much observe, imitate, and modify -- and also opportunity. I meant with the latter is - not every elements in this awesome game I'd dare taking risk modding them; either I would break them or make things worse, lol.

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