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  1. d'oh, you're right about enrty 11699. thanks for the correction.
    These are beautiful! Taris and Dantooine are definitely my favorite. Excellent work as always.
  2. The updated Manaan looks great! I can almost hear the Ahto City music in my head just looking at it. Personally, I'm quite happy with the other changes you made. The stock skies always looked too dark to me.
  3. Thanks so much, to you and your trusty graphics card indeed You're a very talented graphic artist, and it's been great seeing your work evolve in this thread.
  4. Glad to see you're working on this again version 1 was a massive improvement over the stock star maps. A new model would be neat, but I think the low-poly floating ball thing is the only bit that's really in need of improvement.
  5. I agree with @LoneWanderer - an entire gallery of flickering .gifs might be a bit much, and the somewhat rapid change makes it tough to really compare fine details. I think Style 1 is the best overall.
  6. A mask of some kind could work, but I don't know how many Sith would be fooled by something like: If you decide to integrate the Dark Jedi attack seen on the cover art, I guess you could have a small group attack the party if Bastila isn't in disguise, but that's just an idea. Maybe it would be better to stick with attacks from troopers. However the disguise is handled, though, it should definitely be destroyed after arriving on Dantooine.
  7. I think this could work if done well. I've always thought it was funny that she could just run around Taris in her signature clothes, waving her lightsaber in everyone's face. And even the official cover art shows her fighting a Dark Jedi in the Upper City, as others have pointed out before. But it could definitely feel clunky and annoying if implemented poorly. I like the idea behind Operation Kill Bastila, but it seems odd just to give her a hood lol. Maybe another set of clothes/armor could be added to the inventory after the Brejik encounter? Maybe some variant of the commoner clothing?
  8. I think it could work either way, but I can't blame you for going with the VA due to the audio quality. But if you could get your hands on a really good mic, I'd go with yours. Oh, and on the topic of improving KotOR through VO edits... What do you think of removing certain lines altogether? Some of Bastila's lines are particularly silly, in my opinion. The "For the Jedi!" line on the Leviathan feels a little out of place, and a couple lines on the Unknown World temple summit and Star Forge are just as goofy. It's been a while since I've actually played up to the end of the game, but I'll try to find the lines I'm talking about.
  9. Not bad, @Salk. Better than I expected, honestly I don't think your accent is a problem at all, as there are plenty of characters with different accents throughout the game. Mic quality is really the only obstacle. But @Sith Holocron is also a serious contender, and I think the hired VA did a great job too. Here's my edit, with carefully edited bass/treble, fade in/out and silence: nm35aavict23000_Salk_km_edit_v2.wav
  10. Coruscant looks even better than I expected o.O The clouds are beautiful and the traffic looks pretty convincing. Maybe I'm going overboard with the lore, but I would consider leaving Taris as is, since it's described as "rapidly decaying" and "now obsolete" with respect to trade.
  11. Found a few more issues that aren't mentioned in your latest release: 11699: ". Chuundar!" should be ", Chuundar!" 12759: "here" should be "Here" 17657: "... The Sith Empire" should be "... the Sith Empire". 31030: "Come speak to me and when..." should be "Come speak to me when..." 38638: "anymore" should be "any more" (2x) 38640: "anymore" should be "any more" 43648: "... as well the ship itself" should be "... as well as the ship itself" 44695: jeporadize 45152: soceity 45266: "inter-galactic" should be "intergalactic" EDIT: I forgot a few... 1716: "Now you're teasing me." should be "You're teasing me." 2417: "... with the Republic with the Sith, ..." should be "... with the Republic, with the Sith, ..." 3641: "It wasn't what a would call..." should be "It wasn't what I would call..." 4192: "i" should obviously be capitalized (that entire line is an abortion of grammar, really)
  12. after looking at your heads for a bit, I think they might be slightly too small. it's most apparent when comparing the size of Bastila's upper arm and head (or maybe the old hair is just throwing me off). as far as facial features are concerned, it probably wouldn't hurt to make her look a little... well, bitchier. it's not Bastila without a serious case of RBF.
  13. Taris never looked so good o.o and I like the door lol. I suppose you could make the brown part slightly darker to make it look less "clean". or would that clash with other parts of upper Taris?
  14. I have no criticism, except maybe the back door to the academy that @Natural Law mentioned. everything looks great, especially Lehon (and Dantooine... and all the rest). you've made K1 look so much better, while retaining much of the classic look and feel. I cant wait to see your work on Taris 😄