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  1. Ah thanks for the explanation. It definitely sounds like it's possible to improve upon the stock behavior. Not using a cutscene for the jump sounds better to me, even if you do see the party members being moved. The second problem (getting "stuck") does sound pretty bad lol. This might be a silly question, since I know so little about scripting, but would it make sense just to have the script run itself multiple times to try and eliminate the possibility of getting stuck? Or would that not help to solve the problem?
  2. Ooh neat. How does your current solution work in practice, and what problems have you run into? Sounds like it must be an improvement over the stock game.
  3. True. Maybe this hypothetical script edit could just check whether or not combat is active? But to be fair, I know absolutely nothing about scripting and this is just a shot in the dark.
  4. Thanks for continuing to work on this, DP. I was wondering about something - I'm sure it's crossed your mind before... The whole "you must gather your party before venturing forth" thing can be pretty bad. Do you think it'd be too tacky/ugly just to auto-jump the party to the player whenever it happens? Not sure if it's even possible, and seeing them being teleported might not look great, but it would fix the problem. I figured this didn't merit its own issue on github.
    Such a huge improvement o.o Replacing the sprites would have been good enough on its own, but the lighting tweaks are excellent. Looking back at the stock version almost hurts now.
  5. There are a few more errors in the stock .tlk I've found, so I thought I'd share them. You probably know about these, Gimmick, but this is more for people who are looking for a comprehensive list of typos/subtitle mismatches in the base game. Perhaps this should have its own thread... 10056: "we'll have to find" should be "we have to find" 14920: "hear" should be "heard" 20851: "Hm... that may explain" should be "Hm... that might explain" 40071: double space 44016: "ice breaker" should be "ICE breaker" There are 2 occurrences of "aft holding cells" - not sure if this is a mistake or if I'm just missing something? EDIT - more 12447: semicolon should probably be a colon 21506: should be "stumbled into"
  6. Hopefully this doesn't count as resurrecting a dead thread, but I've run into a small issue and don't know whether or not I should submit it to GitHub, since it may have just been another freak thing. Malak's model was totally jumbled during the Unknown World torture scene with Bastila, which was funny, but an issue nonetheless. I know K1CP alters his model, so maybe that's it? I used to use Alvar007's Malak animation fix and I'm pretty sure I never had any problems with it. The only other mods I'm using couldn't possibly cause it (widescreen, HD textures, my dialog tlk, SS's fixed Revan model, etc.). Never mind that - turns out I was using Alvar007's model. Feel free to delete this post. It doesn't look like I can do it myself?
  7. d'oh, you're right about enrty 11699. thanks for the correction.
    These are beautiful! Taris and Dantooine are definitely my favorite. Excellent work as always.
  8. The updated Manaan looks great! I can almost hear the Ahto City music in my head just looking at it. Personally, I'm quite happy with the other changes you made. The stock skies always looked too dark to me.
  9. Thanks so much, to you and your trusty graphics card indeed You're a very talented graphic artist, and it's been great seeing your work evolve in this thread.
  10. Glad to see you're working on this again version 1 was a massive improvement over the stock star maps. A new model would be neat, but I think the low-poly floating ball thing is the only bit that's really in need of improvement.
  11. I agree with @LoneWanderer - an entire gallery of flickering .gifs might be a bit much, and the somewhat rapid change makes it tough to really compare fine details. I think Style 1 is the best overall.
  12. A mask of some kind could work, but I don't know how many Sith would be fooled by something like: If you decide to integrate the Dark Jedi attack seen on the cover art, I guess you could have a small group attack the party if Bastila isn't in disguise, but that's just an idea. Maybe it would be better to stick with attacks from troopers. However the disguise is handled, though, it should definitely be destroyed after arriving on Dantooine.
  13. I think this could work if done well. I've always thought it was funny that she could just run around Taris in her signature clothes, waving her lightsaber in everyone's face. And even the official cover art shows her fighting a Dark Jedi in the Upper City, as others have pointed out before. But it could definitely feel clunky and annoying if implemented poorly. I like the idea behind Operation Kill Bastila, but it seems odd just to give her a hood lol. Maybe another set of clothes/armor could be added to the inventory after the Brejik encounter? Maybe some variant of the commoner clothing?