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  1. Oh, I've been meaning to ask: is JC's supermodel fix actually incompatible with the community patch? I remember seeing that somewhere, but I haven't noticed any issues.
  2. Currently going through K1's dialog.tlk and fixing a bunch of typos. I'm tempted to leave this one in, though...

    Credit to Gimmick5000 for finding this one, as well an many others.

  3. This is more of a suggestion than a bug report, so I decided against creating an issue GitHub. Some of Zhar's dialogue during the Dantooine training is extremely repetitive. You're forced to have the same conversation twice before being tested on the Jedi code. IMO, the dialogue would be a lot less robotic if a few lines after "I am ready to continue my training." were removed, so that the conversation immediately before being tested on the code went a little something like: "Greetings, my young pupil. Your progress has been most remarkable so far. Are you here to continue your training in the ways of the Jedi?" "I am ready to continue my training." "First, I will test your knowledge of the Jedi code. These tenets..." But obviously it's up to @A Future Pilot and yourself.
  4. Ooh that would be a great touch. KotOR's space backgrounds always did feel a little plain, aside from that silly looking blue nebula thing that makes far too many appearances.
  5. Apologies for the double post, but I've come across a very small issue with Zimmaster's walking animation fix (I think). While it does greatly improve the look of the PC's walking animation, it causes other party members to exhibit the bizarre "waddle" walk during in-game cutscenes. Maybe it's caused by something else, but I doubt it. This particular problem seemed rather insignificant so I decided against reporting it on GutHub.
  6. Agree 100% as far as consistency is concerned. Personally, I can't wait to see what you do with Taris. There have been a couple good retextures over the years, but nothing that really caught my eye.
  7. These look fantastic, nice work as always. Do you plan on releasing small updates to your Complete Overhaul mods, to make them more like your newer reskins? Or maybe certain textures from these newer projects will simply overwrite computer panels, etc from your Manaan/Sith Base/Endar Spire reskins.
  8. Sure, no problem. Thanks for the info.
  9. Here are a couple more small issues on Taris. First, there is an odd facing choice during Largo's conversation in the North Apartments. As you can see from the screenshot, Largo very briefly and unnaturally turns to Carth as he lectures the PC for being too generous: The next one involves Matrik's "death" in the Lower City Apartments (don't worry, this isn't about #249 on GitHub). Matrik kneels down to set the detonators only for them to magically appear a couple meters in front of him: Oh, and I should probably ask now... Do you mind if others report things on GitHub or would you rather do that yourself, more or less?
  10. That's correct. Quite a few of the changes made to the PC version seem a little questionable - changing Xor, Bolook, the guards in Davik's estate, and this guy too.
  11. Keeping the combat suit is a necessity for sure. Imo, it makes sense just swapping his appearance to "Smuggler_01", since Zelka's assistant and the Sith thug outside the player's hideout both use the black commoner male head. I understand that the goal of the community patch isn't to improve NPC variety, but this seems like a good change to me.
  12. So far, I've only come across one small bug that I don't think anyone else has mentioned. It is extremely minor, but I figured I'd bring it up... The human bounty hunter (tar02_bountyh022) who tries to extract Davik's payment from the old man in Taris' Upper City South has mismatched head/hands. Could have something to do with the fact that this bounty hunter used the "Smuggler_01" appearance on the original Xbox version, rather than "Smuggler_02".
    You beat me to it lol, well done. If I remember correctly, the only other major .UTC error is Hulas on Manaan.
  13. Alright thanks. Currently doing a "quick" playthrough, and trying to catch any new bugs.
  14. I was looking through the changelog and saw that you had fixed "... an NPC in the Leviathan bridge cutscenes that had some deformation issues". I'm assuming this refers to the sitting female officer whose head was all mangled?