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  1. The islands on Lehon are a great addition. The DS ending skybox looks great, too - my only problem is that your render looks better than what actually ends up in game 😄 the render itself looks darker and more ominous, which (I think) has to do with that particular module's lighting. Would you consider tweaking the area lighting, or would you prefer to keep that stock @Kexikus?
  2. By the time you're done, the rest of the game is going to look awful by comparison 😄 Excellent work.
  3. 10/10, the animation looks even better than I expected. @Salk An animated K1 skybox sounds neat in theory, but I'm not sure it would fit stylistically with any of the stock worlds. Maybe it could work on Korriban or the Unknown World?
  4. They both look good, honestly 😁 but I'd prefer the one that's closer to stock, maybe with the saturation reduced slightly. Idk how much you could improve the v1 Unknown World skybox lol, I'm guessing the clouds are going to be the most noticeable difference?
  5. The changes made to Juhani's area of the grove are a big improvement, IMO. I would consider removing the other stones off to the left, but maybe that's just my obsessive desire for symmetry getting the best of me lol. On the subject of Dantooine landscaping, one of the hilltop-things near the murder investigation part of the grove always looked incorrect to me. As you can see, the lighting looks quite blocky and unnatural.