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So it seems what started out as me meant to be playing both KotOR games again, I then started getting updated textures and tools to mod the game to my liking, I also ported a few maps for fun as well as a previous project I was working on where I intended on using the original KotOR maps from both games, eventually I ended up pursuing a complete port of the modules for both games having removed any mods from the game simply for preview purposes of the original contents for the mod.
Would you believe I have only been working on this since around Christmas Day?

I will pursue preparation of what I am calling V0.25 a complete working version of K1 to K2 maps which may also include the K2 to K1 maps if I fix the issues or decide to include just the working maps.

It will be safely and securely backed up until I know what to do with it while I continue to work on my mod for the second game, I won't start work on a mod for the first game until I am done with the main mod I will only write down the odd idea here and there once I have re-played both games because I do not remember them as well as I would like to be writing stories / missions / quests / side-quests / extra content for these games.

Turns out K2 was not released for Android or the App Store but K1 was.
I had thoughts about porting the entire game to the first as a mod in order to allow people to play the second game on their mobiles but this could actually lead to a cease and desist order from Obsidian as it could prevent an official release of a "K2 for the Mobile".
This was just an idea though and not part of the mod I am actually working on ( porting both maps to both games ) but primarily an expansion mod for the second game, if I cannot fix the problematic maps for the first game from the second game then I will not pursue any alternate projects immediately.
I am surprised I have not dropped this project but I am quite passionate about the Old Republic Era / Series of games, so I will continue with my current main project of a "modders resource" for K2 of the K1 maps as well as my mod to re-introduce all of the "live_planet"'s which are left in the games code which in my opinion would have been the 4 planets from the first game that were not in the second.
It only makes sense where they left all the doors and dialog entries for the doors, placeable objects, placeables, characters and so on as well as the ease of access to adding new content through the override folder or its equivalent on xbox classic, the only edit is that Yavin Door 01 becomes #76 and Peragus Door 01 becomes #64 in the genericdoors.2da file.
Though of course it would not make sense to remove much of this content as it would have been heavily re-usable the specific re-arrangement of the Yavin Door and Peragus Door tells me they at the least planned to introduce "lyv_m99aa" or "yav_m50aa" into K2 one day.
Who knows, perhaps one day we will know for sure, I have also found some more modules within the second game that I am not familiar with and do not have corresponding modules within the game, I will need to again construct new .are, .git and .ifo files for these maps.

Entries in this blog

KotOR 1 & 2 : Expanded Galaxy Project

I AM REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY Concerns & Worries I have been notified no matter what happens, once I release the first version of my mod, it will be the same as releasing the modders resource which means I will just be releasing them as one and the same. V 0_2_5 is ready and I will upload them when ready. Though for the moment in both games the areas can only be warped to. I am not sure when I will be releasing it as I have thoughts about the future of both KotORs that may be compromised if anyone else goes crazy making content with the resources. My worries are that loads of different people will make loads of different universes for both games, which though a great thing is conflicting for the overall experience of the game unless they are used in total modifications, therefore I believe my best plan of action is to set up a website for The Expanded Galaxy project which will focus around getting the entire community to contribute to the project enhancing and adding to the overall KotOR experience as well as if possible adding an online feature for both. In order to prevent too many different universes popping up over the next few years that will rapidly change the KotOR 1 & 2 games for the better or for the worse. Thank you for reading and I really look forward to releasing after setting up a website, once I have a website I will reach out to the community with all of my ideas for both games as well as for people to help and get involved with every aspect of the mod. ModDB Page : Videos : Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords : Expanded Galaxy Project Over all both releases contain everything necessary for KotOR and KotOR 2 in order to add every planet / missing module to each game and vice versa as well as an overall questline during the game for each area as well as an expansion to both games, currently every module can only be warped to with the cheats enabled in the swkotor.ini files for both games. Revans Eternal Empire - K2 Map Source for K1 ( 900mb ) 2.13 uncompressed This mod will add both a light side and dark side expansion for Revan, addingmore planets throughout the main storyline with short questlines, once finishing the game the player will have the ability to conquer the universe to the extent that prequels SWTOR. Exiles Expanded Galaxy - K1 Map Source for K2 ( 700mb ) 2.02 uncompressed This mod will add a continuation of the second game, with all the ability to travel to all the new planets during the focus of the main game with some missions as well as an overall end game addition which will add a new story focused around the Taris Restoration Project and the Exiles influence in founding it or informing the sith as well as a new galaxy crawl where the player will need to go to every planet once more and follow a trail of information to help or devastate Taris.



TSL Expanded Galaxy & Revan's Eternal Empire

"As there's a hard limit for new placeables in KotOR1 with very few spaces left, has that affected your porting of TSL modules to KotOR1?" - @Sith Holocron
Great question! Got me thinking ^^ My thought was to just bypass the problem by completely porting the first game to the second game as a total conversion. Would also make sense as it would require users to port some files from the first game themselves ( exe, dlls, inis, music, sounds and movies ) and allow me to make an ultimate KotOR 2 install and Launcher that can start both games. My first thoughts were to include the dialog.tlk file in the second games and increase all references / entries to it for the first game but trying to include it separately and having it handled by the launcher might be a better option, it should drastically decrease the install size, remove the need for porting of the second games maps altogether and allow for easy module creation for both game using just one installation made of an original install of both games and a mod, should also allow for easy patching to update for other mods as the dialog.tlks will be kept separate. This shouldn't go against any issues raised as it would require both games from the user and manually copied files as well as the second game to begin with and would avoid conflict as well as save me the trouble of having to fix the Telos, Dxun and Dantooine Maps from the second game and instead creating copies of the modules as any guide would show you how to do. Thor110



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