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  1. @bead-v? It's good to know its been updated further. As this is a favorite of mine so far looks like it will play well with Chainz version, and I believe also with: The idea of her using a lightsaber is a good one again, I for one hope to see more awesome stuff from you The idea of her using a lightsaber is a good one again, I for one hope to see more awesome stuff from you. Cutscenes and everything else which I'm using even while attempting to further trick out my game
  2. *grin* supposedly it's the head tendrils lol. Now as to Visquis, I could see a falleen using them in a subtle manner. Likely to get rid of Goto
  3. I would think, a falleen would be selfish and self centered. Xizor certainly was, the pheromones were just so one way he could seduce them. And that would be interesting as a falleen would be able to use the 'mones, were he was able to hold his own.
  4. @vecte and just asking in general.
  5. Having a pc issue, gimmie a few. And sorry for wait @Sith Holocron, @ZoeyMarcyQuick on my end, the mod seems to be doing well. I've had a few sounds going, now I will have to set up mines and what not for the next part So, not as clear that it's messed up.
  6. @Sith Holocron, @ZoeyMarcyQuick I would be more than happy to test out *puts on a bright blue baseball cap with flames* lol I'll be a good little beta tester! well mostly... (will definitely give Carth and Trask plenty of irritation)
  7. A cathar or falleen one might be good idea, I''ve said again. Ditto a rattataki. With the Ventress/Kaliyo mod I'd recommend using a sultry voice. Possibly using say Kaliyo's, that way their balanced out as well.
  8. Any updates, because right now the other one had not been working. Is it not compatible with ultimate saber?
  9. *Snickers* Lol thank you kindly lol Bah, means I have to have a save game before pushing the checkbox though gah! By the way, I was super bizarre when I said that so there lol
  10. *Gets out a pretty red lightsaber, then attacks Steam, as well as Obsidian for causing these issues in the first place as well as disney just on good measure for throwing out the extended universe while chanting the Sith code*
  11. Should I just uninstall then reinstall the game then, see if that works? I was having an issue that likely was unrelated, kept having game crashes, that was related to a different mod far as I know, seemed fine now that I removed that one which was one of the exile armor mods (kept giving me error messages in kse so thinking that was unrelated to yours), for the voice over, with it I've heard how certain sounds would play such as when my female exile was bashing at the door and I was happy as a clam lol I'm like yay that sweet wonderful @JCarter426he's made my game much more lively, and then the game messed up refusing to play the lockpick sounds le'sigh! lol
  12. Quick update for you @JCarter426, I tried this last night, and for lockboxes, the voice isn't heard I'll try again (had to refix my game) could be an issue on my end. Will this conflict with your other sound mixes?
  13. How do I make it @N-DReW25, so it will show up in KSE? Because, I cannot find them even after having a saved game. Tends to get mega/super annoying like majorly lol I'm like "score, implants are back, a girl soooo needs her implants" (get your mind out of the gutter you pervy Atton males! ) and then I see no implants, one, two, three! lol
  14. Hey @JCarter426quick bug report, not hearing the response concerning the lockpicking actually, is that normal even with the @Sith Holocron's Darkside Jaesa's mod?
  15. Hmmm, will this work with the KSE? Because I am not seeing it and I've got increased skill attributes, my starter stats are all at 18, and so on (I know lol I'm a bit of a cheater lol) or do I need to go inside and fix it somehow so it will recognize it?