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Thematic The One 


The One: warlord; conqueror; latent Force-Sensitive. A charismatic leader of the Rakata and a near-supernatural anomaly among their people. As an added bonus, he also dies in about two combat rounds!

In fairness, with a good character build there’s very little that doesn’t go down in two rounds or less in the lategame. But The One in particular irks me—he’s presented as special, a natural leader in Revan’s own mold, a warrior-prince leading both armies and the political structure of his people. Yet despite having all the resources of the hundreds of islands he has conquered and dozens of crashed vessels he has looted, indeed despite having a Sith Tremor Sword in a bin literally RIGHT BEHIND HIM, he uses two regular vibroblades; despite being so charismatic he convinced his own former chieftain to willingly sacrifice himself and allow his tribe to cannibalize him while being so brick-headed he’s sat on a single island for half a decade, his WIS is 18 while his CHA is only 12; and despite being latently Force-Sensitive, his Will saves are abysmal. This was a ripe field for a Thematic project.

Like my similar mod for KOTOR 2, Thematic The One’s goal is not to make the fight against The One actually challenging—this is not a difficulty mod. The fight will be slightly harder than in vanilla, yes, but for some builds this change will not even be noticeable; indeed, I took him out in two combat rounds just like normal. Instead, the goal is to present The One as the game insists he is: a charismatic warrior with vast resources and the—albeit unconscious—power of the Force behind him.



The One’s WIS and CHA stats have been nearly inverted, from 18/12 to 14/18; he has been given a Sith Tremor Sword in his main hand and an Echani Vibroblade in his off-hand (neither droppable); his Will saves have been bumped up to 15, to make him about as difficult as an average Dark Jedi to land Force abilities against; his alignment has been moved from Neutral to moderately DS, so that the Solari crystal will work against him; and, most significantly, he has been scripted to use Force Valor at the start of the fight with him. I felt this was important to represent exactly how close The One is to true Force Sensitivity, and how it’s clear that the Force has been supporting his meteoric rise from the start.



As is the objective with all Thematic-series mods, this mod should be compatible with every other mod out there. Even mods that edit The One should be compatible, as long as they edit his data in the module rather than with a direct .utc file drop to the override; at worst, such a mod would only replace some of my changes with its own.


Permissions & Thanks

As with any mod “I” have made or will make in the future, this mod has completely open permissions: modify it, redistribute it, reupload it, do whatever. So long as you give me credit for the idea and for the balance settings if you choose to retain most of mine, go for it. You don’t even need to ask me.

Particular thanks to JCarter426, who made this entire mod at my request but then told me it would be funnier if I uploaded it like it was my own. Ok.

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Actually put a TSLPatcher in the file this time. I'm starting to see why JC wanted me to be the uploader on this one.

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