Green Disruptor Bolts Mod by smugglerAlex

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Knights of the Old Republic & Knights of the Old Republic II modification



If you dont like those white disruptor bolts but you like using disruptors (like me) then this mod is for you!

In SWG you saw DXR6 Disruptor Rifle, DXR? Disruptor Carbine and DXR2 Disruptor Pistol, they all shooted green bolts, not white! Also, in Jedi Knight : Dark Forces II there are rodians with green-shooting guns.

This mod simply makes you disruptor-type weapons shoot green bolts. And like you see on the screenshots, this mod works for both K1 and TSL. This mod will conflict with simillar mods.

It wont conflict with mods that CHANGE vanilla's blaster bolt textures, sounds and etc...


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