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  1. True but I don't recall seeing any logos used on the site nor in any of the videos. Perhaps I will get a reply in a year or two. LOL
  2. An interesting update and an unexpected one. So . . . once upon a time, there was another project called KOTORR. They claimed they were going to "remaster" KOTOR. Among the things they claimed they were going to add were new planets, multiplayer and co-op. Yes, they actually said this. Like so many of these large scale projects, they never wound up succeeding in these goals or releasing anything of note. The last thing they ever posted was this explanation video on why they missed their own deadline. About a year ago, I decided to post a comment on the video. I remembered this thing from back in the day and was wondering if I could get some sort of comment. Here's my post. I never thought I'd get a response but lo and behold, I got one tonight. So that's what happened to KOTORR. Some of them didn't learn their lesson about IPs and decided to double down. But a cease and desist from Microsoft? If they reply, I could let you all know. Unless it is the general consensus that I should let this one go. PS: The contact information is not at the end of the video.
  3. I did say it was an evil thought. You gotta change that color from red to orange. To stay thematically on point.
  4. Films. The movie only covers the first half of the book from what I gather.
  5. A minor update: I'll have to do a test to hear how it sounds first before I add the rest of the tiles. . .
  6. I had an evil thought about a skybox suggestion last night: Cathalan.
  7. Posted in General Discussion because this isn’t Star Wars. After seeing the trailer for the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, I was just wondering what everyone else’s take on it was. In addition, I’ve posted a poll so every can state their own familiarity with Dune. Looks like I’ll be rereading this yet again but at least I have a new copy of it. Luckily, I acquired it in a bookstore before the end times. (I prefer seeing my books physically in front of me when I purchase them.) Oh . . . and here’s the trailer so you don’t have to search for it. From what I’ve heard this movie only covers the first half of the book.
  8. @Sonic: Besides @LoneWandererand myself posting about this, you've been told about this over on Reddit by @Snigaroo three days ago.
  9. Your reply to the first question, that's pretty much a lie. You didn't post the list until you made your new thread where it couldn't be compared to what you already posted here in this thread. (I've merged the threads so everyone can clearly see that now.) And now that you have a list, you still don't have any links.
  10. A little background information on what Artbreeder is. . . is a website that lets you combine and edit images using AI and machine learning to make portraits, landscapes, and objects. Luckily, it's free. Before today, I've seeing Artbreeder examples of characters from SWTOR which seem to my eye to be improvements on the original static picture. Source: It was inevitable that the same concept would come to KOTOR characters. I leave it to you judge if the example below is an improvement or not. Source: I have to to wonder how long it will be before someone decides to redo some or all of the humanoid characters using that program. (I don't think the droid characters would turn out the same way.)
  11. Answer question 8. That question is: What other mods did you have installed? Please give an accurate list and provide links to each of these mods - even if they are found on this site. (We don't actually know them all!) In addition to the above, are you implying that you installed TSLRCM while a game was already in progress?
  12. Not crazy about Mike Wilson's head for Bastila but the outfit is on point.
  13. Here is a rare shot of my Stronghold as seen from below! Want to know how to do this yourself? Follow instruction number 2 from this video (cued up to that section below).
  14. I'm tired and this is a wacky post. Regardless, your input is duly requested. So . . . I have a Nar Shaddaa Stronghold. It's mostly decorated with Life Day decorations and plants. However, I have a decoration that I'm having questions about. The Creature Companion: Wampa Decoration. I know where I want to place it. (See the blue box that near the window in the picture below.) I just don't know how I wish to place it. An explanation may be necessary . . . When you have the character with you as an active character, the decoration will appear as a holo. However, when you don't have the companion as a companion at all, the decoration will always appear as a holo. I guess I'm trying to figure out which of my characters on the Star Forge server (see first post) that I should have the companion assigned to, if I don't give the wampa to my main. By the way, if you're curious to see the reverse angle of this room, here you go. Oh, I know that I could try and buy multiple copies of the Wampa companion license but I'd rather my cartel coins or credits go to something else.
  15. Things are getting pretty weird around here.


    BTW, if you have saves for M4-78 EP, I'd like to have them.  Please note whether you used version 1.2, 1.3 (Steam), or 1.5.  Also list which mods you used as well (with links). Finally, did you have a LS or DS gameplay-through. Thanks.


    I'd post this in the Game Saves section but let's be honest, - most people don't check that section.

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