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  1. Could I get a light sided save that covers the following possibilities... A male or a female character - the gender doesn't matter All possible party members acquired and living at the time of the save And it has to be a save just before you enter conversation with Darth Malak on the Star Forge Thanks!
  2. Sith Holocron

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Redeeming Bastila Guide

    I look forward to reading this later. I have a guide request for KOTOR1: How to successfully settle the argument between the Sandaral's and Matale's in KOTOR1!
  3. This version of the content permanently replaces my old version. It was 10 years old and it was showing it's age. It needed some work on it. Hopefully the effort shows! A little background: To those that always wanted to see the cut romance ending to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for Dark Sided female characters, now you can. (Yes, I know Revan is canonically a male, but you have to play as a female to use this mod.) Thanks again to JdNoa for creating this great mod. To download this mod for yourself, visit here: JdNoa Alternate Female Romance Ending REQUIREMENTS: In order for you to be able to make the mod work you’ll need the following things to happen in your game: Your PC is female. You have followed the Carth romance as far as possible before the Unknown Temple (i.e. you got the "I think I could love you" conversation and responded appropriately). You took the DS path at the Unknown Temple. FAQ: I know Revan is canonically male, but you can't romance Carth as a male without additional mods, nor would I want to. (He has too many trust issues.) Yes, Revan is invulnerable for the fight with Bastila but this video isn't about the fight, but for the lines that Carth says. This new version adds new titles, new end credits - that likely led you to this description - and adds the Star Forge falling into the sun with an appropriate fadeout. This mod was created from pre-existing sound files that always existed on the KOTOR game discs. They were not re-voiced. I cut together some of the various conversation options to make a smoother experience . . . and so I didn’t have to show each conversation more than once. To those that will inevitably ask/state/yell “Hey Carth, the ship is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”, please realize that Carth didn’t want her to survive the Star Forge’s destruction. He was sacrificing himself and hoping she would do the same. Who’s to say he didn’t tinker with the Ebon Hawk so they *couldn’t* take off, right? CREDITS: I used the following mods (or portions of them) with the aforementioned mod by Jdnoa in this video. They are listed in no particular order. Kexikus’ High Quality Starfields and Nebulas 1.2 – Fenharel’s Female Player Corruption – Curtis1973’s Star Forge Plus CM Effects Pack - Crixler’s New Saber Crystal Pack version 2.5 – Redrob41 Party Model Fixes and HD Bastila – DarthParametric’s Revan’s Hoodless / Maskless Flowing Robes for K1 – Sithspecter’s Revan’s Flowing Cape and Belt Fix – ZimmMaster’s Revan’s Jedi Robes – (Note: the TXI file needed for ZimmMaster's mod is included in DarthParametric’s mod listed above) Drewton's Darth Malak - Dark Lord of the Sith (2.0) - (Note: I turned the armor to greyscale as I thought it gave him a better look. He's not in this video for very long though. LOL) DarthParametric’s KOTOR Comic Republic Uniforms for K1 - and finally . . . Sith Holocron’s Remove the Menu Beeps from KOTOR and TSL - SPECIAL THANKS: To Reddit user “tmnfrog” for providing the save. That user saved me countless hours so I could jump straight to where I needed to record. Thanks! Here's a link to the video. I've made a link rather putting the video here so YouTube sees the actual engagement. Please leave likes and comments there so I know what you liked about the video on YouTube. And please subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on future videos.
  4. Sith Holocron

    Acquire HK Armor and Weapons from HK-50s TSLRCM

    Why not just use KSE?
  5. Sith Holocron

    Prestige Classes for Companions

    Try this link instead and tell us how it all shakes out.
  6. Sith Holocron

    Misc TOR Ports

    The Scorekeeper favors you.
  7. Reddit came through with the save I needed.

    1. ebmar


      Glad to hear it!

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Rendering now. When that's done, I will write up the text and then I'll upload it. I'll post the link on the Reddit thread since at least I got a response over there. ;)

  8. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    I recall discussion the fonts with you before - with an eye towards suggestion one other than Aurebesh. When looking at a texture for the doors on the Star Forge, I noticed these symbols on it... I might have a font that might simulate those symbols well. (I'll send you a link in a PM so you can take a look at it and make your own call.) If you don't use it, then no problem. No harm, no foul.
  9. Later this week, I might redo some of the videos on my channel. My old ones are bit choppy and they aren't in widescreen format. I can do better now so you may as well watch them now before I make the old ones all private.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Most especially, any suggestions for Star Forge re-textures (other than the skybox, as I'll be using this) would be appreciated.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I've now made all of the choices necessary.  Now all I need is a particular save.

    4. ebmar



      I've already redone that one. It's called "Lonna Vash Mod (Version 1.2)"

      Yes, now I remember. Apologize that I forgot because it looks totally different compared to the old ones. :cheers:

  10. Sith Holocron

    [K1/K2] Jukebox / Band Requests

    And you wouldn't even need to model the jukebox. The modder could export their favorite from the SWTOR files. Like this one? or this one? or this one? Or even this Rhythm Augmentation Droid!
  11. Sith Holocron

    [K1/K2] Jukebox / Band Requests

    I am making a request for a Jukebox to be added to cantinas that would allow the player to insert their own music - multiple tracks - so they can hear their own music choices play in those areas. I know you can just replace the music for those cantinas but not necessarily multiple tracks which would allow for some choice for the player. In addition - for the cantinas that feature bands - I'd like those bands to function in mostly the same way. This key difference would be that instead of using a jukebox dialogue, you'd essentially make your request for your song in a dialogue with a clickable band player. Finally: to have instructions in the read-me that make it simple to figure out how to both add the player's tracks of choice and also how to remove them. Songs would be provided by the player, of course.
  12. Can a first person view of a fight be recorded using GLIntercept?  If so, any suggestions? 

    1. N-DReW25


      It can. But the GUI gets in the way as it does in GLIntercept. Try pressing caps to go in first person camera view and warp to a module. Doing this removes the GUI unless you go first person again then the GUI comes back. Once the GUI is removed zoom in and let that baby go wild.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Good to know in the future. Thanks!

  13. Sith Holocron

    HK mandalorian skin

    Well at least you got it all worked out for yourself!
  14. Doesn't mean it's not worth uploading, @N-DReW25
  15. Sith Holocron

    HK mandalorian skin

    @Oaks, which colors for HK-47 though? Not counting Mandalore in K2, their official in-game armor is red, yellow, and blue. One of each color for HK-47 or all three colors at once?