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  1. Sith Holocron

    MOD:Dantooine Grass Fix

    No screenshot?
  2. Have the MOTY 2018 winners not been announced yet?

  3. Sith Holocron

    Temple guard mask

    Before someone else points it out, this is the version that they had in SWTOR for the Jedi Temple Guardian set. Probably would need some retexturing.
  4. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    Finally in NJ. Tomorrow, the house hunting begins.
  5. This mod supposedly has 9 reviews but I only see 8.  Just wondering who was downrating my mod.

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    2. djh269


      @Todd Hellid 



    3. Canderis


      Is this a permission bug? Or were you just looking in the wrong place?

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I had him blocked so I couldn't see him.

  6. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    Currently in Chicago. Next stop: Columbiana.
  7. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] Star Maps Revamp

    Will your new base texture utilize the fonts used on your last texture?
  8. Sith Holocron

    [WIP] High quality skyboxes

    I agree with @KnifeMaster and @Salk. The first of your two options works better because you're not reinventing the wheel.
  9. Sith Holocron

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    The point is moot. The other two guys have the materials and fixes (or only Ndix UR) follow this thread. Unless one of you can contact Ndix UR and have him finish what was started, what's the point? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - and so often in this thread. Perhaps this thread can be locked until the aforementioned two respond?
  10. Sith Holocron

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    @Mamita, none of this is new news. In order for anything to move forward, @ndix UR and @newbiemodderwould have to either get the lip synching done themselves or hand over what they've done to someone willing to do the work. @JCarter426previously offered to do the lip syncing. However both @ndix URand @newbiemodderare incommunicado. Bumping this thread will accomplish diddly squat. Your best bet? PM them.
  11. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    Once I am settled at the end of the trip, I'll have pictures of the more "fun things" we did on the trip. You'll eventually see that I have a fascination with neon signs.
  12. Sith Holocron

    Blog #100

    I am currently in Oakland, CA. We leave here Tuesday morning.
  13. Sith Holocron

    KOTOR 2 - New player, mod suggestions please

    Try this spoiler free build.
  14. Sith Holocron

    Yoda Animation Fix for K1

    If you could give the full name of the mod, that may speed up replies to you.
  15. “Star Wars” actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original trilogy, died on Tuesday, his family announced on his Twitter. He was 74.

    1. GNihilus2


      no idea 'bout that thanks for the input.