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  1. Thanks @TamerBill! I probably could've got to this if I had more time but you helped picked up my slack!
  2. Thanks for the input, @Malkior and @Salk! @Salk, would you agree with @Malkior's assessment about the fps setting? Also how many frames would you recommend? Edit: For example, this is 104 frames.
  3. If you've used my Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1 (and actually liked it), this might be of interest to you. I was thinking of expanding the texture to feature more frames - to allow the color to blend with each other a bit better. That means more frames. The original texture had 4 frame. This new beta version has 43 frames. Wanna take it out for a spin? Well, here's my open beta of the darn thing. (See attached.) If you are willing to test it, please report on the following: The speed: Should it be faster or slower? If you are more knowledgeable about TXIs and can pinpoint your favorite speed, feel to state it when you reply. Any negative effects in the cantina. Is this large TGA causing issues when you visit the cantinas that the texture appears in? Note any slow down that you may see occur. If no ill effects occur, note that too. Enjoy . . . hopefully! PS: Please note that I have no advice on how this would work for mobile versions of Knights of the Old Republic. SH_AnimatedCantinaSign_Beta.7z
  4. I wouldn't even known how to put together the mod description with three different red-me files included in the package. If any Staff member has a suggestion on how to accomplish that, I can upload the requested mod. Staff members can reply here or through PM. Small addendum: I even have the picture ready for it (see below) as well. So as soon as the other staff can help me formulate a proper mod description, the thing can be uploaded. Major update: Uploaded. Good luck . . . you're gonna need it.
  5. For role playing purposes, I'd recommend the light sided options for light characters and vice versa. You can use the dark sided lines for a light sided characters but I'm not sure they'd fit your playthrough as well. I hope that explains it well enough.
  6. Correct. I guess you're going to have to experiment!
  7. This thread may be of some interest to you.
  8. I'm getting a "504 Gateway Time-out" error code when trying to visit the link above. Anyone else having this problem? Must've been a temporary problem. Any chance that the Social Groups survived?
  9. But this thread was mainly preserving the mods from JumpStationZ specifically. However, I am not opposed to folks wanting to add their own pictures to the download pages so folks can see what these old mods look like. (I'm not a total monster!) Suggestions: If anyone was inclined to taking screenshots for this purpose, I would suggest including a text message in the post along with the picture that states "I give my permission for these screenshots to be added to this mod's page" In addition, if someone takes a screenshot, make sure no other mods are visible - just so people aren't confused about what is or isn't included in the mod package.
  10. If you hug 1,500 Wookiees during the Life Day event, you'll get the Legacy Title: Hug Everlasting. I got the Wookie Hugging Champion title last year which is for hugging 1,000 Wookiees but previous years Wookiee hugs do not count towards total. So I had to do it all again. This stupid video is to celebrate the last few hugs this year. I added the sleigh bells sound effect to drive home the point of how silly this all is.