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  1. Looks like the StarvWars Hallmark Storytellers line just added two more ships to the line. 


    Hallmark, are you trying to bankrupt me? LOL 

  2. I will stand aside so scripting sorcerers may suggest their magic then.
  3. Help out those willing to help you: which Corso customization is it (by number)?
  4. I'll add on to my previous statement with this: By not having the logo to click on, a mobile user has to incrementally go back several steps by using the small icon on the top left of whatever screen you're on. It's either that or you have to hit last page on your browser and then having to reload the main page.
  5. Remember Shem from FileFront and LucasForums? You ought to read his personal thoughts about KotOR on Reddit. (KotOR1 spoilers throughout.)

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Feel free to leave your comments and upvotes for Shem on the Reddit thread so he can be aware of your thoughts. (I see Sithspecter has already done so.)

      Off-topic: I do have another status update on the main page.  Please check it out and leave some input? Thanks. 

    3. jc2


      Thanks for posting this, so glad to read his thoughts and experiences!

    4. Mellowtron11


      Man, hearing about Shem really brings back memories. I was back in high school when his videos were all the rage for the KOTOR community.

  6. No site logo on mobile atm.
  7. For builds for KotOR1 and KotOR2, I would recommend these builds. For SWTOR, as a large portion of the story is free to play, there's no good reason not to sample it! But please go through my link when starting?
  8. Obi Wan Pere. I would love to have these. May I ask you to hold on to them until I get situated in my new house? BTW, the old school LF folks that haven't gravitated over here yet have noticed the series and they seem to like what they've seen. Apparently I was accurate. And I made some of them laugh especially about Darth Balor.
  9. Just to confirm something: Is your mod compatible with Replacement Loading Screens for KotOR2: Original Pack (with or without TSLRCM) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and the Add-On Pack?
  10. I don't dislike G0-T0. Just had to post this before I forgot to do so again.
  11. How goes the maintenance? It's still going on now, isn't it?
  12. If any of you worked on any version of the EP whether it was a a team member, voice actor, or you were on one of the beta teams, I would also like to get your input as well. The reviews are important but I want to make sure your contributions are noted. This helps the documentary act as a historical record / postmortem. Please don't let your work be left in the dustbin of history - get recognized.