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I began this MOD (my first MOD, so be kindly with your criticism) almost by accident. Seeing that I could modify the image files "easily" (I'm joking), I thought that I could see the map of the Industrial Zone instead the map of the Environmental Zone shown on the original screens. I took a screenshot of the map in game and began to paste images and text and improving the result. Adding here, adding there ...and adding again.



This MOD replaces the screens and panels of the Diagnostic room and in the Research and Develop room, both located in the Industrial Zone, and the screens and panels at 2nd and 3rd Recharge Stations in the Environmental Zone of the M4-78 planet (the Diag room and the Recharge Stations use the same files, so you'll see the same screens and panels in these areas, personally I can do nothing about that).

The screens at Diag room and Env Zone aren't really news. I've re-scaled them since the originals 256x256 to 512x512 and redone them repainting and outlining contours and lines and improving the lights. The texts on screen are redone as well and placed correctly in their windows. What is new now with this MOD is that the panels below the screens (re-scaled to 512x512 too) are improved and animated.

In the Research and Develop Center room the panels have been re-scaled since its originals 256x256 to 512x512 and now are animated. In the main screens you'll be able to recognize some of the images I've included (even a more than notorious tribute) but the screens are new completely as well as most of what is shown.

By now the same pairs of files (dro_tk 01/02, 03/04 tga and txi files) cover the six screens in the room. I think that the content is quite varied so as not to get bored.



I've made separate folders for each area so you can choose install that area or do not. One folder is for the Research & Develop Center and the other for the Diag room and Environmental zone. Just drag and drop the files inside each folder in your Override folder.

It's convenient that you make a backup of the original files before install it if finally you decide uninstall it.

The files of the "After and Before" folder are not needed, they're only for to show the results.



Remove the files listed from your Override folder and restore your backup files. (If you don't have a backup you'll get a set of fantastic white and shining screens and panels)

- Diagnostic room & Env Zone folder:

m47_cpanel.txi (Not included in the original files, be sure of remove it)

- Research & Development room folder

dro_cpanel.txi (Not included in the original files, be sure to remove it!)



Ohh!! C'mon!!!!!!! It's a simple graphic MOD!!!!!!! I can bet a pea...



To the TSLRCM and M4-78EP teams
To Deadly Stream
To Sithspecter for let me use the image of the Combat Enforcer from his awesome 'High Quality Blasters 1.0'
To Sith Holocron for let me use his 'droid silhouette' and some of the PCB shown and the ideas that brought me his work.



It's expressly forbidden upload this MOD or any part at anywhere. If I want to see it over there I can upload it myself.



This MOD is provided as-is and is not supported by Bioware, Obsidian, Lucas Arts or Disney. Use this file at your own risk. Neither the author nor the companies mentioned above are responsible for any damage caused to your computer for the usage of this file.

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