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Party on The Leviathan!
by Fair Strides


This mod came about as a way to realistically restore cut content that K1R couldn't restore.


Juhani had some dialog that played specifically on the Leviathan, both for normal players and for a romanced Female PC. However, normally you can't ever talk to Juhani on the Leviathan and there was no real way for K1R to include the content without breaking immersion/not sticking to its goal...


So, I had the idea to spawn the entire party (except Bastila and Carth, obviously) in the Detention Block after you're rescued. Here, you can talk to all of the party members, though only Juhani has any new lines here. And right as you leave the Detention Block, all the party members will run off around the corner ahead of you (You did tell them to get their gear and head off...) to get to the Hangar and free the Ebon Hawk.


This mod is both compatible with K1R and does not require K1R to be installed! :D


Simply run the TSLPatcher and direct it to your KotOR folder.


Delete the following files from the Override:


And if you did NOT have a mod that added/modified a lev_m40aa.mod file in your modules folder, then delete the lev_m40aa.mod file from your modules folder.


If you DID have a mod that added/modified the lev_m40aa.mod file in your modules folder, then replace that file with the lev_m40aa.mod file from the backup folder in the same folder from where you ran the TSLPatcher.


ZM90 for discussion.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1/20/2016 ~=~ Fixed installer for a missing script...
  • 07/01/2015 ~=~ First (only?) release
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