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  1. timurD2003

    Teta's Royal Band Restored

    Good restoration but I think the icon has to be smaller.
  2. timurD2003

    Trandoshans Rescaled for K1

  3. timurD2003

    Taris Upper City Cantina Entrance Wall Panel Fix

  4. timurD2003

    N-DReW's Dark Jedi Robes

  5. timurD2003

    Sneak Attack 10 Restoration

  6. timurD2003

    Scoundrel Trousers

  7. timurD2003

    Party Model fixes and HD Bastila

    I don`t like new Jolee`s face because his eye are... strange but other fixes are great.
  8. timurD2003

    JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K1