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  1. timurD2003

    M4-78EP 1.5 Released

    I had the same bug when I was passing 1.5 version. The only thing that helped me was the change of MP3`s bitrate from 320 kbps to 192. I don`t know why this is happening cause there are many other voice files with the same bitrate. And more: this issue doesn`t present on the Steam version.
  2. timurD2003

    Wrong shadows

    Yes, I speak about capes. They are vanila items as I know and must be fixed.
  3. timurD2003

    Bugs / Errors Reporting with M4-78EP

    1. During the game, when did the problem begin to occur? (List a general description of the issue.) This problem was evrytime I played the game. 2. Did you install the latest version of the mod? (We are only covering issues concerning version 1.3 - the latest edition.) I know exactly that it is in 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5. 3. What version of the game do you have? (Steam, GOG, 4CD, or the KotOR Collection?) What region is the game designed for if it's the 4 CD version? Steam (legacypc). 4. Did you update your game as required by your game's region? (Update is required for 4-CD version only. If using a Steam, KOTOR Collection, or GOG version, put down "N/A") N/A. 5. Did you use the TSLPatcher, if provided? N/A. 6. Were there any errors in the TSLPatcher installation? No. 7. What other mods have you installed? Please give an accurate list and provide links to each of these mods - even if they are found on this site. (We don't actually know them all!.) Oh, it`s a long story, master. But I don`t think other mods can do it. I played with this mod and TSLRCM and had this bug. :). Can you be more specific about the error? At what point did it happen? (List a detailed description of the issue.) I5-65 and the droid with the same model in the Industrial zone have wrong shadows. 9. Have you tried re-downloading the mod? Yes. 10. Have you tried using a different save game? Yes. 11. Have you tried starting a new game? Yes. 12. What Operating System do you use? (List Virtual Machines as well if you are using them.) If you're a Mac user, please note that here as well. I played the game on Windows xp and 8.1. 13. Can you confirm that you see the TSLRCM logo on the the main menu screen? Yes. 14. What language is your game set for? English. 15. Which language of TSLRCM are you using? The same. 16. Are you playing this on a laptop or a desktop computer? A desktop the 1st time and a laptop the 2nd.
  4. timurD2003

    Wrong shadows

    Some screenshots:
  5. timurD2003

    Wrong shadows

    Hello everybody! When I played TSL I noticed that some shadows were broken: some robes and meel weapons didn`t appear and I565 had a wrong shadow at all. Is this MDL and MDX files or it`s TXIs. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  6. timurD2003

    Teta's Royal Band Restored

    Good restoration but I think the icon has to be smaller.
  7. timurD2003

    Trandoshans Rescaled for K1

  8. timurD2003

    N-DReW's Dark Jedi Robes