Taris Upper City Cantina Entrance Wall Panel Fix 1.0.0

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This mod is a small fix for a couple of wall panels in the entranceway of the Taris Upper City cantina. For some reason the mesh for this particular pair of panels was split off into a different model from the rest of the room. More importantly, it was assigned a lightmap that doesn't exist, thus it appears black in-game. To solve this, a duplicate of the adjoining panels was added to the entranceway room model in the appropriate position and the original mesh removed.

To install, simply drop the MDL/MDX files into your Override.


  • Won't be compatible with any other mods that edit those two room models, but the likelihood of that is low.


  • Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit
  • Thanks to @ebmar for bringing the issue to my attention
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Fantastic! It does working on my end [obviously], and behalfing management of the Upper City cantina we'd like to testimones:

"Many thanks for fixing our panels, DarthParametric!" :cheers:

"The works are neat and tidy; very professional!" 😁

Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled.

In-game preview:




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how do you pinpoint all these small "asking for fix" things??    lol

a hawk eye .........

thanks. good work again. 




Response from the author:

I didn't pinpoint anything in this instance. @ebmar posted a status update about it, so I took a look. Ironically, I already had a save game with the player literally standing right in front of those panels (which is what the screenshot is), and I never even noticed.

If you mean "how did you see the status update", I monitor the activity feed. The site's traffic is low enough that it's generally easy to see all the posts of a given day without much drama.

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